What is the Barbie font on Canva?

Barbie Font

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With a good dose of graphic design experience and a little bit of creativity, you can use the Barbie font on Canva to create many beautiful and eye-catching designs.

The font gives a very Barbie-like appearance and is well-suited for a variety of projects, ranging from logo design to posters, banners, animated movie covers and lots more. It has a very versatile application.

The Barbie font on Canva is not exactly available on the platform as Barbie, but there’s a close alternative which is the Genty.

It is closely identical to the font used on the original Barbie logo design. And so many believe that it might be the same used as the original Barbie logo design. The font has an elegant and swirly appearance that makes it very aesthetically appealing.

How To Find The Barbie Font On Canva

  • You can either search for “Barbie font” in the Canva search bar.
  • Or you can simply import a font from any font-downloading website of your choosing.

This font may be used for personal purposes without charge.

Other Fonts Similar To The Barbie Font On Canva

There are a handful of fonts available on Canva that can be used as an alternative to the Barbie font. And they are all free:

  • Genty
  • Genty Sans
  • Brush Script.
  • Chubby Handwriting.
  • Fancy Script.
  • Pretty Handwriting.
  • Script MT Bold.
  • Sweetheart Script.
  • Wedding Script.


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