5 ways your business can survive Any pandemic

5 Ways Your Business Can Survive The Next Pandemic Min

Entrepreneurship is known to be the engine of economic growth and poverty elimination. The last current global lockdown took a toll on everyone, especially those in the entrepreneurial sector. The small-scale businesses closed up due to a lack of funds to continue as they had consumed the ones they had to survive.

While some large-scale businesses are trying so hard to come back to the market. The early birds who always have risk assessment and the business plan got to survive the world pandemic.

No one is asking for another pandemic as the last one took a pound of flesh on most people’s business, but what if it comes again? What will you do for the survival of your business? Will you fold your hands once more and watch what you suffered to build to be in the mud?

In this article, there are strategies that you can build your business and would still survive against any pandemic or obstacles that may come in the future.

Business survival strategies against the next pandemic

Business organizations must develop new features and acquire new skills to remain relevant and competitive. A firm is required to frequently search for methods to exploit development opportunities.

Therefore, entrepreneurs are expected to create an environment for the development agenda of the firm. This includes;

#1. Risk analysis

For your business to survive the next pandemic, you need to be aware of any business risk or threats by conducting risk analysis. This method enables your business to explore and take charge of its internal strength and the obvious opportunities found in the environment.

You can as well identify weaknesses and threats that may come up in the organization, with the mindset of creating good measures on eliminating them in advance.

This analysis enables you to identify the primary success factors of your business and the factors that could influence its growth, continuity, and profitability. These factors include improvement in technology, expanding population, and increased products or services.

#2. Continuous business planning

For someone who has identified his/her business risk, another step to take is to continually draft good business plans for the continuity of your business.

Business plans serve as a blueprint in which organizations ought to follow to always be in order. It is always modified as conditions changes, new opportunities, or new threats may come.

A threat such as the pandemic needs well-strategic planning to keep the business still running. To achieve that, you need to constantly search for opportunities and make use of knowledge of the market changes. You are expected to create a new environment that will fit the growth agenda of your firm.

Business planning involves decision making, coordination, assessment of structures, communication network, policies, procedures systems to achieve maximum growth.

#3. Adopt E-Business solutions

In digitalizing your company for good communication, and ensuring great work, you can also apply it to commercial transactions. Due to the invention of the internet, web technologies, and other electronic devices, a new form of business known as Electronic business was created.

It involves the use of ICTs to conduct commercial transactions, research, development, marketing, procurement, and services. Websites were created to accept credit cards, accurate catalog information, good logistics, etc.

E-business is an iconic business system that directly involves customers, employees, vendors, and business partners with the use of the internet, e-commerce technologies. To grow in the e-business world, you need to bring changes to the internal foundation of your company to be effective.

The most important thing about this method is that it can be done at home. Having such technology in your company would enable your workers to continue to work amidst pandemics. The method is flexible and very fast, thereby encouraging the improvement of the operation and reduces cost as well.

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#4. Digital transformation of your company

It is one of the good ideas of business planning. The world has been globalized with new technologies that can keep us together even when we are miles apart.

Some businesses crashed due to the global lockdown. Nobody could come out daily to run their businesses. There was less or no idea on how you run your business in the comfort of your homes. The large-scale business that could afford the system got it for their company before the lockdown would affect it.

People who had made plans before the pandemic worked at home using the cloud-based IT system. It enables the individuals of a company to communicate and work together in the comfort of their homes. Providing a cloud-based IT system for your company helps in the continual running of your company.

The least of the things you can do for your business is to have a strong web presence; this can be achieved by creating a professional website for your business, creating and maintaining active social media pages, leveraging content marketing strategies and buyer intents, refining your email marketing tactics, and deploying winner-driven Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies.

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#5. Cyber security investment

This investment must not be overlooked during the pandemic survival. During the pandemic, people would want a means of survival. Falling as a victim of a cyber attack could be disastrous. A cyber attack can destroy your business at any time.

As a result, lead to the pull-down of your finances and your business reputation. It may also affect the mode of operation of your company.

Investing in cyber security is a new line of defense to account for the increased risk. When it is done, you are assured of a high-security website or other internet forms of e-business.

Also, you need to make sure your business has solidified presence on multiple business platforms starting from your website to other social media pages, if you focus too much on social media and leaving your own website hanging, then you can suffer huge setbacks if any of the social media platforms make a policy that negatively affects your business, even without any policies we’ve seen cases where Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter shutdown businesses account for unclear reasons.


Following these methods mentioned in this cautiously will improve your business growth. Although it seems that the methods benefit the large-scale business entrepreneurs than the small-scale business entrepreneurs due to limitations of funds.

Small-scale business entrepreneurs can find them through any of these methods by sourcing funds in the banking sector. Above all, we learned a lot from the last pandemic that occurred. If people had realized these strategies beforehand, their business would have been solid.

But now discoveries are made, I hope you don’t make the mistake the second time. Don’t wait for the next pandemic to come to take action, you can start now.

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