How to make Money on LinkedIn in Nigeria

How To Make Money On Linkedin In Nigeria

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Are you looking for some practical ways to make money on LinkedIn in  Nigeria then you’re much on track. LinkedIn is no doubt is an unmatched social media platform for professional networking in the world. It allows its users to network and explore opportunities across industries.

There’s so much benefits you stands to gain building an active network on LinkedIn, you can get internship opportunities, connect with other professionals in the industry, use the platform to upskill and then to boost your career.

LinkedIn Stats

Just before we proceed let’s look at some interesting statistics about LinkedIn.

  • Currently there are over 130 million members cross over 200 countries and regions of the world.
  • Over 60 million users uses LinkedIn as job search platform.
  • Is also the oldest popular social Media platform in the world, the platform was created in 2003 which means that the website is over two decades old making it the oldest social Media platform existing on the internet.
  • Recently the platform reportedly experienced a surge in engagement as a result of its morphing to a full social media platform where lots of contents are being shared by other professionals and more interactivity between users taking place, that explains how the platform got over 22% increase in user engagements in 2022.

The main goal is to help you understand the vast opportunities that abound on LinkedIn and how you can explore them. LinkedIn also offer several career upgrade pathways to help users acquire the necessary skills to take their career to the next level.

Tips for effective LinkedIn strategy

But how best can you monetize your LinkedIn presence?

1. Setup your LinkedIn profile professionally

To get the gest from your LinkedIn profile, you need to make sure that you fill out all the required sections.

You need to understand how much work has to be put in if your LinkedIn marketing strategy will pay off, it all starts from thoughtfully setting up your LinkedIn profile to match your professionalism.

This will come in handy to help you make a good first impression and project your brand or expertise in good light.

There’s so much competition and noise in every profession, so there’s a need for you to craft your profile to distinguish yourself from the herd.

Some of the way you can tailor your profile to reflect your expertise and experience is by presenting yourself as a specialist, most small businesses will prefer to work with a specialist that a generalist.

One of the way you can do this is by uploading high-quality profile picture and banners. You also need to make sure that your about section is detailed and thoughtfully written to protray youd aspirations skills.

There’s also a section here you can highlight your work experiences and education, it is important to provide concise information for each of the sections, it’s not something you can rush over.

The next thing would be to craft a resume that effectively highlights your accomplishments and expertise.

You need to make sure your portfolio showcases some of the past projects or work that way you can potentially reinforcing your credibility.

2. Map out your marketing goals on LinkedIn

The next step would be to map out your marketing strategy, yes, you read that right, making money on LinkedIn starts from setting clear goals this will help make sure that the efforts put in are channeled properly to the right course.

3. Invest in building quality networks

The quality of your network will impact your monetization possibilities, it’s why we recommend that you build quality networks.

People will large and quality network that’s relevant to them will get more advantage from the platform in the long run.

It all starts by leveraging the interactive nature of LinkedIn to connect with other professionals who are in the best position to contribute to your goals.

Forming strategic connections will put you on track and help you connect with thought leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, and other prominent individuals in your industry.

Also, you need to be responsive to emails and other incoming connection requests, you never can tell how much opportunities each new connection will open you up to.

Ways to make money on LinkedIn

There are ways you can directly make money on LinkedIn, now that your LinkedIn account is fully optimization and ready to be monetized, here are some practical ways ways to make money on this profession b2b social media networking platform

1. Get employed

One of the most practical ways to monetize your skill on LinkedIn is getting hired/employed, LinkedIn can help you to land your dream employment.

May be it’s time to land your dream employment with your dream employer. You can achieve this effortlessly if you have channeled effort into demonstrating your experience and professionalism through your LinkedIn profile.

A rich and contentful LinkedIn profile will serve as a confidence booster when applying for job postings that fits well with your ambitions.

While getting employed might not be the best you can get from your optimized LinkedIn profile, it is however a reliable option for people are looking to get a coventional placement. It might be a more fulfilling ordeal if you are a consultant or offer professional service.

2. Develop and market your own products

Another smart way to monetize your professionalism on LinkedIn is to create your products and services and offer them for sale.

LinkedIn is largely a B2B platform where you can promoter both digital and physical products to the right audience since most people on LinkedIn are decision makers.

If you have personalised your brand, you can create digital products such as professional courses, eBooks, hardcopies, webinars, PDFs, subscription services, masterclasses that’s related to your business.

If you can encourage your customers to give reviews about your products and services, that will go a long way to boost your reputation and get more prospective customers aboard.

3. Offer consulting services

Experienced professionals as earlier hinted can offer their years of experience to help startups and upcoming brands in their niche, consulting services is common among LinkedIn professionals, most startups are willing to pay handsomely for all the professional consultation and support they can get to help put their business in a good shape.

However, before this could be your reality, you need to have grown a sizeable network and have a profile that is also naturally resource and exemplifies your wealth of experience, that way harness consultancy as an effective means of monetizing your expertise on LinkedIn.

However, you need to ensure that you have the expertise, authority, and trust in place to get the expected patronage in your industry. To achieve this, you need to commit some efforts to building your profile.

4. Direct traffic to your website

LinkedIn is a good source of organic traffic, you can direct traffic from your LinkedIn profile. Once your LinkedIn profile is well optimized you can use a call-to-action to direct traffic from your LinkedIn content to your website. For this to work, you must commit to sharing resourceful contents and then link back to your blog site, or YouTube channel. You can also join LinkedIn discussion groups and communities and make sure to offer insightful submissions and then link back to a section of your website where you have more expansive resource or solution.

To properly leverage LinkedIn as a traffic generation platform, you must be able to demonstrate a level of expertise by creating informative and engaging content over a period of time. One more thing that works in this regard, is to run targeted ads on LinkedIn just like other top social media platforms. LinkedIn can help you to get the message out about your brand, attracting targeted audience that needs what you have to offer.

5. Affiliate Marketing

You can monetize your LinkedIn profile through Affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing let’s you sell other people’s products for a commission. without having your own products. For this to work, you’d need a sizeable network and audience you can influence for brands, small businesses, or companies, to earn a commission.


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