Why Your Site Isn’t Showing Up on Google (& How to Fix It)

Why Your Site Isn’t Showing Up On Google

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Ever wondered why your website is not showing up on Google’s Search Result Pages (SERPs)? Not to worry, the issue is not peculiar to you alone. In fact, a growing number of people have recently been hitting up the web lately, scratching their heads over this very issue.

Sure, Google’s like a digital librarian trying to index the whole universe of online content, but let’s face it, the web’s a sprawling cosmos.

Unbelievably, studies suggest Google’s index holds a whopping 30 to 50 billion pages – quite a library, right? But hold up, the internet’s playground is way more extensive, boasting trillions of pages.

So, while Google’s doing its best to tag every corner of the massive internet expanse, there’s still a slew of pages out there that remain incognito, away from the radar of the Search giant’s spotlight.

Curious why this is happening and how to bring your site back into the limelight?

PS: However, we do inform our clients at Web Design Nigeria that new web pages or websites that you’ve just created or requested to be indexed can take Google a bit of time to index and serve on SERPs.

Reasons your website is not indexed on Google?

The not-so-great news is the fact that a bunch of factors might be blocking your website from being positioned on Google search.

But here’s the silver lining: a lot of these hurdles can be totally fixed; I mean you can make some real quick fixes that can your online game around.

So, stick around as we unearth some reasons behind why your site might be playing hide-and-seek on Google and the simple tricks to give it the spotlight it deserves.

Why Google is not Indexing or Deindexing your website?

The digital labyrinth of SEO often baffles website owners when their pages fail to appear on Google’s search results or, even worse, when they’re dropped from the index entirely. But worry not – we’re here to unravel the mystery and shed light on the potential reasons behind this conundrum.

#1. Your website is pretty New

If your website is relatively new, think of it as a fresh face in a crowded room. Google, being the diligent librarian it is, needs time to properly catalog your new digital addition so as to be sure of how best to properly serve it in result pages.

This waiting period is natural, and patience is key here. On one hand, if you are yet to submit your sitemap to Google Search Console, it’s like not handing the librarian your organized book list – it will slow down the process of getting your needed books cataloged, hence, submitting your sitemap helps Google understand your site’s structure and content, aiding the indexing process.

#2. Not enough quality backlinks

Not Enough Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are like recommendations from other websites, and Google loves these virtual endorsements, in fact, it is one of the most important ranking factors used to determine quality web pages by the Search giant. If your website lacks high-quality backlinks with topical relevance they are considered by Google as low-value links not worth allocating crawling resources for.

It’s not just about the quantity; quality plays a pivotal role when it comes to link-building for SEO purposes.

A handful of authoritative backlinks will no doubt have a more significant impact than a barrage of mediocre, spammy backlinks from link farms. Building a strong backlink profile is like creating a web of digital connections that signal your site’s credibility to Google. Check our most recent blog post on how to get quality backlinks from authority websites cost-free.

#3. Copied/duplicate content issue

Originality and uniqueness of ideas are key for visibility in the digital world and so Google pays apt attention to this.  If your website’s content is duplicated from elsewhere on the internet then your website may suffer a backlash from the search giant. Simply, Google won’t be keen on indexing your duplicated pages especially when you have a large amount of them.

Imagine submitting an essay copied verbatim from a published work of someone else– it’s not going to earn you any points. Google prioritizes unique, valuable content that provides fresh insights or perspectives to the users.

So, on this, you must ensure your content stands out and offers something new to the digital world and most importantly your prospective audience.

#4. Poorly written content

Content quality matters more than quantity in optimizing a website for SEO, In fact, several research work has proven that poor or badly written content can hurt your Google rankings.  We believe it is better not to write or publish new content on your website than to publish mediocre content.

If your website’s content is a jumble of confusing words and convoluted ideas, Google’s algorithm might perceive it as less relevant and recycled gibberish. Imagine a map with unclear directions – you’d lose your way. Similarly, if your content doesn’t answer users’ queries experientially and concisely, Google might deem it less worthy of indexing.

Crafting well-written, engaging content that succinctly addresses the needs of the audience can significantly enhance your chances of getting your web pages indexed fast.

#5. No index page settings

Reasons Your Website Is Not Indexed On Google Discourage Search Engines From Indexing This Site

No indexing issues on a website could emanate from the technical end. If certain pages on your website are set to “no-index,” it’s the same as a small business keeping its doors locked during business hours. In the same vein, technically, Google won’t be able to access and display your web pages in search results if they have the no-index tag.

