What is Zilla payment and how does it work? 

Pay With Zilla

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Zilla is a payment gateway designed to make eCommerce more seamless using the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) feature. When buyers purchase an item from a Zilla payment-enabled merchant, they have the option to pay in installments even though Zilla will pay the merchant in full.

There are four payment options on Zilla:

  • Pay Once- Users get a 2% cashback when they choose this option
  • Pay Twice- pay 25% of the bill now and pay 75% over the next thirty days.
  • Pay Thrice: buyers can pay an initial 50%, then pay 25%-25% in 2 months.
  • Flexible Payment: Pay 25% initially and spread the balance over the next 3 months.

When you pay for purchases in installments using Zilla, you will receive reminders as at when due so you will know how much you have unpaid. 

How to install Zilla payment on your website (Shopify and Woocommerce) 

Zilla Payment Gateway

Zilla Payment is a user-friendly financial partner for both businesses and buyers. It is currently one of the top payment gateways in Nigeria today due to the innovative possibilities of helping customers to split payments in flexible installments at checkout when ordering products from Zilla merchants.

Installing Zilla Payment on your eCommerce website is very easy, and the best part is that it is also free to integrate. The payment gateway gives you the luxury of paying more attention to your digital marketing, while it executes the entire selling process for you. 

Are you a digital store owner and would like to integrate Zilla Payment into your eCommerce website like Shopify? We have provided an easy guide to help you achieve this on your own. Please follow the few following steps:

Shopify Zilla Integration

The process of integrating Zilla on both Woocommerce and Shopify is slightly the same:

  1. If you already own a Shopify store, so, sign in to your account. If you don’t already have one, you should proceed to register for a new store on Shopify, you can also use our Shopify development service to create a functional ecommerce website for your business.
  2. Once you’re logged into your Shopify admin area, click Add Apps at the bottom left menu. 
  3. When it opens, go to the search bar that will appear and search for Zilla.
  4. Select Zila Checkout App, and click on Add App. 
  5. An installation process will begin at this prompt, click Install App
  6. When the installation completes, click Save Configuration
  7. To finish your Zilla Payment integration, select Activate Zilla, and you are right on your way to more sales!

Woocommerce Zilla Integration

You can replicate the exact same steps above to integrate the Zilla payment gateway on your WordPress + woocommerce website. If you need more support with the integration; either on Shopify or Wocommerce you can reach out to our ecommerce development team at 08114900422 for support.

How To Become A Merchant On Zilla 

As a Merchant using Zilla as your business’ payment gateway, you enjoy lots of benefits due to offering the buy now pay later option. One of the benefits is that, unlike before when customers would leave goods in their carts for weeks until they get money to clear it, Zilla helps them pay immediately and allows your business to grow substantially at a faster rate. 

To become a merchant on Zilla, do these:

  • Open their website by clicking HERE.
  • Click on sign up
  • Fill in the necessary details like First name, surname, email, and password.
  • Check your email for an OTP
  • Enter the OTP to activate your account and get started.

Paylater Ecommerce Development

Paylater Ecommerce Web Development

We can effortlessly revolutionize your eCommerce business by integrating the pay-later solution offered by Zilla Gateway. Let us elevate your customers’ experience, help you streamline your transactions, and boost sales like never before.

Ready to transform your business with our cutting-edge eCommerce web development solutions? You can reach out to us today for a future of effortless, secure, and efficient ecommerce business solutions. Call us on 08114900422 or email us at [email protected].


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