What Font Is Garamond In Canva?


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The Garamond font is a popular font and is one of the most commonly used typefaces in the book publishing field. The font got its name from Claude Garamond, its inventor who was both a publisher and a typesetter.

Want to use the Garamond font in Canva? Well, you can, but maybe not in its originality because you will not find Garamond in Google Font
Library, and as a result it is not available in Canva.

Garamond Font Canva Alternative

However, seeing how popular this font is among designers and publishers, Canva made it possible to go ahead and use an exact knockoff of the original Garamond font. To use Garamond in Canva, you’d have to apply the font, EB Garamond. This is Canva’s digital version of the classic Garamond. It comes in the same letterforms and proportion.

Garamond gives your work a clean look and it is more unique than the more common fonts like Times New Roman. Using Garamond (as EB Garamond) in Canva will help you achieve a very readable finished job while allowing you the freedom to fill more text into less space.

Unlike other fonts where you would have to densely populate your work area by tightening up space or reducing the font size to accommodate your designs, Garamond is much more flexible and accommodating.


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