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WordPress has evolved to become a powerful marketing tool for forward-thinking businesses seeking to boost their sales with an effective website design, tailored to their business needs.

One of the most superb marketing tools that must be in your marketing arsenal as a small business owner or entrepreneur is a beautiful personal or business website.

An impactful Content Management System (CMS) to creatively tell your brand stories and generate leads by reaching new audiences, through modern digital marketing combos such as web design, SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing,  content creation, and lead generation to sales conversions.

While WordPress is technically free to use being an Open Source software, you mostly need to pay for extra elements needed in the website creation process including things like Domain name and Web hosting.

The Power of WordPress in Marketing

Sanctuary Of Hope Ministries WordPress Church Web Design In Nigeria By Wdn
Sanctuary Of Hope Ministries WordPress Church Web Design In Nigeria By WDN

WordPress Website design involves designing, developing, customizing, and creating result-driven websites using the WordPress platform; the most popular content management system (CMS) in the web creation space today.

When it comes to rating this solution for user-friendliness and handling for non-techies who are looking to build a unique website for their small business or personal use, I would like to note that there are several solutions that are rated to be easier to handle than WordPress.

However, the WordPress CMS can be categorized as a low-code web creation software, you need some coding prowess to create something that’s advanced with WordPress.

But when it comes to marketing, lead generation, and other areas of digital business growth, this is one of the most reliable platforms we recommend.

The open-source version of WordPress is absolutely accessible to anyone for free, you can own it 100% solely for the management of your business, with full access to the code base and other premade elements such as themes and plugins.

At the time of writing, there are well over 20,000 WordPress themes and over 59,000 plugins available for free or to be purchased as reported by Hubspot.

To achieve this, all you need is our feature-packed WordPress website design solution.

What is WordPress?

What Is WordPress

WordPress is an open-source CMS that allows you to create easy-to-manage websites with much versatility, scalability, and relative user-friendliness.

It powers a significant portion of websites on the internet (up to 43% of websites on the entire internet) and is seemingly a preferred CMS choice amongst businesses of all sizes,  this is due to the easy accessibility and customization capability of the platform.

WordPress is majorly preferred because it offers a great deal of control when it comes to functionality and design, you’d have access to a plethora of SEO-friendly tools, and extensive community support from users across the globe.

Another impeccable reason it’s currently holding the largest market share amongst CMS solutions in the market is due to the fact it comes with many prepacked features that are succinctly out-of-the-box, including:

  • The possibility to import and easily migrate blog content using import tools
  • built-comment solution for blog interactivity
  • nifty content publishing tools
  • easy to install
  • incredible speed when properly optimized
  • W3C compatibility
  • massive repositories for plugins and website themes
  • powerful metadata tools to enhance SEO and performant architecture for client-side rendering for seamless product management and lots more.

While that’s the case, WordPress comes in two flavors; WordPress.org (self-hosted) and WordPress.com (hosted by WordPress). Most web design service companies use WordPress.org for custom website development.

Even though it’s the most popular it’s not easily deployable for anyone given its steep learning and handling curve.

What is a WordPress Design Service?

Mercymultimedia Digital Print Website Design WordPress By Wdn
MercyMultiMedia Digital Print Ecommerce Website Design with WordPress By WDN

This is any service being offered by a company, or freelancer whose purpose is to help create and design websites. It’s essentially a WordPress web development company that offers the service of creating websites that meet specific user requirements.

Our WordPress Website Design Services offers include:

These are some tasks and functions that you should expect any basic company or freelancer offering website design services to be able to perform.

WordPress Website Design

WordPress website design encompasses the methodology of crafting a WordPress-powered website by leveraging the powerful and uniquely robust WordPress ecosystem to create websites that are visually stunning, engaging digital presence, and are built for SEO and conversion.

This involves meticulous attention to the littlest of details, from selecting the perfect theme to creating a layout that reflects your business vision and goals. We aim to design websites that not only look aesthetically pleasing but run on a non-bloated codebase to achieve a secure, fast seamless reliable site.

WordPress Development

Our WordPress development services encompass the intricate process of transforming designs into functional websites. We delve into coding and build websites that not only look good but also operate flawlessly. This includes integrating essential functionality, selecting and configuring plugins, and, when necessary, crafting custom features that align with the project’s unique requirements.

WordPress Customization

In the World of Web design, one size does not fit all, it is why our team strives to create a tailored approach to design each client’s website to cater specifically to their business needs. This customization may involve developing bespoke themes, creating unique plugins, and implementing specialized functionality that goes beyond the standard features offered by off-the-shelf solutions.

