How to Get Corporate Email Addresses for your Business

How to Get Corporate Email for your Business

Nigerian businesses are constantly on the go and need a high-quality corporate email to keep up with their friends, family members, and professional contacts.

What’s a corporate email address?

A corporate email is the official business email address for a company or organization. It’s typically reserved for professional correspondence and has a few advantages over personal emails.

An example of a corporate email address is

Every company has a corporate email address, and some even have multiple ones with different purposes or levels of access (e.g., personal emails vs professional correspondence).

Corporate addresses are usually more secure and stable than their personal counterparts, which is why they’re popular among Business entities.

How do I get one?

You first need to have a domain in the name of your business before creating a corporate email address.

At we can help you set up your domain and your corporate email in few minutes to hours.

If you already have the domain, we can help create both an internal mail server for your company as well as install any software that will allow users to access it from their desktop or mobile device, so you can receive and send emails with your corporate email addresses.

Corporate emails are smart business solutions designed to help your company or startup wear more professional imagery.

What are the benefits of Corporate business email?

  1. A professional-looking email address
  2. An easy-to-use tool for communicating with employees, customers, and contractors.
  3. Never miss an important message because you couldn’t find your inbox; it will be in a centralized location that is easily accessible on any device.
  4. What are the supported email clients?$
  5. Corporate email is supported on any desktop and webmail client.
  6. For mobile devices, it’s compatible with iOS Mail (Apple), Android Gmail App, Yahoo!, Outlook for Windows Phone, Inbox by Google

What’s email forwarding?

Email forwarding is a service that forwards your email from one account to another.

It’s perfect for those who need two accounts, or just want to keep work and personal emails separate. For example, we can forward emails coming to your business email to your Gmail address.

Which devices can I use to access webmail?

Corporate email is supported on any desktop and webmail clients.

For mobile devices, it’s compatible with iOS Mail (Apple), Android Gmail App, Yahoo!, Outlook for Windows Phone, Inbox by Google

What if I have more than one email account?

You can access Corporate Email via any desktop or browser client from a computer.

If you’re looking to access Corporate Email from your mobile device, then you should be able to access it through the Gmail app for iOS or Android.

Can I create a mailing list?

Corporate Email supports mailing lists.

Can I create subfolders?

Yes, you can create as many folders with a naming convention of your choice to organize and store all the emails that are sent or received in them.

Can use autoresponders?

Yes, Corporate Email allows you to create templates that generate a response for every email sent.

Can I send attachments?

Yes, Corporate Mail supports sending large attachments of up to 100 MB each.

How long are the links available in my inbox?

All emails remain accessible via the webmail client for 30 days from their respective send and receipt dates.

To set up a corporate business email for your business with your own domain name or website, you can contact us or give us a call today on 08114900422 to find out more.

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