How to Make Money on Instagram Thread (12 Ways)

How To Make Money On Instagram Thread In Nigeria

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Instagram is one of Nigeria’s favorite social media platforms for connecting, sharing, networking, selling and engage with others. An Instagram twin app for text-based messaging was recently launched the app has experienced a meteoric rise in the number of users, in just 5 days Instagram thread has reportedly garnered over a 100 million users globally.

IG thread enables users to create thread-like discussions, private conversations, specialized group conversations, and also connect much easily with like-minded users on the platform.

You can also organize discussions around specific topics and lots more.

12 Ways to Make Money on Instagram Thread in Nigeria

In this guide will try to help you uncover some effective strategies that can be leveraged to create a thriving online presence on Instagram Threads in Nigeria while also exploring several methods to monetize presence on the app.

1. Define your Thread’s Purpose and Niche

To get started on Instagram Thread we recommend that you create an active profile on Instagram, then you can proceed to Instagram Thread to further define its purpose and niche and then create a community for your audience to participate in discussion with you.

There are specific area of interest that will resonate with your target audience and you need to painstakingly find them; be it fashion, food, travel, or entrepreneurship, try to narrow down your niche this will help you onboard like-minded individuals who are also passionate about the same topic as you.

That way you’re on your way to ride on this focused community as you lay the foundation for monetization opportunities.

2. Curate Engaging and Valuable Content

Engaging your audience by creating valuable content that captures their attention is very crucial to monetize your Instagram Thread, just like it’s the case with other social media platforms.

Content rules the online community, if you can commit to sharing high-quality contents such as graphics, videos, and other relevant information that can add value to your audience you’d be able to expand your fan base and be on track to make some good earnings from the platform.

Take for example, if you have a Thread about personal finance, it is expected that you only publish thought-provoking contents around investment, budgeting, personal development, and wealth creation.

That way you can feed your audience with valuable content that resonates with them and that also puts you on the edge as an authority in your niche, users who are able to demonstrate a great level of Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness will capably attract potential monetization opportunities on any social media platform, Instagram Thread inclusive.

3. Collaborate with Brands and Businesses

If you already have a robust followership on Instagram, you can just take things further on Instagram Thread. You can start collaborating with brands and small businesses owners like it’s done on Instagram and other social media platforms.

However, for this to work, you need to have a sizable community that actively engages with your contents, once this is in place you can start reaching out to companies that align with the theme and audience of your IG Thread proposing to them a sponsorship offer.

Collaboration can be long or short term, it can be in forms of sponsored posts, reviewing newly launched products or services, offering promotional shoutouts for brands and more.

You should also be sure to negotiate a mutually beneficial business relationship and ascertain that the collaboration effort between both partners are value-based and also pose zero risk to your audience.

4. Offer Exclusive Content and Services

The next point of action is to make sure that you offer exclusive content, trust me no one wants to subscribe to mediocre content, you had to go all our to creating premium contents and services that way you can keep your most dedicated followers and even attract some more.

You can take things a little bit further by putting in place a kind of paid memberships or subscription model, where users needs to pay to gain access to your exclusive contents, tutorials, or live sessions, resources and more.

You can as well organize webinars, workshops, create eBooks, one-on-one coaching sessions and more, depending on your niche and the theme of your Thread.

However, providing valuable insights and personalized guidance all works when it comes to generate income from any social media platform. The watchword is offering Value for Value.

5. Drive Traffic to your online Business

Another smart way you can harness the Instagram Thread platform (which is a daunting task on Instagram) is to drive traffic from your Threads to your website, ecommerce store or other online businesses, If you have an ecommerce store, a landing or sales page or your business website, you can consistently drive traffic from Threads to your platforms.

To do this, we need to revert to the need to create engaging and resource-packed contents, make to use relevant hashtags to attract the right type of audience to your links, and encourage your followers to rethread or share.

You can as well collaborate with other influencers on the platform to promote your Thread. if you actively engage with your audience, and provide them beyond their expected value you can direct a ton of traffic to your website or other desired destinations through compelling calls-to-action.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another effective way to earn from Instagram Thread. All you had to do is identify potential products or services idea that fits your your niche. You can then signup to an affiliate platform of your choice and start promoting this products or services on your IG thread.

However, you need to provide valuable and insightful submissions about the product to your audience alongside sharing your unique referral link.

If you can help your audience to see all the benefits of the product and how best they can get served with it, whenever a purchase is made using your affiliate links, you’re awarded a commission, which accumulates over a period of time, say one month, before your request payment from the Affiliate Platform.