Responsive Design

Face it! We are in a multi-device world driven by innovation and technology, it is thus imperative to make sure that your websites are built on a mobile-first approach making sure it adapt to all types of screen sizes.

We take pride in effortfully delivering designs that are not just responsive but also consistent and deliver great user experience to prospects irrespective of their types of devices; be it TVs, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

No matter how your audience accesses your site, be rest assured that you’ll have a perfomant website.

SEO & Web Positioning

What’s a great-looking website without visibility? We have a great level of commitment to making sure that every single website we build is done with SEO in mind from day one.  SEO integration means implementing page-level optimization techniques that enhance your website’s discoverability across search engines.

We make sure to always follow the best SEO practices to boost your search engine rankings, ascertaining that your content is well-distributed to reach the right audience and attract targeted organic traffic your business needs to thrive.

E-commerce Development & Integration

E-commerce is a dynamic domain, and our WordPress website designers are well-equipped to handle the demands of online store development. While not all websites require this feature, for those that do, we have expertise in seamlessly integrating e-commerce functionality.

By utilizing powerful plugins such as WooCommerce, we can transform your website into a fully functional and secure online store, ensuring that your products are presented attractively and that the checkout process is smooth and secure.

Robust Content Management Solution

Once you have a fully functional and running WordPress website, there’s a need to establish a seamless communication channel with your audiences including your team members, prospective customers, web visitors, members, and partners.

Easily transfer simple task knowledge to clients on how to get the best from using your products and services while cutting management costs and deeply engaging with the people that matter to your business.

WordPress Website Design Tools & Resources

Nextcare Diagnostics WordPress Medical Health Website Design WordPress By Wdn
Nextcare Diagnostics WordPress Medical Health Website Design By WDN

First, off, a company offering this service should have employees with proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; this is instrumental in customizing themes and adding extra functionality to websites.

In addition, they should be well-grounded in the application of WordPress themes and the selection of plugins that best suit a client’s requirements.

Although not always emphasized, if you’re offering a WordPress web design service, you should have basic graphic design skills, at least for editing already designed images and logos.

Lastly, they need to be well-versed in SEO knowledge and use best SEO practices to ensure that clients always get maximum online exposure when working with them.

Workflow and Pricing

While you must understand that all WordPress website design service providers have their unique operations, there are still some things peculiar to each of them which doesn’t change across the board.

When offering a WordPress website design service, the first step is to understand the needs of your client, then proceed to do a drawing plan containing the website’s structure, layout, and functionality.

Next, you want to choose a theme that’s suitable for your client’s goals.

Then you proceed to the more technical work; customization, and SEO optimization. Finally, you can begin testing before the official launch/delivery to the client.

When it comes to pricing, the cost per project with each WordPress website design service provider primarily depends on the nature of the project.

Other factors like the nature of company overhead, popularity, and level of expertise also play their part in influencing the price being charged by every website design service provider.

Benefits of Using Our WordPress as a Choice CMS for your business

When it comes to creating a WordPress website, the saying “If you want something done, do it yourself” doesn’t apply, especially if there’s no prior knowledge about website design in the first place.

Here are some reasons why you should use a WordPress website design service.


Aside from the obvious issue of wanting your project to be handled by a professional, outsourcing your website design project ensures that everything is handled with experience, minimizing the room for errors and plenty of troubleshooting after launch.

Time Savings

Hiring a WordPress design service can save you a lot of time.

You won’t have to worry about learning how to use WordPress or finding the right themes and plugins.

Even though it’ll mean some cash off your purse, the time spared is worth a lot more especially if it’s targeted towards another area of your project.

Peace of Mind

WordPress design service will take care of all the technical aspects of your website, so you can focus on your business.

Having them helps you better streamline your workflow to what brings money into the business, not just the website which in most cases is just an infrastructure of what’s going on in the backend.


For businesses where a website only functions as an infrastructure; they’re not blogs or regular content-posting websites, it’s often safer to outsource its creation to third-party companies.

This is to ensure that in the event of a security breach being attempted at the website, it doesn’t affect the main business.

Need a Professional WordPress Web Design with an aesthetic Appeal?

Gradient Responsive Website Design

It’s a no-brainer that a professional WordPress website design service provider will always implement industry-standard procedures when designing a website. If you need a professional touch for your website, this is the right path to follow.

More so, design services have an eye for aesthetics and can create a visually appealing and cohesive website that aligns with your brand identity, enhancing your online credibility.


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