How to Import Custom Fonts Into Canva?


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You can upload your own custom font in Canva and here is how to go about it.

If you have your own unique fonts that you’d want to use for your branding designs and assets then you may find this guide useful.

One of the most important reasons it import to stick majorly to a font for branding a business’ identity is so as to maintain consistency and send a strong brand message.

It entails maintaining the same font across your business touchpoints, including your logo, posters, website social media posts designs, and more

Just before we dash into the process of importing your own cont to Canva let’s consider some salient points before do so.

Do You Own the Right License for the Font?

First, before you excitingly rushing to upload font, you need to first make sure that you have the appropriate license to make use of the font.

There are two types of licenses available on Canva: desktop and web font licenses.

With desktop license, you can make use of fonts on font printed designs such as poster, flyers, business cards and more.

The web font license is needed for Canva being a cloud-based platform. Web font license are required before using custom fonts on your websites, digital designs, and other online marketing channels.

This is because a good number of these fonts are masterminded by independent creators and creative designers and it’s recommended you buy the fonts or get the license directly through their website before using the font in your designs.

Once the issue of license has been sorted, we can move on to uploading font in Canva.

Do You Have Canva Pro?

To be able to import fonts on Canva, you’re required to be on the pro plan, free users on Canva don’t have access to the best of features on Canva and this is one of it. If you’re interested in unlocking a plethora of features on the Canva pro, you can use this link to get started.

Once everything is set, we can now proceed to importing the font into our Canva editor.

Step 1: Download Your Font

Download the font to your PC, usually the files will be in ZIP or other file packagem next you need to unpack the file and you should be able to see the different font variations for the particular font. Fonts are in variations of bold, normal and italics.

Step 2: Access Your Brand Kit

Right in your Canva n Canva editor, you need to locate Brand Hub, it’s just at he homepage side panel, at the bottom of the left-hand navigation.

That’s where your current brand colors, logos, and fonts are, brand kits help you achieve a consistent design for a particular brand, it’s a mini brand guide in form of that theme, you can implement the brand kit of your design to form a coherent look of font style, colors and font sizes.

Step 3: Upload Your Font

how to upload custom font to Canva

In the brand kit, selecg the “upload font” menu then use the PC window to navigate to where the fonts is on your PC, select the font and have it uploaded, once done you can use your newly uploaded font in your designs.

The process of uploading fonts on Canva is not far-fetched if you follow these simple steps. Go ahead and elivencyour designs while also creating a consistent visual identify that succinctly project your brands core mission and values.

Remember not to neglect getting a license for your custom font and also support the designers of those fonts the way they Recommended.


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