Best Free Business Listing & Directory Websites in Nigeria

Best Free Business Listing Directory Websites in Nigeria

The best online directories in Nigeria are not only easy to find, but also offer relevant results. They are the most trusted and easily accessible way of finding businesses in Nigeria.

These top online directories include local and international companies, which can be used to find your preferred supplier or small business owner.

Why listing your business locally on directories?

Directories are a good way to get your business noticed. With the help of directories, you can increase your visibility and compare your listings with those of other local businesses.

There are many benefits for listing your business on directories. The most prominent one being that you will be able to easily reach potential customers from a wider area. Directories can also help in boosting marketing efforts as they offer a great amount of data about the market and market trends.

Local marketing is increasingly important for any business as it can quickly increase visibility and lead to more sales opportunities.

Google My Business

We previously wrote an well-researched article on the many benefits of using Google My Business to promote your business in Nigeria, we think you should check that out.

Many people struggle with getting their business listed on Google. It’s time consuming and even harder to do without any assistance, but we at Web Design Nigeria can support you for your web positioning.

Google My Business is the number one place to list your business on the internet.

Google My Business is a social network for businesses, helping them share their information and find customers. It allows you to create profiles, link online stores, upload images, videos and articles about your business. You can also build your own website by linking it to Google My Business.

Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business Page can be a great way for companies to connect with their customers. It is an official page that brings some form of credibility to the companies. Facebook offers businesses a lot of features on their platform, including some that allow for more engagement.

One feature that some businesses might find helpful is the “Create A Graph” tool on their Business Page. This tool allows you to create graphs using your own data on your company’s page and then share them with people who are interested in your company.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace lets people sell their items locally. It’s a unique platform because it doesn’t restrict the type of items that are being sold. They can be anything, including things like furniture, clothing, cars or even pets.

Facebook marketplace also provides people with the opportunity to buy for themselves or for someone else, which gives them a big incentive to make purchases online.

The Marketplace is still relatively new and it will take time for people to find their favorite sellers and favorite items and sell and buy them on Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to build and maintain connections and foster conversations. Here we will discuss which types of Facebook groups can be beneficial for your business, what you should keep in mind when setting up your group, and how to engage with members of the group.

When it comes to Facebook groups, there is a broad range as well as a narrow scope. The broad scope includes those that have been created by large businesses to drive brand awareness through their product or service. While the narrow scope includes those that have been created by small businesses or individuals to connect with their niche audience.

All Social Media platforms

Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Twitter are great platforms where you can engage potential clients and boost awareness about your business or brand.

LinkedIn have made a significant impact on the world of business by providing a way for businesses to reach potential customers without any hassle.

Social media platforms are designed to be the best platforms for the users to share their content with their followers. Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are all effective platforms for business promotion.

Instagram’s stories feature lets users share posts that disappear after 24 hours, which is perfect for companies seeking to promote their products or services. However, there is no official way of measuring the success of these stories on Instagram.

Twitter allows you to post up-to-the-second updates so if your company wants to reach out to its customers immediately or tell them about a certain event, it should use this platform as well.

TikTok has another unique feature – live streaming – which can be used by companies looking to market themselves in an innovative way.

It is no surprise that these three social media platforms are becoming more and more popular as time passes by because of the benefits they offer reduced costs, increased productivity, and unparalleled creativity.

Local Business Directories

List of the best local business listing and directory websites that are still active in 2021; is a website created to B2B and B2C communication for services in Nigeria. is a website that connects businesses with other pontential agencies in Nigeria through an online directory service, where people file for all kinds of services ranging across different industries.

Business list provides free access to the Nigerian business community. It has over 900,000 companies and 1.5 million Nigerians in its database and is one of the few directories that still exists without paid listings.

The founders of were tired of all the online directories that charge for their services so they decided to create a directory without any listings fees or ads!

Finelib specializes in niche-based business directories.

Finelib is dedicated to publishing niche-based business directories across Africa. They have published over 11,000 directories so far and have plans to publish up to 30,000 more.

The online directory has been identified as the go-to resource for businesses, investors and brands in Nigeria.

Finelib is an online business directory in Nigeria that provides a comprehensive platform for businesses to connect with their target market. is a business directory in nigeria that has been established since 2005. It offers a listing of more than 1 million companies and over 10,000 categories.

With an online business directory, people can search for businesses by categories, region and keyword. Finding the right company to work with is easier for both parties because they can easily research a particular company before working with it.

ConnectNigeria also offers insights from their “Nigerian Business Directory – Top 100” list which features top 100 most visited companies on their website.

no doubt, ConnectNigeria is a successful online business directory in nigeria that provides an easy way of finding businesses in Nigeria by categories and keywords. is an online business directory in Nigeria that enables users to find local businesses, review businesses and post reviews on businesses.

Here is the largest directory of Nigerian businesses as it covers over 100,000+ business listings and reviews of those businesses from different sectors such as restaurants, schools, events and more

Nigerians can list their company and get connected with other people who do the same on the same platform without having to leave it for other websites or directories.

The platform is best suited for Nigerians looking for small scale local businesses as its focus is on small scale local business listings.

Nigeria Directory is an online business listing web in Nigeria. It aims to provide businesses with the relevant, highly targeted customer base they are looking for.

An online business directory provides a wide range of information about businesses, including their contact details, products or services, address and directions. These directories are more comprehensive than printed directories as they offer more ways to search for businesses by location, product type or service offered.

They also provide easy access to reviews on popular local review sites like Yelp. is a website that can help you find business opportunity in Nigeria. The Nigerian Directory is a good way to find companies of interest locally or abroad.

The site also provides company profiles of each company with basic information such as address, website and phone number so that users can find out what services are offered by each company before visiting them.

It provides leads for buyers and sellers to meet with one another and useful for people who are looking out to invest in Nigeria, but also for those who are looking for opportunities to sell their products or services online.

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