What font is Disney on Canva?


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The Disney brothers;  Roy O. Disney and Walt Disney jointly founded the company in 1923. Fast forward to 100 years layer, the company as grown to be one of the biggest media conglomerates in the world.

Name of Disney font in Canva

Waltography Disney” is the original name of the font used to design the Disney Logo. It’s a timeless piece of font with modern design, it was masterminded and crafted by Justin Callaghan for both commercial and personal use.

Waltograph font disney font

The Waltograph font effortlessly embodied the whole essence of the classic Disney style and it one of the top logos we recommend on Canva for designing this like logo, fun event cards, ceremonies, posters, and more.

We are yet to come across a font that’s close to the Waltography Disney font in Canva, The Waltograph font is the closest you can get to the Disney font on Canva. So, if you bent on using a font that can essentially exudes the magical Disney atmosphere then this is your most ideal pick for Canva designs.

How to get Disney Font in Canva

Step 1: Proceed to https://www.dafont.com/waltograph.font

Step 2: Download the font in zipped file plus all the weight variation

Step 3: Unpack and upload as custom font to Canva. Here is a guide to upload custom fonts to Canva.

The Waltograph is an attention-grabbing typeface designed to enhance legibility on computer screens, you can use in both your personal and commercial projects.


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