Powerful tips to Sell in Nigeria in 2023

How To Sell In Nigeria In 2023

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Today, the key to successfully promoting any product lies in the creation of authentic and continuous interactivity with potential customers. This post looks holistically on how to sell, considering some useful methodologies around offline and online sales.

Tips to Sell Like a pro marketer in Nigeria

We are confident this post will furnish you with insights and strategies to effectively sell anything to a wide audience.

1. Carve out a Targeted Market

How To Sell Anything In Nigeria Carve Out A Targeted Market

To excel with online sales, it begins with having a profound understanding of your target market. First, immerse yourself in the motivations, interests, and needs of your future buyers.

Meticulously spell out the features of your products or services and dissect how each facet contributes value to prospective clients. The process involves crafting detailed buyer personas or customer avatars, enhanced by demographics and descriptors that facilitate precise categorization of your audience.

Also, delivery into the emotional and mental values that form a comprehensive character sketch is important. These personas are far from mere segmentation data, they act as a dynamic catalyst to driving targeted traffic and transforming your website into a potent sales tool.

Don’t jettison old customers

As you pursue new buyers, it’s equally vital to nurture existing relationships.
Get some useful feedback and gleaning insightful data on behavioral patterns of buyers, this will further help to come up with a holistic approach to customer retention.

2. Embark on customer-centric Research

How to sell in Nigeria - Embark On Customer Centric Research

A customer centered research exercise is pivotal to forming a successful sales strategy. Whatever marketing efforts you decide to make must revolve around research. This is simply about journeying to understand your audience’s desires.

Unveiling these desires is critical, as consumers gravitate toward products they genuinely want or need.

Engage in thorough consumer research and meticulously analyse social media insights and data to unravel the demographic tapestry of how prospects interact with your content.

Metrics like click-through rates and users’ journey on your website assume significant roles. You can employ a unified system to consolidate data for more streamlined analysis.

Google Analytics is one of the many potent options and it stands ready to assist in this endeavour, you can sign up for the tool for free and then connect to your website for data gathering.

Focus more on channeling your attention toward actionable data, that will empower you to navigate the fluid terrain of sales with confidence knowing what can best address the needs of your buyers.

Certain segments of your audience may respond favorably to discounts and time-sensitive offers, while others resonate with distinct strategies.

Expanding features that resonate with them will help enhance your ability to orchestrate a harmonious symphony of sales.

3. It’s professional to ask questions, a lot of them!

At every opportunity you get to interface with a prospective client or customer, make sure your conversation style tends more genuinely towards knowing their needs. You can do this by asking a good number of open-ended questions.

Professionals or service providers that ask a lot of incisive sales questions are perceived outstandingly different from the sea of other providers also jostling for the prospect’s attention.

Asking the right questions will help you to unearth their pain points, understand their true desires and concerns, connect with them on a deeper level and also showcase your professionalism.

You don’t want to appear as someone desperate for sale, unprofessional, not so knowledgeable in what you do because you fail to uncover the absolute concern of the customers.

4. Give professional advise before attempting conversion

How To Sell Anything In Nigeria Advise Professionally Before Selling

Many people trying to sell online are often caught up in the rat race trying to make sales at all costs without minding the need to properly educate their potential customers.

Effective sales strategies involve offering informed advice before purchases, utilizing content marketing to provide valuable insights, granting industry buyers access to your information outlets, and recommending supplementary resources.

These practices will help you to earn their trust, establish you as an expert, and enhance customer engagement, leading to improved sales outcomes.

5. Understand It’s not about you!

Buyers are fundamentally concerned with solutions that enhance their lives and address their challenges.

Maintaining a customer-centric approach is essential, employing the ”you” language to communicate, instead of ‘we’ or ‘us’ is a lot smarter.

Instead of saying “We offer a sophisticated cutting-edge technology solution to meet your business needs.”

Better to say:

“Experience the difference with our cutting-edge technology solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.”

This ensures that the emphasis remains on their needs and aspirations.

By making interactions centered around them, you create a stronger connection, fostering a sense of relevance and personalization that makes way for better receptivity from the buyers.

6. Identify customers core motivations

Different buyers with different things that motivate them to want to buy your products or services.

There are several factors that motivate your customers to patronise.

First, social acceptance or approvals, some buyers are conscious of the bandwagon.

They buy what every other person is buying.

For this type of buyer, use social proof to establish acceptance within your targeted demography.

For example, if you’re the best rated provider on Google business, that’s it! Flaunt it. Let your customers know about it.

Some other groups of buyers are motivated based on what the product or service will help them achieve after they make a purchase, that’s to tell you that marketing to be successful has to also be benefit-driven.

Other customers are motivated by:

Genuine anxiety or fears

Incentives or gain- an example of this is when you get an offer to get two months discounted when you buy the annual plan rather than the monthly plan.

Safety, health & security

Impulse buyers due to overexcitement, complexity of the product or boredom.

Example of complexity buying: A good number of our clients at Web Design Nigeria have noted their regrets buying hosting and domain bundles from GoDaddy, pay for excessive upsell of things they don’t really need. This is a good example of complexity.

Coming to the excited buyer, excitement can sometimes lead to impulse buying, in this case, something like time-limited offers and discounts such as Christmas offers and black Friday deals are ways sellers use to get onboard these types of buyers.

Figuring out the subtle triggers is another dimension of delving into consumer psychology, an art that helps to uncover the art of selling.

More than just their core motivations, you need to pay attention to their subtler triggers.

Also, do not forget to combat choice overload by strategically curating the options. To sell, guide buyers through a tailored selection. Master these psychological forces and transform selling into an art of persuasion.

7. Connecting with buyers

How To Sell In Nigeria Connecting With Buyers Through Your Social Media Pages And Website

Making sales is about meeting other people’s needs, Selling takes place effortlessly when there’s a comprehension of people’s needs, and a well concerted effort to help them meet those needs.

Create avenues that help you connect to your prospects, focus more on sales rather than building soulful connections.

While it’s difficult to meet every potential client one-on-one and market them by starting a conversation around the products or services, you can ride on the wings of explosive digital marketing strategies to reach a good number of potential customers digitally, communicating the class of the products, enumerating how the products or service is designed to address their pain points, listing out the features of the ware from a benefit standpoint.

All these can be done via building a presence across social media platforms and most effectively through your small business website.

But Soft pedal on the pain points as you make move to engage your prospects, people are avoiding so much to be ‘sold to’ these days, but no one wants to be left out, isolated.

People everywhere are looking for valuable connections. That’s exactly what your digital platforms should seek to achieve.

Connect with people and their needs through the power of social media and online presence.

Two-way conversational social media platforms are suitable for attracting buyers on grounds of showing genuine concern, for example, as a digital marketing agency, creating blog posts such as “how to do.

Content marketing to increase sales for your small business ” shows to our prospects that we really care about their business growth.

In a nutshell, people will connect with your brand and products when they see the authenticity in your conversation and outreaches, and not just some startup or businesses try to meet their daily sales target.


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