How to Get a Free SSL Certificate

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In order to get a free SSL certificate in Nigeria, the best place to start is to use the service of a professional Web design Agency. A Web development company can be a great choice if you are planning to secure your own website.

Securing your website is a great way to ensure that you keep your information secure and safe. With an SSL certificate, the data passed between your browser and server is encrypted so no one can access it while in transit.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get a free SSL Certificate in Nigeria! We will also provide additional ways to know the best type of SSL certificate for your needs.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is the online equivalent of a physical security system. It secures important data by encrypting it with an electronic key.

When you browse to a site that uses an SSL Certificate, your computer establishes a secure connection with the website and vice versa.

The content on both ends can only be seen or altered if all parties know what is required to decrypt the data.

Why Choose a Free SSL Certificate?

A free SSL certificate offers a cost-effective way of securing your website because the investment is not as high.

The benefits are also just as good, with an assurance that data passed through the site will be encrypted and protected from prying eyes.

However, if you want to offer services or products to customers who might pay for extra you need to opt for a paid SSL certificate.

Who Needs a Free SSL Certificate?

Free SSL certificates are ideal for those starting out in business because the cost is not as high and investment will depend on their profits later.

If you want to offer services or products that might require extra protection due to different reasons such as age-restricted content, sensitive information, etc.

A paid SSL certificate with the assurance of data protection and encryption might be the right choice.

When NOT TO Use a Free SSL Certificate on a website

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When it comes to securing high-class data, free SSL is the wrong choice for many users.

SSL Certificates are like insurance. You buy it in advance, and when something bad happens you’re glad to have it.

A free SSL certificate is also not a suitable choice for online stores that accept payments because of the high risk involved with transactions.

When you see the https:// or the green padlock icon in your browser, it means that you are on an authentic website.

If not for this protocol and its authenticity checks, we would be lost in a sea of phishing websites and malicious applications.

You’ll feel more confident about going to certain websites if you know that they are safe and reliable. You can take out your worries by using SSL certificates which is a great way for consumers to identify the company behind their online purchases.

There is a lot of difference between the two kinds, namely that paid certificates last longer than free SSL certificates.

For instance, you can get a paid SSL certificate issued for as long as two to three years and the maximum validity for most free ones is just over few months.

When TO use a free SSL certificate on your website

If you know what certificates are and how they work well enough then you will understand that a free SSL certificate is only good enough for simple blogs and websites that just need to display the green padlock button and show secured website to users so they don’t fret away from using the website due to fear of their information being leaked.

When the website has no sensitive data such as credit card numbers or personal information you can opt for Free SSL certificates, usually in case of small business blogs, such as informational websites or blogs about news, and other readable contents.

With free SSL certificates, there’s no way to know who or where these sites come from but when they have Paid SSL certificates installed, there’s always some accountability for those running such websites which makes people feel safer online.

Web Security for Corporations

E-commerce sites, government websites, bank websites, University portals, top security institutions, financial institutions, multinational corporations websites, big enterprise websites rely on more sophisticated security infrastructure to secure their online assets.

As a company, you can provide your customers with some peace of mind by using SSL certificates that are authenticated. This means the certificate is validated to ensure it has been issued by a trusted and verified commercial CA (as opposed to an unverified free CA). You may also choose business authentication for even higher levels of customer confidence in your domain’s website security.

Enterprises and big corporations should steer clear from free CAs. Owning your own PKI is a requirement for any organization with IT infrastructures of significant size.

Buying thousands of commercial certificates would be cost-inefficient and time-consuming, that’s where managed PKI solutions can come to the rescue!

With this solution you work alongside a CA who helps create your root certificate which then automatically installs itself in all endpoints, meaning it has control over each individual network or intranet as its needs arise and issue trusted internal certificates needed at every deployment.

SSL service at Web Design Nigeria

If you are confused about what’s best for your need, our team of professionals can help you make a decision that’s suitable for your business.

We install both free SSL and Paid SSL for our clients, it depends on what is required for the project.

Our Free SSL solutions include turning to providers such as Zero SSL, Let’s Encrypt, Cloudflare, and more.

You need not stress, yourself, we can do the heavy lifting for you at a very pocket-friendly rate, feel free to discuss your project needs with us, we are just one call away: 08114900422. You can also use the chat apps on our website to start an instant conversation or send us an email from our contact us page.

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