Take for instance, you have an IG Thread that basically discuses fitness issues, you can partner with fitness equipment brands on an Affiliate platform like and then you earn a commission for each sale generated through your affiliate link generated from the Impact platform.

7. Hosting Sponsored Contests and Giveaways

You can attract new follows to your Threads by organizing sponsored contests and giveaways.

People like free things. You can collaborate with small business owners and other influencers to provide prizes and awards in exchange for exposure they’d be getting from your community.

This will ginger your audience to actively participate and also make sure to follow the account of the sponsoring brand, they’d also engage with their contents, get exposed to their products and services, or tag their friends to whatever offers the brand is providing at the moment

These promotional effort works when you have a huge following on Instagram and Instagram Thread, you will not only generate a great level of excitement within your Thread, you’d also open up your social channels and that of the sponsoring brand or partner to more exposure and potential monetary gains.

8. Sponsored Events and Speaking Engagements

How To Make Money On Instagram Thread In Nigeria Speaking Engagements
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As you gain more traction and authority as an influencer or expert on a subject through your Instagram Thread, you can leverage on the recognition you’re garnering to attract and secure sponsored events or speaking engagements.

Brands or organizations usually organize different meetups,e-meets, conferences, seminars, and more.

Organisations may be interested in working with the you for different speaking engagements, workshops, interviews, panel discussions and more.

These type of collaborations will not only offer you sort of financial compensation but also boost your credibility and trustworthiness as an expert in your industry.

9. Encourage Active Participation

To build a thriving Instagram Thread in Nigeria it’s important to encourage active participation among Thread followers.

You can also engage with your audience by seeking their opinions and asking questions on topics related to your Thread.

This will encourage them to share their experiences and expertise.

10. Establish Thread Guidelines

You also need to ensure that your Threads is only about inclusivity and positivity.

You can do this by establishing clearly stated guidelines that fosters constructive and respectful discussions.

You need to be clear about what you an the community expects as touching appropriate behaviour, language, and tone of conversation.

Mwmbers should also be encouraged to report any form of violations, including cyberstalking, hate speech or harassment, and take appropriate action to maintain a safe space for you and your audience.

Actively promoting a culture of respect and inclusiveness you’d be right on track to create an space where every member feels comfortable to engage and expressing their opinions.

11. Leverage Instagram’s Features

You Instagram presence should ordinarily be complemented by your IG Threads. You can take things yet further by leveraging some features that can possibly enhance the functionality and engagement of your Thread.

You can also Utilize other features such as polls, question stickers, and quizzes to encourage participation among Thread followers and to gather feedback from your audience.

For an example, a thread about Nigerian foods and delicacies can create an opinion poll to find out from members which Nigerian dish they prefer or use the question sticker to invite them to share their favorite Nigerian dishes.

These can spark up different interactions between members, and you’d better understand the preferences of your audience.

12. Promote Your Thread

Don’t just open a Thread’s account and go to sleep. You need to actively promote it to get the best result.

First, you need to create a consistent content calendar, make sure your contents are top notch, well researched, informing, humorous and educationg.

You can also share your Thread community to other social media networks and other relevant online communities such as Reddit and Quora to get the word out about your community.

You should also contribute and engage in discussions related to your Thread’s niche, this is one way to ste@l your competitors audience.

When you intentionally provide valuable insights on other Threads relating to your niche, the resultant effect is having more members join your Thread because they like your contribution and they believe they’d get even more from your community.

Also, do not forget to make use of relevant hashtags, make use of some popular Nigerian hashtags such as #madeinnigeria, #onlyinnigeria, #proudlyinnigeria and so on to attract users of similar interests.


Creating a thriving Instagram Thread in Nigeria is way more than just building a community—it’s also about leveraging the momentum garnered on your platform to create monetization opportunities for yourself and brand.

First, you need to make sure that the purpose and niche of your Instagram Thread is well defined.

Next, focus on curating valuable content on the early days of building your community, later when your community is growing you can start seeking for collaboration opportunities with brands, sell your products; physical or digital, start affiliate marketing, host webinars snd sponsored contests, securing speakimg engagement at events, and many more.

Anyone can turn their Thread into a profitable venture provided they can stay authentic, provide value to their audience, and approach monetization strategically.

For your Instagram Thread to become a platform that not only fosters meaningful connections but also generates income for you , you have to make strategic plans and the dedicated to it’s implementation. Creating content today is more than just a side hustle, it’s the real deal!


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