How do I Combine multiple Photoshop Files into One?

How Do I Combine Multiple Photoshop Files Into One

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There are three ways to combine multiple Photoshop files into one; two of them are manual, and the third one is an automatic paid option. In subsequent writing, we will discuss how to do the two which are free to use.

Method #1 Load To Stack Function

  1. Open all the files you wish to combine into a single PSD file.
  2. On any of them, navigate through to File >> Scripts >> Load Files into Stack. A new window where you can enter your selected files will pop up.
  3. On the new window, select all the files that you want to combine into one, and click “Ok”.
  4. You should now see them loaded into separate layers but in one PSD file. To edit each layer, navigate through Layer, Smart objects >> and convert to small objects. Doing this will allow you to double-click on any layer to open it as a separate file that you can work on, while the changes are reflected in your main file.

Method #2 Place Command

While working on a particular file, simply navigate through File >> Place and select the image you wish to add to your current file. Your new image will be placed as a new layer.

When merging files in Photoshop, you want to be really careful especially if you’re not an expert Photoshop user yet. Stacking files in layers can make them become difficult to edit especially if you’re new to using edits that require the layer function.

How to Export Photoshop Layer to PNG

PNG images are often the type used by website designers and developers because it’s a raster file format that supports lossless data compression. This simply means that if it’s used for banners or avatars, they won’t go blurry when zoomed in or viewed with multiple screens with different resolutions. Here are two methods you can use to export layers to PNG files. 

Method #1 Layers to Files 

Simply navigate through File >> Export >> Layers to files

Method #2 Quick Export

While in the layers palette, right-click on one or more layers and select “Export as” or “Quick export as PNG.” Your file will be named after the layer you’re clicking on, and Photoshop will crop the Canva according to your layer’s dimensions. 


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