10 proven ways to make money online as a digital marketer

10 proven ways to make money online as digital marketers

I know you are here either to learn more about digital marketing and how best you can make money as a digital marketer, or you already have the digital marketing skills but don’t know the ways to harness those skills to generate money. Whatever the reason it is, you’ll find your answers here.

What is digital marketing?

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Digital marketing uses digital channels such as websites, social media, emails, blogs, and display ads to attract customers and build outstanding brand awareness or promote a particular product, service, or business. It simply means using digital skills, creativity, and strategy to boost business.

Digital marketing might look like a big name, but it is what you already know. Believe it or not, you must have in one way or the other rendered digital marketing services to people without even knowing.

What are the services you can provide as a digital marketer?

In other words, I can ask, “what are the many skills under digital marketing?. If you can use your creativity and skills to identify and profer solutions to a marketing problem, you are an online digital marketer. Such skills that can classify under digital marketing include;

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): So many companies want to get hold of people online. For that, they can pay heavily to have a person help rank their website first in Google search engine. SEO skills are one of the top digital marketing skills.

Content creation: If you can create engaging contents, articles, essays, and write-ups that can attract customers and make them visit a website for more knowledge and information, then you are lucky because your skill is one in a million.

Website development: So many upcoming establishments want to sell online. And they will need a website for it. If you can develop a website, you are in the group of digital marketers.

Graphics designing: It is not always about reading and writing. People need images too. Creating logos, flyers, and online cards requires the presence of a graphics designer who is part of the digital marketing team.

Other skills include copywriting, social media management, email management, and language translation.

Ways Digital Marketers can make money online

Affiliate marketing

You can make money as a digital marketer through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest ways of making money online, and it is still trusted to provide even in years to come.

You make money in affiliate marketing by referring people through content, blog posts, and other possible means to buy products. And for every product purchased through your link, you earn money.

As a digital marketer, you already have some skills like content writing SEO skills, you can use it to convince your audience into buying a particular product from any online shop you have made arrangements with, either Amazon, Jumia, Shopify, and so on.

Specialize in content writing

Content writing is one of the less technical skills in digital marketing. It involves planning and writing content such as articles, blog posts, social media posts, essays, and others.

To become a content writing specialist, you’ll need to develop a variety of skills like Keyword research skills, SEO skills, analytical skills. You can make lots of money online as a content creator, depending on how much you work.

SEO services

SEO skills enable you to create content that will be ranked in the first results of the Google search engine. Since Search Engine Optimization is in high demand these days, you can get an in-house job as well as earn as a freelance SEO expert. Your clients will be happy to hire you again if you deliver good services.

For this, you will need to learn how search engines work to rank your content higher. Because search engine algorithms change constantly, you must know those algorithms well to adjust your projects accordingly. There are different divisions in SEO such as blog writing, Infographics, videos, slideshows, glossaries, and directories.

Website creation

Web designing can make you a lot of money. Website design is the planning, structuring and creating, and updating of the websites. You can design websites for upcoming companies.

Website designing requires a level of technicality and creativity. When you create a user-friendly website with attractive themes, you’ll get more jobs and make more money.

Digital Marketing Instructor

If you’re a pro in digital marketing skills, you can sell your knowledge to those struggling with it. You can become an online tutor and hold classes for all who may seem interested in learning what you know.

You may restrict the class to one digital marketing skill, or you may teach all, depending on how good you are at them. You write and sell ebooks on the course. You can sell voice notes and even videos to all who need it and make your money.

You can render digital marketing consultancies to companies. You may specialize in different areas such as social media marketing, branding, local marketing, email marketing, website analytics, and so on, depending on the one with the highest demands.

Sell your digital products or boost your business

You’re a  digital marketer well grounded in all the skills and methods involved in winning online customers, you can use those skills to grow your own online business and sell your products.

You can create enabling content and design enticing graphics that will attract an audience. Finally, with your SEO skills, rank your website first and sell your products, whatever it may be.

You can also create and sell your digital products such as ebooks, templates, podcasts, music, videos, and others.


Blogging is one of the most popular methods to earn online as a digital marketer. As a digital marketer with good writing skills, you can begin your blog in any niche that interests you most, be it education, traveling, health history, government, fashion, religion, science, and so on.

Begin to create an engaging article and work to bring more traffic to your website. With your SEO skills, you can do that better. Then, monetize your blog.

There are many ways to monetize your blog, You can start affiliate marketing or even involve Google AdSense. Though the money from blogging might not start popping immediately, it needs time and hard work, but when you invest your time and hard work in it, you’ll enjoy it.

Become an e-commerce expert

With the increasing number of online shops today, a digital marketer can perfectly make money by being an e-Commerce expert. By rendering services to such online shops and helping them in website management, managing marketing campaigns, optimizing the store’s SEO, adjusting on-page elements to improve conversion rate optimization, setting up email marketing funnels, and running up-selling and cross-selling campaigns.

Aside from these, you can also render consultancy services on e-commerce matters. But before that, ensure to build your profile and be good in what you do.

Video Advertising

Video advertisement is one of the best ways of selling a product. And with your strategic marketing skills and video editing skills, you can become an advertiser. As a digital marketer that know the best ways to keep audiences wanting for more, you can offer your services in products advertisement.

If you’ve been getting lots of views in your vlogging, or you have a strong social media fan base, you can partner with YouTube and become an advertiser.

Many companies can also employ you to advertise their products through your videos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. And even also back the video up with your enticing content. A good company is ready to invest money in you if you can bring them more money.

Get digital marketing jobs

Digital Marketing Agency and web designer in Ibadan Oyo State

You can work as a digital marketer in two ways. As a company employee or as a freelancer.

You can work for people from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home through the internet. You can become a freelance writer and write engaging content, blog posts, articles, essays, and projects for people and get paid.

You can also be a freelance web designer, graphics designer, language translator, social media and email Manager, and so on. You can sign up for some free Lance websites like Jolancer, gigs Nigeria, Asuqu, freelancer, Fiverr, guru, and get started today.

Any company physical or online may employ you to work in the capacity of their content creator, graphics designer, social media manager, PPC (Pay Per Click), and so on.

Bottom line

The best thing about digital marketing is that its skills are interconnected, and if you’re smart enough, you can make lots of money in a short time. For example, while being a freelance writer, you can also deliver SEO services to others and might still hold a company work.

With the list above, you can find out the best area to focus your energy on to make more money.

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