10 Online Businesses that Pays daily

10 Online Businesses That Pays Daily

You’ve heard so much about how people make money online. But you think it’s so difficult or that you’ll have to be a genius to that. That’s not true. Everyone ready and willing can make money online.

The internet has provided many platforms and opportunities for you to render certain services and get paid in return. Since the country is not helping, there is a need to utilize the opportunities provided by the internet properly.

What does it take to make money online in Nigeria?

All it takes to make money online are just a few things:

  • You must own a device that can access the internet, maybe a phone or laptop.
  • You must be able to read, write and communicate.
  • You must have some skills or be ready to learn one.
  • You must be ready to work hard.

This article will provide you with legit businesses you can venture into and earn daily with little or no investment. Let me take you through;

10 legit online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria (even without investment )

1. Freelancing

You can become an online freelancer. Freelancing helps you render certain services like content writing, web and graphics design, social media management, and so on to online users in need of it.

You can make cool cash without much stress or investment.  You can be a freelance writer or designer if you have the skill. The good thing about freelancing is that you can work for anybody from any place of your choice.


You can work from the comfort of your home or anywhere you want.

It requires no investment

It doesn’t stop you from doing your first job.

It is Lucrative.

You are not subject to any boss. You only have to deliver the best service to your client. But not an employee.


You work when there is a client. In other words, there is no sure earning range. Sometimes you make a huge amount, but sometimes, the income drops. But it’s okay because it’s business.

To get more clients as a freelancer, there are certain websites where clients search for people who can help out with the services they need. You can register on such websites and get more clients. You can check out terawork.com, gigfied.com, Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, LinkedIn, freelancer.com, guru, and lots more.

2. Dropshipping

Most of my friends are into this online business because it’s easy. And it requires nothing much to start. You may have to stop looking down on yourself. Explore your capabilities, and put your good marketing skills into work.

Dropshipping requires your marketing skills. Through your blog posts or social media platforms, you can sell different goods to people. But guess what? Your work ends when your client or buyer makes the payment for the goods. The whole delivery stress is not for you.

Steps to drop shipping

Through your good marketing skills, get a client to place an order for a particular product that you can access.

Get the order and money across to the manufacturer or whole seller whom you’re marketing for.

Once the order is taken and the product delivered, you get paid.

Sometimes, all it takes is to get a higher price from your client and pay lesser to the supplier. For instance, if a client ordered a pair of Crocs footwear at $15, but the wholesale price of the same footwear is $10, instantly, you’ve made a gain of $5.


It isn’t stressful

A client’s order has covered your starting capital.


You may be blamed for the mistakes of the supplier or manufacturing company via late delivery or not getting exactly what was ordered.

To make this business better, you have to liaise with well-trusted companies to avoid been scammed. There are many online shops such as Amazon, Jumia, Shopify, and other private shop owners you can work with.

You must also monitor your clients to avoid the trauma of “what I ordered vs what I got”.

3. Blogging

Do you have a passion for writing? Then what are you waiting for? Convert your passion into a money tool. Blogging in Nigeria is one of the ways of making money with little investment and hard work.

To make it easier for you, choose a niche you love so much so that you won’t be tired along the line. Blogging might not be a get-rich-quick business, but trust me, it is worths the hard work. We can support you on your blogging journey.

What does blogging require?

All you need to be a successful blogger is good writing skills. When you get your website and upload articles of great content to it. That way, you attract people to read your content on your website. When you have generated lots of traffic on your website, you can monetize your blog through Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and others.


It requires little or sometimes, no investment.

It helps you live your passion while still making cash from it.

Once your website is well developed, money keeps coming without work or much stress.


You don’t start earning much at the beginning period. Your money from a blog grows with time and more hard work.

4. Trading/Earning Cryptos

You do not have to kill yourself with strenuous jobs before you can earn some money. With good tech skills, you can make money online.

Nowadays, there is an opportunity for you to buy different cryptocurrencies ( coins ) and save up in your online wallet. But since we need online businesses with no investment.

You can save up airdrops. Airdrops are coins that have no value in the meantime but will soon have some value. All you need is to save up such airdrops in your wallet and trade them when they get value.

But if you have some more coins with value in your wallet, you can trade them through apps like Binance and add up.


You earn lots of money through Bitcoin


Airdrops may take a long time before it gets value

You need to be well-grounded before you can trade Bitcoin and make a profit

It is not a get-rich-quick business.

To Excell in this business, you must take out time to learn more about it. There are so many platforms that can give you all you need to know about it free of charge.

5. Virtual assistant

You can earn money online by helping people manage some of their affairs. Are you aware that so many people due to their numerous engagements are in search of virtual assistants?

They need helping hands in making some arrangements, and handling some issues like managing their social media accounts, receiving and attending to their emails,  making travel plans, managing their calendar, and so many other things. All you need as a virtual assistant is to perform your work diligently and get paid.

6. Affiliate marketing

It may be synonymous with drop shipping which I  mentioned earlier, but affiliate marketing is way easier. So many online companies are looking for means to market their products.

Here’s the deal with affiliate marketing; For every person who buys a product through your referral link, you get a commission. That’s cool. If you’ve been able to work on your website well enough that you command a lot of traffic and people buy products, imagine the amount of money you can make. So many big websites such as Amazon provide very reliant affiliate relationships. Why not check it out.


It is one of the best ways of making money online

No investment involved

It has been and will always be an online money tool.


There’s a lot of competition, so you need more work to get more money.

7. Create and sell digital products

The internet is never full, and people are never tired of sourcing information. You can create and sell digital products. By this, I mean, you can

Publish and sell ebooks

Create and sell documents

Make music and informative recordings and sell.

Create and sell podcasts, and so on.

Sell pictures, graphics, and images.

It may take some time to create these products but once done, you can market them on Amazon and earn. For every download of your product made, you get paid. There is no stress and not much investment. It’s a good way to make cash.

8. Become a vlogger

I learn more from watching than reading, and I think the human brain retains more by seeing than just hearing. What I’m I saying? Making an online video can be of so much help to your supposed audience. It is necessary.

YouTube is a platform where you can post your videos. And because so many people value videos to blogs, you’ll be listened to and get paid for every number of viewers you get.

You can also post on social media platforms and get paid when verified. It’s easy. You should start making impacting videos on much as in blogging. Ensure that the videos you upload are clear enough to enable more viewers.

9. List on property websites

It is a very cool business that lets you be an online agent. There are so many people in need of properties such as houses, land, and other assets. You can list any property around you that needs a buyer on the internet.

Some websites like property 24.com, hut bay, Propertypro. ng, castles Nigeria are Nigerian websites where properties are listed. Once the property is sold, you get your percentage in addition to your agent fee.

10. Online surveys/ app testing

It might not be a great profit money business, but it can add some extra cash to your purse. As it stands today, so many companies need people who will help access their new products and give feedback on how efficient it is.

In online surveys and app testing, you’ll answer a few questions and carry out some activities to test the new products. In return, the producers, pay some amount of money depending on how many products you tested.

Bottom line

I hope you traveled down the lane with me. And you’ve been able to see all the many opportunities out there waiting for you. If you’re ready to start making money online, pick up your tools and get to work because there’s no food for a lazy man. Or are you accepting laziness as a name awarded to all Nigerian youths by the Nigerian president?

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