Are Infographics still good for Link building?

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The concept of using infographics to has as a building tool has been around for quite some years now and a good number of content marketers and SEO specialist I’ve come to find out how important infographics can be to their audience for better content comprehension.

There’s more the use of infographics than just for illustrative purposes in contents, over the years, Infographic SEOs posits that using infographic in content helps supercharge the linkworthiness of the article.

Infographics are visually appealing type of content and works for breaking down complex information, simplifying it to the audience in a way that it’s more engaging to the readers of the content . They can better comprehend the key message that is being passed across in the content.

Infographics also add some colorfulness and liveliness to your page making it look more elegant and inviting for the reader and you can tell this is a big plus for user experience, the more people find it easier to digest your content and stay more on your page, the better the engagement and bounce rate.

But it’s quite unfortunate that most infographics lack the prowess to powerfully grab readers attention in this manner. The most engaging infographics are are designed to effectively deliver the message in it’s right context in a way users can grab the key information embedded without any fluff. It has to be fun, non-complicated and creatively done.

  • But are infographics still good for link building?
  • Does infographic SEO still work?
  • What’s the best infographic SEO strategy?

These and many more questions is what we intend to answer in this guide.

Using infographic for link building; does it work?

A straightforward answer to this is YES.

Infographics (when approached properly) can help attract high quality backlinks to your website.

The concept of getting natural backlinks revolves around creating well-researched content with depth. One of the ways to achieve this is to create content from a unique angle and by using simple-to-the-point infographics to explain complex topics and processes.

Infographics are remarkably potent visual masterpieces that are designed to help transform boring or complex subjects into captivating experiences for the readers.

The digital marketing landscape can attest to how much valuable, infographics content have proven to be, it works effectively for communicating strategic standpoints, with the right amount of data and information, and without bugging the audience with too much complex stuffs that looks only theoretical.

They are designed to be bite-sized illustrative nuggets of visual content that effortlessly add elements of clarity in your messages. The visual alluring state when added to an interesting subject can make it even more powerful with the potential to go viral when distributed across your marketing channels such as your social media pages, websites, forums and other online communities.

One of the most important elements of potential infographics is uniqueness, rafting an impactful infographic demands a level of unique perspective that is fresh. An outstanding design tends to captivate better the attention of your target audience, it shows how much of effort you’ve committed to truly create an informational piece. Going the extra mile is also key, you can achieve this by incorporating surprising design elements that can help to achieve a distinctive approach.

Your audience are not expecting to be overwhelmed with your infographics, the best infographics have information arranged in simple manner. Bombarding your viewers with excessive information will only guarantee you one thing – losing their interest.

when designing, there should be a balance combination of information, including images, text, intricate patterns and colors . The original goal of creating infographics is to express in a simple manner when there are too many contents it becomes incomprehensible this defeating the original purpose.

Today, people are more interested in getting their information in simple, concise and easily digestible forms. Failure to do this can degenerate to to disinterest or distractions. You need to take a cue from some top digital marketing agencies such as WebFx, Ahref, Hubspot and SEMrush and learn from their approach to creating impactful infographics.

Pay apt attention to how they drive home their key points, their simple and basics designs.

What’s infographic in SEO?

Infographics content has over the years proven to be very effective in delivery information to a group or target audience.

That explains how infographics content were so popular across social media platforms and image search engine. Infographic helps you to spread the news quickly about about your business and create more awareness.

A piece of thoughtfully designed infographics can be a powerful tool to attract a ton of traffic to you website, especially when it has the potential to go viral.

Are infographics good for link building?

In today’s digital landscape, leveraging infographics for SEO purposes is still an effective strategy for attracting quality links to your website.

Infographics unlike other methods have proven to capably attracts a good number of backlinks, making them a valuable asset. Over time, you can testify to how infographics have evolved into being a compelling tools with significant advantages.

Infographics have repeatedly proven to be a critical digital marketing tool, after video marketing. A key notable factor that foster this trend is the power of a visually appealing content over a heap load of textual based contents.

In light of this, digital marketers and online businesses an effectively leverage infographics to captivate and engage a broad audience and unlock a new world of awareness creation needed to grow their business.

Through engaging visual content, infographics serves a means to create effective brand awareness, it’s also useful for marketing products, and services. When properly done infographics can also be used to generate a ton of traffic to your business website.

Digital marketing experts affirm that infographics, when utilized effectively, can deliver remarkable results by attracting targeted audiences and piquing their curiosity.

Infographics possess an inherent advantage of being easily shared and linked to. Design design element can retain their content relevance lifespan for a long period of time on the internet. This perpetuates their impact, ensuring an enduring link-building strategy that yields long-term results.

The extensive research conducted to gather unique information and data for infographics presents additional opportunities for inbound marketing. Repurposing the acquired insights in different formats and across various channels amplifies their impact, enabling you to reach a broader audience and drive increased traffic.

Consistency and credibility are two key elements in creating a great online reputation around your business or organization. Well-researched content with reliable stats can be used as a tool to supercharge your online credibility, helping to attract more followers, subscribers and likes across your marketing channels. Ultimately, this translates into increased website traffic and sustained business growth.

In conclusion, the combination of SEO and infographics presents a winning formula. By harnessing the power of visually appealing content, businesses and marketers can seize the opportunity to enhance their online presence, boost brand visibility, and drive organic traffic to their websites.


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