What Canva Font Is Similar To Calibri?

What Canva Font Is Similar To Calibri

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The question, ‘What Canva font is similar to Calibri?’ is one that has no definite answer to it. Because Canva as a graphic design tool has a lot of fonts that are very alike to the Calibri font in appearance. 

Some of these fonts are almost identical, therefore making it difficult to differentiate. And this is because all of these fonts are sans-serif fonts that have a similar look and feel to Calibri.

When it comes to choosing the nearest similar font to Calibri in Canva, there are a couple of options that you may have a preference for due to the purpose of your project. But for a font that is closely similar in appearance to Calibri, you can’t go wrong with Arialle, Canva Sans, or Arimo.

These Canva fonts have the most similar look to Calibri, and would most certainly be suitable for whatever project you have at hand. 

Other Fonts Similar To The Calibri Font In Canva 

There are quite several fonts on Canva that are similar to Calibri. All of which are sans-serif fonts that have a similar look and feel to Calibri.

  • Lato. 
  • Cabin Regular. 
  • Nunito. 
  • Open Sans. 
  • Poppins. 
  • PT Sans. 
  • Montserrat
  • Roboto. 
  • Ubuntu. 


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