What font is Friends font on Canva?

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The “Gabriel Weiss Friends Font” is an epitome of illustrative style, a font that has become a global sensation, most font lovers around the world have found the friends font to be very useful for their projects.

Is Gabriel Weiss Friends font available on Canva?

No. The exact Gabriel Weiss Friends font is not available on Canva. However, you can find a near perfect replacement to represent the font for your project.

What is Friends font on Canva?

What font is friends font on Canva app

Linotype Feltpen

We maintained that the exact iconic “Friends” font cannot be found on Canva. However, you can make do with some nice alternatives such as the Linotype Feltpen. The font will hardly replace the Friends font, but it is the nearest you can get on Canva.

Smart designers are usually convenient trying out different styles and approaches in their projects, they are always on the lookout for complementary typefaces that can help them to replicate the overall desired aesthetics in their design.

The Linotype Feltpen font is not the only alternative to the Friends font on Canva, if you painstakingly explore the list of fonts on Canva, you’d find out that there are a handful of options that can serve as suitable replacements but also contribute to creating the perfect vibe for any “Friends” project.

While Linotype Feltpen remains the closest alternative for the “Friends” font on Canva, you can also explore these other fonts:

Hyperwave One font

The Hyperwave one font is a handwritten script font with very accents on letters like “E” and “D” making it a great pick for a “Friends” font themed design. However, this particular font may appear a little bit edgier, but it all depends on the project goal.

In summary, Canva does not provide the exact “Friends” font may be due to licensing issue, be rest assured that there are great replica fonts that can fulfill your project needs.


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