How To Make PNG Transparent (Photoshop & Canva Method)

How To Make Png Transparent In Photoshop And Canva

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There are a lot of file formats, but PNG is one of the most popular and widely used formats. Mainly because of its high-quality display and broader colour palette. It’s a strong competitor with the GIF files. And a lot of designers use this file format. 

However, making PNG transparent in Photoshop might prove to be quite a struggle if you’re a beginner.

Steps On How To Make PNG Transparent using Canva or Photoshop

1. In Canva

  • Login to your Canva account and click on the “Create design” option.
  • Next, click on the plus sign and select “upload” 
  • Here, you’ll select the image you want to use for this project  and click on the uploaded image 
  • A menu will appear, among which “Effect” will be an option. Select it.
  • Once the sub menu appears you’ll select “Background remover” 
  • Once it’s done, export the file in PNG format and you’re set to go.

2. In Adobe Photoshop

  • Log in to your Adobe Photoshop and click on the logo file to open
  • Next, select a layer from the menu and add a new layer. This layer is already transparent.
  • Drag this new layer below your contents layer.
  • Then, select your layer and use the “lasso tool” to make your content layer transparent.
  • You can experiment with the settings to select your desired area.
  • Then Click delete, and your former layer will be replaced with a white and black checker background. (Transparent)
  • To save as a PNG file, download and select the format “PNG” 


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