How To Turn Off Snap To Grid In Canva?


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Canva is one of the best graphic editing tools for images, videos, and designs. It operates seamlessly and also provides you with a lot of features like the snap to grid which helps to make your work easier and better. 

The snap-to-grid feature is one that allows you to quickly and easily align elements. But at times, it can be a bit of a struggle to turn it off. And in such a case scenario where this feature is messing with your creativity, here is what to do. 

Steps On How To Turn Off Snap To Grid In Canva

Method 1

  • Login to your Canva and click on the design you wish to modify. 
  • Click on the file and wait for the drop-down menu. Select the option “Page Set-up”.
  • When the “Page Set-up” drop-down menus appear, select Grid and wait for the grid options to appear.
  • Click on the off position to turn off snap to grid – once the grid options appear

Method 2

  • Log in to your Canva on your laptop and click on the design you want to modify.
  • Click on File in your top right corner and select the option Show rulers and guide.
  • Then you can simply turn it off or just press Shift + R


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