Glo Cloud: Affordable & Secure Cloud Storage Service in Nigeria

Globacom Cloud Storage

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Glo Cloud Storage is a unique cloud solution and the first of its kind in Nigeria by Globacom. Glo cloud has been around since 2020 offering users secure and pocket-friendly cloud solutions where they can store and access their digital content. This is truly an innovative one from Globacom.

Glo Cloud is about the cheapest premium cloud solution in the world at 50GB for just N250 per month, this is no doubt a ground breaking offer for small business owners techpreneurs and anyone that needs to make use of a cloud storage solution.

For now, the features of the cloud storage solution may not be well spelt out, but here are some features users can expect.

  • Automatic backup features
  • Easy cross platform access across iOS & Android and Web
  • Competitive pricing plans

Glo Cloud Storage is obviously on a mission to help cater for the storage needs of individuals and businesses alike in Nigeria and beyond.

Affordable Pricing Plans

Pricing Plan Price per Month Storage Benefits
BEST VALUE – UNLIMITED ₦1,990 Unlimited
  • All the Glo cloud advantages of the other tariffs below
  • Photo editor: stickers, effects, filters
  • Play and share photo montages with music and effects
  • Search and auto-grouping of photos by subject and by people
  • Virus protection
  • Video optimization for all devices
  • Automatic backup
  • Original photos resolution
  • Free up mobile storage
  • Unlimited devices
  • Smart automatic albums, picture of the day
  • Search photos by name, location, favourites
  • Share via links, SMS, email, and preferred social apps
  • Family private space
  • Collaborative albums
  • Contacts backup
STORAGE 50GB ₦250 50GB
  • Automatic backup
  • Original photos resolution
  • Free up mobile storage
  • Unlimited devices
  • Smart automatic albums, picture of the day
  • Search photos by name, location, favourites
  • Share via links, SMS, email, and preferred social apps
  • Family private space
  • Collaborative albums
  • Contacts backup

What caught my attention to this service is the price of the Glo Cloud Storage, which is why we tagged it the cheapest premium cloud storage in the world, with pricing plans starting as low as ₦250 per month.

New Users can choose from the above storage plans based on their need or budget; they can also scale to the next plan when they exhaust their storage on any of the plans. The real deal is the unlimited storage at less N2000 per month. That way you just have ti pay for what you require at the moment.

Glo from time is known to offer cost-effective solutions in the communication sector. Glo Cloud Storage provides an attractive choice for individuals and businesses looking to optimize their storage solutions without the hefty price tag.

Automatic Backup and Safekeeping

Glo Cloud Storage takes away the anxiety of losing precious memories. With the automatic backup feature, you can have your images, videos and audio saved up to the cloud without compromising the quality of your media files.

You can rest assured that your digital content is consistently backed up and kept safe and private on the Glo cloud. This will also help to get rid of the hassle that comes with manually transferring files across devices.

You’d have your peace of mind knowing fully well that your valuable data are securely stored up in the cloud.

Easy Accessibility and Convenience

Another interesting benefit of Glo Cloud Storage is the fact that you can access the platform from any device provided you’re connected to the internet. You can use your desktop PC to access the Glo cloud platform through the web, and use the iOS and Android version for your smartphones. Your content is stored quickly and conveniently across devices.

Maybe you need to share a photo, listen to music, or retrieve an important document after misplacing your device, you can always fall back to your cloud backup in just a few clicks for copies of your files.

More interestingly, you can now get over the dreaded “storage full” messages as Glo cloud helps to free up storage space on your mobile devices.

Versatile Sharing Options

Glo Cloud also makes it possible to share your files across board; on social media platforms with your team members, friends and families, this helps to foster cherished memories and important files can be easily and securely shared with family and friends.

This feature adds a social element to the cloud storage experience, enhancing the ability to connect and engage with loved ones.

User-Friendly Interface and Additional Features

Glo Cloud Storage offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of storing, organizing, and retrieving content.

The platform’s photo editor, stickers, effects, and filters allow users to enhance their photos before sharing them.

Even more there’s intelligent auto-grouping and search features which allows users to effortlessly find specific photos based on the grouping label.

Glo cloud also offers virus protection making sure that your files and media are secured from malware, more like it is the video optimization feature that ensures compatibility with all devices.

In conclusion

With Glo cloud, you’ve got an affordable and reliable cloud storage that caters to the storage needs of individuals and businesses in Nigeria.

The pricing is competitive, and comes with automatic backup functionality, easy accessibility, versatile sharing options, and user-friendly interface for you to manage your files

Whether you want to safeguard precious memories, free up mobile storage, or share content effortlessly, Glo Cloud Storage provides a cost-effective and convenient solution.

By opting for Glo Cloud Storage, users can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their digital content is secure, accessible, and always ready to be shared or retrieved.

But there are some concerns left unaddressed; such as disclosure on data privacy and stance on data encryption.

These are two major privacy issues that are of concern to most individuals and organisations today, we hope the company address this shortly.


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