What is the name of the Star Wars Font in Canva?

What Is The Name Of Star Wars Font In Canva

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Canva is about the most versatile cloud-based graphic design platform on the internet, it’s packed with quite a handful of creative possibilities for design enthusiasts and anyone that needs to create unlimited design elements for their projects.

In this guide, we seek to answer the question of “What star wars font is called in Canva”

If you, at some point have been curious as to what font is used to design the iconic Star Wars franchise and what the name is Canva design tool, then you made it to the right page.

George Lucas has consistently captivated Star War audiences since its debut in 1977.

While you may not be assured of getting the exact same font used to design the Star Wars Logo on Canva, so as to avoid copyright issues as an agency and also for the users as well. You can make do with these alternatives.

6 Star Wars Font Alternatives in Canva Design Tool

You can however, find alternative fonts on the graphic design platform, there are several other closely related typefaces that can similarly infuse your designs with a touch of that galaxy far, far away.

Below are some of the available options to try out on Canva:

Livvic Bold: If you’re after a bold, modern font reminiscent of the Star Wars style, Livvic Bold is worth a check. It strikes a balance between contemporary design and the iconic Star Wars look.

Archive: For those seeking a font with a slightly more traditional touch while still honoring the Star Wars style, Archive is an excellent choice. It captures the essence of the franchise without being overly literal.

Cubao Wide: A modern sans-serif font with a striking resemblance to the original Star Wars font. Its versatility and range of weights make it suitable for various design projects.

Blanka: This font strikes a balance between traditional and contemporary, offering a nostalgic Star Wars vibe with a modern twist. Perfect for designs seeking a hint of the old-school aesthetic.

Bebea Neue: A modern, hand-drawn font that mirrors the essence of the original Star Wars font. It allows you to capture the Star Wars aesthetic without being too literal, adding a touch of artistic flair.

Canva Font: The Canva Font is also a closed pick to the Star Wars font, The Canva Font is a simple sans-serif font designed for easy on-screen readability. It may not be the most stylish there is, but it’s iconic and can be a good option for Star Wars-themed designs.

While Canva doesn’t feature the exact Star Wars font, these alternatives offer a range of options to infuse your designs with that Star Wars allure. Whether you’re aiming for a futuristic aesthetic or a nostalgic nod, these fonts have got you covered.

What else again is holding you back from unleashing your creative prowess to give your designs a touch of the Star Wars universe?

With these fonts at your disposal, you can capture the essence of the beloved franchise and create eye-catching visuals that transport your audience to a galaxy far, far away. May the design force be with you!


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