How to make PNG transparent in Photoshop


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PNG (pronounced ping) or Portable Network Graphics is a popular file format that can save and display data in transparent mode. The transparency that PNG images offer make them typically ideal for use as business logos, digital watermarks, dynamic website graphics, and many other digital imaging applications.

Creating a transparent PNG image in Photoshop is straightforward and easy to achieve. Whether you need a dynamic and user-friendly website that appeals to all visitors, or a watermark branding that not only protects your work from copyright infringement but also promotes your business, ensure to use only PNG-formatted images.

How can you make PNG transparent in Photoshop? Try these few quick steps:

  • On the navigation bar at the top menu, click on FILE.
  • Select OPEN, then choose your desired Image file.
  • You should see a LAYERS panel on your screen at this time, but if it isn’t visible yet, click on Window, then click LAYERS.
  • From the LAYERS panel, select Background Layer.
  • A dialog box will appear when you do this, click OK. This action will unlock the layer and make it editable.
  • From the LAYERS panel, click on  OPACITY to bring out a drop-down menu of different percentages.
  • Select any % less than 100, the lower the %, the more transparent your image file gets. Adjust till you get your desired level of transparency. 
  • To save, click File on the top menu again and select SAVE AS.
  • Click on PNG

 As easy as that, you have your transparent PNG file exported to your local storage ready for use. 


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