What size is a YouTube thumbnail in Photoshop?

What Size Is A Youtube Thumbnail In Photoshop

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You need powerful thumbnail with click worthy design to attract the right audience to your videos.

The role of a great thumbnail design for your YouTube channel cannot be overemphasized and one way to create a great thumbnail is to use a sophisticated graphic design tool like Photoshop.

But before you get started, it’s helpful to what is the exact size of the YouTube thumbnail in Photoshop.

The size of YouTube thumbnail in Photoshop is 1280×720 pixels, this the standard dimensions, it will also help if your image is in at least 640 pixel, so that it’s not blurry on larger screens.

Even though it’s a called a thumbnail, YouTube sometimes have to display it in bigger resolution, hence there is a need to make your YouTube thumbnail large.

For you best experience for 4K devices the below size is recommended.

  • 4K display quality: 2160p (3840×2160 resolution)
  • 2K display quality: 1440p (2560×1440 resolution)

youtube thumbnail dimension

Here are few tips to help you create a better thumbnail for your YouTube videos:

72% of thumbnails designed with a face in it, is reported to get more 921,000 more views compared to thumbnails with no face on it. (Digitalinformationworld.com)

they also reported that up to 70% of the most popular video thumbnails had some title or explainer text on them.

But while trying to do this make sure the font used for your title and description are legible, large enough and the whole thumbnail design minimal.

A cluttered thumbnail design is a put off for potential viewers, so be sure to follow best practices when designing your thumbnail and also make sure its revealing enough to grab the attention of your audience.


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