12 Highest Paying Online Jobs in Nigeria (2023)

12 Highest Paying Online Jobs In Nigeria

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The internet penetration in Nigeria keeps getting better and better, all thanks to evolving technologies which continuously birth solutions in the tech sector, not just in Nigeria but across the globe.

In this guide, we’re intend to explore the best  online job opportunities. This post is especially written for People who have intentions to start an online job or Business but not particularly sure of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria.

Knowing the highest paying online jobs can help you to properly position yourself for the right in demand skill or start up your own business.

Online jobs are getting popular due to the booming gig economy (some day we will fully expatiate on the Gig economy and enumerate some interesting stats about that sector, and pointers millennials and Gen z needs to pay attention to, but for the sake of this blog post, we just go straight to uncover some of the highest paying online jobs in Nigeria today.)

Most of the the jobs listed here can be done remotely, that’s one peculiarity about online jobs.

Also, you don’t need heap loads of investment to get started, you can start lean using what you already have – your smartphone.

Once you have access to to internet and surf the web then there are plethora of online jobs you can take on and earn some good bucks online.

Highest paying online jobs in Nigeria

1. Copywriting

Everyone doesn’t quality to be a professional copywriter, and if you’re a skilled content writer then you can tap into a wide expanse of money making opportunities taking copywriting jobs online.

There are different types of copywriting, such as business writing, SEO copywriting, technical writing, content writing, screen writing etc. Small Business owners are on he look out for people who can make great copies.

Even when AI is stripping off a large part of content writers job, to a decent extent there are still tasks that only human effort can help to get the best results.

SEO copywriting is not what you can trust to AI if you’re all about result, they are usually poorly written with ideas and human emotion lacking.

So many webmasters and small business owners are still hiring content writers to fill this gap for their business.

The art of engaging audiences, using story telling in marketing, generating leads, properly communicating brands message needs an excellent writing skill. Even more, such writers must also be skilled in aspects such as critical thinking, fact checking or researching, creative writing and have their unique writing styles that distinguishes their works from others.

Writers who can make great copies and teach others to be better writers can make 7 to 8 figures per month from this Nobel venture.

2. Virtual Assistant

Another flexible and high paying online job is becoming a virtual assistant. It’s a great option for people who are actively concern with balancing work and life.

Virtual assistants usually work remotely, helping employers and business owners to save time and money by outsourcing diverse operational task to virtual employees.

There are different types of virtual assistant jobs including managing websites for small businesses, answering calls for clients, managing clients Pinterest accounts, providing customer support, data entry tasks, handling intinaries, and more.

It all depends on the skill set that you have and what the client needs per time.

But interestingly, you can always use online job platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr to find clients in need of your specific skill set.

To get started as a virtual assistant, you first need to build a strong portfolio for yourself, start searching for jobs on online job platforms, make sure your service offering is well defined and structured, get all necessary equipment needed to perform your services this may include things like laptops, microphone, web canes, monitors etc.

Lastly you need to vigorously marker yourself and avoid being a jack of all trade.

3. Social Media management

Social Media managers have consistently master the working strategies across social media platforms and they use these experience tp help small business further establish their presence online.

There’s a huge demand for social media managers today due to the fact that almost everything is moving online and the social media is fast becoming an place billions of people hangout all the time online.

According to Entrepeneur.com, over 97% of fortune 500 companies rely on social media to harness growth. Social Media affords them a community where they can actively engaged with customers, prospects and stakeholders and grow their brands infinitesimally.

To become a social media manager you, you need to have a strong communication skills, understand the intricacies of social media marketing and be well versed with using vuisual design strategies in creative campaigns to generate the much needed engagement that can convert to growth while still maintaining the brands guidelines across all channels.

4. Web design/development

It has repeatedly been established that website aesthetics play a huge role in brand perception.

Brands with elegantly-built websites attract more prospect’s attention compared to ones with shabby-looking and outdated websites.

In the light of this, every small business needs a professionally done Website.

One of the most top paying online jobs in Nigeria is building functional websites for entities and organizations.

Web designers are people who deal with issues around Website look, layout, design, graphics and attractiveness. If you are a skilled web designer and has mastered important skills such as user experience design, HTML, CSS and JavaScript then you can make some huge earnings online offering this service.

While web designers in Nigeria don’t earn as much compared to first tier countries like Europe and  America, however, you can develop a strong web design portfolio for yourself and tap into those markets, you can earn as much as as $1500 to $3000 on a single projects for clients in those developed economies even from the comfort of your home in Nigeria.

5. Graphics Design

Graphic designers are needed in the business world to help businesses communicate their brand’s message to target audience using visually appealing and cohesive designs. To start taking jobs online as a graphic designer, you need to demonstrate a strong knowledge in design and art.

