Can I Remove The GIF Background In Canva?


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Canva is a popular design platform that provides users with a variety of effects and options, all of which bring designs, presentations, and whatever project users work on to life. Removing GIf backgrounds in Canva is one of the options users need to bring their designs to life. GIFs are file formats for creating animated images. 

The majority of these file formats are placed on distracting backgrounds that contradict the design. Therefore, there is a need to remove the background. To this effect, We’ll be providing you with an easy guide on how you can achieve this.

How To Remove GIF Background In Canva 

Method 1 

  • First, log into your Canva account and select a template.
  • Once it opens, add your GIF image to the template, select edit and the sub-menu will appear.
  • Click on Remove background, and automatically, your background will be removed.
  • You could go ahead to export your GIF with a transparent background into any format you choose.

Method 2

  • Login to your Canva and click on a template.
  • Add your GIF image to the template and click on the edit option and a sub-menu will appear.
  • Search for the “eraser” tool and select.
  • Then you can manually erase the portion you don’t want. You can do this, till you have what you desire.


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