Popular Web Development Job titles

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The web development industry is the backbone of every successful business, it has since been reported to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. There is more to web development than creating well-laid-out and elegant-looking websites. Websites are considered fully functional when they can profitably convert, creating superb user experience by making sure the site user journey is easy.

Job titles in the Web Development Industry

The industry is reliant on rapidly evolving computer programming languages and the latest web development technologies, which in turn is creating many job opportunities for developers today. The industry is filled with several job roles, positions, and job titles and today we are going to be exploring some of those in the next line below. From back-end developers and front-end developers to UX/UI designers, the Web Development Industry is definitely something for everyone. Web developers are highly skilled professionals whose work is to design, code, maintain, and update websites and web applications. They use a variety of programming languages like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc.

Full-stack web developer

A full-stack web developer has considerable depth of knowledge of both the front-end and back-end systems. They can build not only the front-end website but also the back-end (server-side). They can help with scaling your codebase with their deep understanding of how to write code to further deploy and take advantage of more resources. Full-stack web developers are really helpful when there are problems with server load times and throughput. They track and find bottlenecks and provide working solutions to keep the system updated, running, and in good shape.

Web Designer

Web designers are responsible for the design of a website’s layout, look and feel. They have to use their creativity to make sure that all the elements on the page are pleasing to the eye and easy to understand. They work hand-in-hand with web developers, who are responsible for making sure that a site functions properly and uses web languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Front End Developer

A Front End Developer focuses on the website’s graphical design and user interface (GUI). They create the interfacing elements of a website including buttons, forms, and dynamic content making sure they interact well. They may not be responsible for developing or updating back-end systems such as databases or server software.

UI Designer

As more consumers use smartphones there has been a huge shift in the way we interact with technology. Mobile has become king and as a result, UI Designers are now immensely needed for designing interfaces that are easy to understand and navigate on small screens. Visual imagery design, interaction design, information architecture, user testing, and project management are some of the important skills a professional UI designer must possess. They should be excellent communicators who can effectively translate business requirements into designs that work well with the end user’s needs.

UX Designer

One of the most specialized jobs in UX design is information architecture. This term refers to the way that content is organized on a page or website, and it’s often of strategic importance for a company. A UX designer may have experience in several design disciplines including graphic design, animation, video production, web development, and usability engineering. They will spend time understanding what users want to do with a product and then work on creating the interface to make this happen.

Web Developer

Web developers are people who build websites and apps that we interact with every day. They create the content and design for websites, they also make sure the site is secure. Web Developers are often educated in computer science or software engineering, some have a degree in these fields, but others may simply learn as they go. Regardless of their educational background, they usually start out as an entry-level web developer with a large company or agency working on smaller projects before moving up to a higher-level position. Some companies will hire Web Developers to work remotely and others require that applicants be located near their office.

Dev Ops

DevOps is a methodology that encourages communication and collaboration between software developers and other IT professionals. DevOps has evolved to cover the entire application life cycle, from development to deployment. A DevOps team is a cross-functional group of experts from both software development and operations, who work together to achieve a higher level of efficiency in understanding each stage’s needs. This can be done by eliminating waste in the process, such as over-production or waiting time for fixes. DevOps enables software development teams to collaborate on the coding and testing of an application with IT professionals who manage infrastructure systems like servers, storage, networking, databases, and so on.

Web Marketing Job Titles

Businesses and recruiters continually struggle to find qualified web marketing professionals. Digital marketers are needed to promote the business using various web technologies and platforms. They are needed to achieve daily, monthly, and annual sales targets.

Content Strategist

Content strategists are professional who oversees the content production process and ensure that it aligns with the company’s goals. The role of a content strategist can be very diverse as they are involved in many areas of the process. They typically work closely with marketing managers, copywriters, or designers to plan, produce, and distribute content for various channels. It is also their responsibility to educate employees and stakeholders on how to generate great-quality content. Content strategists use their skills in writing, design thinking, research skills, marketing knowledge, and more to create plans for how marketers should develop their products’ stories across different platforms.

SEO Specialists

Whether you are a small business owner or a Startup that runs on the SaaS or PaaS model, you definitely need the service of SEO specialists on your team to help establish your online presence. The competition is getting stiffer by the day and the internet won’t stop evolving too. An SEO specialist can advise you on the latest changes and trends in SEO. They can help in the aspects of site architecture for SEO purposes, PR for link building, Technical SEO, Internal and External SEO, and so on. Over time, they have garnered a handful of experience in how search engines rank and position web agencies, they can rightfully be called the Swiss Army of your business. They can build conversion-ready campaigns using the right set of tools and strategies to increase the visibility of your brand or website among users who search for those keywords online.

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