What is LinkedIn Pulse?

What Is Linkedin Pulse

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LinkedIn Pulse is the content arm of LinkedIn designed to serve as an exclusive publishing platform for influencers on the LinkedIn platform. In 2014, the platform was made accessible to all users on the LinkedIn platform and was integrated fully into the platform after the platform did a major revamped in 2017.

Ever since the LinkedIn pulse has made it possible for anyone including industry experts and professionals to reach a global audience through self-publishing. Though leaders who needed their ideas to reach more people than their personal blog or website could ordinarily reach are using LinkedIn pulse to broadcast, earn some credibility and gain more attention on the vast LinkedIn community.

Access to a Worldwide Audience

The benefits of LinkedIn pulse are clear from the get-go; the platform is designed to help you discover new opportunities, people and several talk points across industries and sectors. You can engage in online conversations and meet new people.

Your reach is often limited to your website visitors or your social media following. On the other hand, when you publish on LinkedIn Pulse, you potentially tap into the immense user base of millions of LinkedIn members worldwide, even those without LinkedIn accounts.

Besides the broader reach, there’s an added SEO bonus. Your Pulse posts can include valuable links back to your website, enhancing your site’s search engine optimization. Not to mention, regular publishing can bolster your LinkedIn profile’s appeal, positioning you as a thought leader within the network.

Getting Started with LinkedIn Pulse

Unbeknownst to many, LinkedIn Pulse, originally a standalone news aggregator app, was seamlessly integrated into the LinkedIn desktop in 2013. If you’ve ever clicked “Write an article” rather than just sharing an update, you’ve already experienced the magic of Pulse.

Here are the steps to kickstart your Pulse journey:

1. Craft an Eye-Catching Headline:

Your headline is your chance to grab attention. Play with numerical options like “5 Steps to…” or employ “How to” guides. Trigger words like “now,” “today,” or even “mistakes to avoid” induce readers to dive in.

2. Develop Your Content:

Write from your professional experience, sharing skills and challenges you’ve encountered. Consider addressing FAQs to offer insights your readers seek. Focus on what value you can provide to them, rather than self-promotion.

3. Choose an Engaging Cover Image:

Select an image that not only represents your post but also stands out in the rapid-scroll world of mobile news feeds. Don’t forget to credit images properly.

4. Click Publish:

LinkedIn doesn’t offer a preview, as the on-screen appearance mirrors the final display. But don’t worry – you can always edit your post later if needed.

Content is the Crown Jewel on LinkedIn Pulse

Just like with any form of blogging, good content is kingly. Regularly assess your analytics to see what’s working well with your audience, incorporate relevant hashtags to enhance discoverability. Adjust your Privacy settings to allow everyone to see your profile and ensure the “Posts & Activities” box is checked for non-LinkedIn users to access your posts.

In the dynamic world of digital engagement, LinkedIn Pulse is your ticket to a broader audience and enhanced visibility. So why wait? Share your voice, insights, and experiences with the world, and let the transformative power of LinkedIn Pulse work for you.


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