Ensuring that your essential pages are set to “index” is crucial for making them discoverable by Google’s search bots. Also, check that the ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’ box in WordPress Settings >> General >> Reading, is not ticked. It is common for Web designers to disable the option when building a new website and then forget to untick it after the website has gone live.

#6. The website lacks PageRank authority

Think of your website’s authority as its digital street credibility. If you lack authority, it’s like trying to make a point in a crowded room with a faint whisper. This authority is often gauged by metrics like Pagerank, domain rating, and site authority.

These metrics signify how well-respected and influential your website is in the digital realm. Building a solid backlink profile from authoritative sources can significantly boost your website’s street credibility and increase the likelihood of being indexed.

#7. Poor internal link-building

Browsing a website that is poorly interlinked can be compared to navigating a maze without any guiding signs. Frustrating, right? Internal links not only aid users in finding relevant information within your site but also help search engines understand the hierarchy and importance of your content.

Think of these links as pathways that lead both users and search bots through your digital domain. By creating a well-structured web of internal links, you facilitate easier navigation for both humans and algorithms, potentially enhancing your site’s indexability and also fostering link equity- passing PageRank across web pages.

#8. Low-quality links

Negative Seo Issues

Backlinks are like votes of confidence from other websites. But not all votes are created equal. High-quality backlinks are akin to endorsements from respected figures, while spammy, low-quality ones are like counterfeit votes. Accumulating a plethora of toxic backlinks can raise red flags for search engines.

Moreover, participating in backlink farms or engaging in practices that manipulate search engine algorithms can lead to penalties.

It may also be that you got into a competitive race with your competitors who have resorted to Negative SEO tactics to damage your rankings if you do not pay attention and counterattack this malicious practice, your SEO effort may end up being sabotaged.

What you can do is analyse your backlink profile to find potentially toxic backlinks and then use the disavow tool in the search console to disavow at either domain or page level. (Engage the service of a professional SEO expert if you’re not sure of what you’re doing)

#9. Not aligning the website with the user’s search intent

Think of Google as your personal genie – it’s here to grant your digital wishes. When users enter search queries, Google’s mission is to provide them with the most relevant results. If your website doesn’t align with users’ search intent, Google won’t be inclined to showcase it.

For instance, if your website sells running shoes but your content talks extensively about gardening tools, it’s a mismatch of intent. Ensuring that your website’s content mirrors users’ expectations increases the likelihood of being indexed for relevant searches.

#10. Google Penalty

Google Penalty Causing Traffic To Drop And Some Web Pages Relegated On Serp

Google’s team against websites that violate its guidelines, The company has a core value that focuses more on helping internet users get the best experience and value. Picture Google as the strict teacher in the digital classroom.

If you break its rules, you might find yourself in detention. In the SEO world, these “detentions” come in the form of Google penalizing your website or blog.

There are two types of Google penalties;

  • Manual penalties
  • Algorithmic penalties

Manual penalties which are deliberate actions taken by a team member at Google, on the other hand, are automated consequences triggered by certain practices that manipulate search engine rankings. These penalties can result in your website being removed from Google’s index or experiencing a significant drop in rankings.

#11. Aiming for very broad and highly competitive keywords

Targeting extremely broad and highly competitive keywords can be challenging and less fruitful. These keywords often have intense competition, making it difficult for new or smaller websites to rank for them.

Instead of casting a wide net focusing on specific, longtail keywords that align with the needs of your prospective customers to get better results.

#12. Your website doesn’t provide a Google user experience

Imagine walking into a store with dim lighting, cluttered shelves, and uninterested staff. You’d probably turn around and leave. Google views user experience in a similar light. If your website offers a poor experience – from slow-loading pages and a confusing site structure to unengaging content and convoluted navigation – users are more likely to exit and look elsewhere.

Google values websites that keep users engaged, provide value, and offer a smooth navigation journey. A poor user experience not only hampers user satisfaction but also impacts your website’s indexability and rankings.

In summary, the intricate dance between your website and Google’s algorithms can indeed be puzzling. However, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of SEO can significantly impact your website’s visibility and indexability.

By addressing these potential stumbling blocks, you’re on the path to enhancing your website’s chances of being recognized and indexed by Google, ultimately elevating your online presence.

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