How to Copy Text from Any Website That Wouldn’t Let You

How To Copy Text From Any Website That Wouldn't Let You

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We’ve all encountered websites that make it frustratingly difficult to copy text from their web pages. Whether it’s an article you want to save for later or a quote you wish to share, these restrictions can hinder your productivity and information sharing.

Copy text from any Website with copy protection and restrictions

In this blog post, we’ll unearth some very effective methods to bypass those barriers and copy text from any website that tries to prevent you from doing so.

Recommended method:

This is one method you’d hardly see on all other posts trying to address this same topic, most of them majorly discuss the rest of the methods discussed below the folds, while those also work, it is not as fast and seamless as using a website like Textise. is a website that allows users to convert any web page into a simple, text-only version by just inserting the URL of the web page. It strips away all the graphics, ads, and other distractions off the web page, and serves you a clean version, that is easily readable text format for improved accessibility and distraction-free reading.

You can simply make use of the tool by visiting the link, then copy and paste the URL of the web page that you’d like to copy text from then click on the enter button to get a text-only version of the web page stripped of any restriction to copy.

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Here are other popular methods to copy text from a web page without restrictions:

Use Developer Tools

Right off the bat you can simply copy text from any web page using copy protection by utilizing your browser’s Developer Tools. All you have to do is to right-click on the page, navigate to “Inspect,” and you’ll the new window with the website’s source code.

From there, you can proceed to disable CSS styles or edit the HTML to enable text selection. Do not forget to use this method responsibly and refrain from violating copyright laws.

Print to PDF Technique

Another handy trick is to use the Print to PDF feature available in most browsers. When you encounter a website that won’t let you copy text, click on the three-dot menu (or File menu) and choose “Print.” Instead of printing the page physically, select “Save as PDF” as your printer. This will generate a PDF version of the web page, often allowing you to copy text without any restrictions.

Disable JavaScript

Most websites thrive on Javascript, so disabling JavaScript in your browser settings might just do the trick for you, it can be an effective workaround to copy text from restricted websites. However, it is popular knowledge that some websites heavily rely on JavaScript for functionality, so this method may not always work smoothly once you disable JS in the browser.

But you can just give it a try and see. To temporarily disable JavaScript in your browser (steps may not be the same across browsers but similar), go to your browser settings, find the option to disable JavaScript, and then refresh the page.

Once you have copied the desired text, do not forget to re-enable JavaScript for a seamless browsing experience again.

Text Recognition Software

Text recognition software, also known as OCR (Optical Character Recognition), can be your ally when dealing with websites that block text selection by converting text from images to editable text. Many OCR tools and online platforms can help you extract the text content from images on the website, allowing you to copy and use it as needed.

Inspect Element Method

This works for more advanced users who have some technical experience up their sleeves, the “Inspect Element “built-in feature present in most browsers, copying text from any website is the last of the things you can do from your IE window in your browser.

To copy text, simply, Right-click on the specific text you want to copy, select “Inspect” from the context menu, and the browser’s developer tools will open, revealing the website’s source code.

Search for the desired text within the code and copy it to your heart’s content. However, exercise caution and refrain from making unauthorized changes to the source code.

Utilize Browser Extensions

Browser extensions can often come to the rescue when it comes to copying text from restricted websites. Numerous extensions are available that can bypass text-blocking measures and allow you to select and copy text freely. Before installing any extension, make sure to verify its legitimacy, read user reviews, and check permissions to ensure it won’t compromise your data or browsing security.

Mobile Solutions

Don’t worry, mobile users, we haven’t forgotten about you! For those browsing the web on their smartphones or tablets, there are specific techniques to copy text from restricted websites. Look for mobile apps or browser features that enable text selection, and you’ll be able to grab that important quote or piece of information on the go.


The dangers of copying other websites’ content without permission

First from an SEO standpoint, it is dangerous to use copied content with or without permission. Duplicate content can negatively impact a website’s search engine rankings, Google and other search results like to rank contents that have fresh and unique takes on subjects.

You stand to be penalized by these search engines when you copy contents of other websites verbatim, as it diminishes your website’s relevance and credibility. This can result in lower organic traffic, partial or complete de-indexing and reduced visibility.

From a legal standpoint, copying website content without permission is violating copyright laws, which can ultimately lead to potential legal actions and hefty fines. Copyright owners have the right to protect their original work, and unauthorized copying is considered an infringement.

The internet would be a better place when people respect intellectual property rights of others and seek proper permissions to use original content belonging to other people.


Use these methods ethically and respect the content rights of website owners. Now, go forth and copy freely, armed with the knowledge to bypass those pesky restrictions!


Gone are the days of feeling frustrated by websites that prevent you from copying essential text. With these savvy techniques, you can confidently copy text from any website, regardless of its restrictions. Remember, though, with great power comes great responsibility.


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