How to Resize a GIF in Photoshop Without Losing Quality?


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GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) are a format of animated image files that lets people share short, funny, or mood-expressive feelings via social apps. They are typically ideal for sending how people feel without having to type in words. This often conveys more emotion and relatability than when a message is sent in text format.

Wondered where and how you can create these GIFs? Adobe Photoshop got you covered. With Photoshop, anybody can open, create, or edit a GIF. Photoshop gives you the advantage of flexibility when creating a GIF from your favorite pictures or videos. The application allows you to add special effects, adjust the timing, add text, and modify the frames of your work.

All these and more can be done with GIFs in Photoshop. Nonetheless, the big question that usually comes up from users a lot is how to resize a GIF in Photoshop without losing the image quality.

Photoshop Resize Gif

It is very common for the quality of a GIF to reduce when you resize it because a GIF is not a vector. How can this be solved? Do this:

  • From the menu bar, click IMAGE
  • Select IMAGE SIZE
  •  A dialog box will pop up, uncheck the RESAMPLE IMAGE option if it is checked
  • Go ahead to enter the size you wish to redo your GIF to.

Following the above steps will ensure that GIFs do not lose their quality when you resize them on Photoshop. Make sure the “Resample Image” box is unchecked as this will largely determine if the process will be successful or not.


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