You can learn graphic designer in an academic setting or by taking professional classes online. Once you have mastered the principles of design, composition, color theory and visual elements, you can start building your portfolio; working on projects to showcase your skills.

You can showcase your skills on creative design platforms such as Dribble and Behance and apply for work opportunities on top freelancing platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. When you strive for excellence in every project delivered, you’re sure to attract some more clientele through word of mouth recommendations.

6. Freelancing

Freelancers are generally professionals that work around flexible schedules. There are so many skills even on the list that fits in to freelancing. You can make money as a freelancer in Nigeria by first developing and honing your skill in any or some of the lucrative and in demand skills such as UI/UX design, programming, copywriting, software development, data analyst, web development and more.

Finding job at first as a freelancer can be daunting, but with time as you grow your portfolio and maintain good work ethics on freelancing platforms you will soon establish yourself as a professional to reckon.

7. Dropshipping

Dropshipping you is a type of business or online venture that gives you a leverage to start your own business on minimum capital, with dropshipping, you don’t need to have a stockpile of funds for inventories, all you have to do is to find a supplier or tap into a network of suppliers, have a working agreement with them to fulfill your orders while you work on getting the clients or selling the products.

Once you have the price list of your supplier you can add your margin, start promoting the products online and whenever you have orders you can have your supplier ship the product your customers while you keep the margin. This process can be automated as well done manually, depending on the arrangements.

8. Business Blogging

Blogging for business and blogging as a business are both very lucrative online jobs in Nigeria. There are so many Nigerians smiling to the bank every month and making cool earnings in $$$ from their blogs online.

You can start a blog to promote your business online (business blogging) or start blogging as a business or job; this works by creating a blog and monetizing it using various blog monetization methods such as display ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored ads and more.

The process of starting a blog is not so complex, there are several online guides that shows you the process.

However if you want a blog site that’s well designed and carefully built for SEO then you should hire a professional blog designer with some SEO experience up their sleeves and as such we recommend Web Design Nigeria, they are very experienced and have what it takes to build a thriving blog and help you succeed in your blogging journey.

They’ve done it over and over for clients like you. You can reach out us via email or call/WhatsApp: 08114900422 to discuss your blog projects.

9. Domain & Website flipping

Website flipping is a less popular online venture in Nigeria, but can be very lucrative when approached professionally.

It entails creating and nurturing niche Websites, monetizing them and selling them once they start making some good passive earnings.

Niche blogs with prospects are sold for a high price on Website flipping platforms like Flippa. More like it is domain flipping, you can buy a domain name with hopes to sell in the future.

To understand more about these concepts please read guide on domain flipping and these guide on website flipping.

10. Video Editing

There’s a surge in the entertainment world after AI is taking away jobs, the entertainment industry will thrive even more and that’s evident from the increasing competition in the film and broadcasting industry.

If you’re a video editor and can arrange, manipulate and order videos to adopt a more cohesive form then you’re in for some serious Business or perhaps you’re just planning to learn video editing, you need to make sure that you grind to the extent that you’re able to master the art and showcase your strength effectively as a video editor.

More than just editing, you need some extra technical skills to such as directing, producing broadcasting and sound engineering to position well in this space.

11. Voice over artists

If you’re someone who have a powerful voice and know how to use it creatively then tapping into the gig economy as a voice over artists might be one of the best decisions you’d ever make.

Voice over actors are people who love to use the voice to express emotions and these are the types of people that can help small business owners communicate better their brand messages, as a voice actor you can earn some good amount of money voicing different projects across industries and sectors.

To get started as a voice actor, you need to understand that having the talent might not be enough, you sometimes need to take some vocal trainings to help you learn different vocal techniques applicable to different types of projects.

You may also need to invest in a home studio with the right equipment and setup so that you can have a well-soundproof space for recording. At first you can build your portfolio by creating voice over demos including jingles, building your social media channels to showcase your artistry.

12. Social Media influencing

Social media influencing is one of the most reliable ways to make money online, Social media influencers have overtime established their credibility and build a significant following for themselves on different social media platforms.

They are capable of persuading their audiences to pay attention to their recommendations and most of the time, they specializes in different niches based on their interest including comedy, beauty. fashion, food, fitness, travel and more.

Social media influencers monetizes their influence by taking on partnership deals and collaboration with different brands while they receive huge monetary compensations in return.

Anyone who has the passion to succeed online can replicate these model, the determining factor is not only in amassing followers, you must also be actively strategize to get better engagement rates, credibility and authenticity.

More High Paying Online Jobs in Nigeria:

  • E-commerce
  • Online Tutor
  • YouTubing
  • Transcriptionist
  • Online Survey jobs
  • Web & Mobile App development
  •  SEO specialist
  • Online Business consultancy
  • Software development
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Data Analysis


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