How to Monetize Website with Ezoic

How To Monetize Website With Ezoic

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As a web design and marketing agency we’ve continually unraveled how powerful a website is for marketing in the business world.

There are several ways to earn money online with a website other than using same to promote your business or create an online presence for your company.

There are people who mainly use their website for money-making.

However, the concept of making money with a website through display ads is at the core of our attention in this post.

Looking at the fact that not all websites are designed or originally purposed by the owners to bring in earnings, the discussion about the monetization of websites becomes dynamic.

At the same time, there’s a thin line between monetizable and non-monetizable websites – the latter could easily be upgraded to the former whenever the owner deems it fit, provided the website is still in good standing and has some quality, ethical information for a particular niche or industry.

While this may be true, we can also acknowledge that when websites are originally designed to make money it’s still a challenge to achieve the desired results.

Aside from the obvious issue of struggling to get traffic to the site, there’s also the problem that comes with choosing a good monetization method – something that maximizes the potential of the site.

If you’re a Nigerian who owns a website, and you have intentions to get it monetized or are currently not happy with the monetization performance of your website, chances are that you made a wrong choice of  monetization model, or simply working with the wrong monetization platform.

With current industry standards, it’s no doubt that monetization with display ads publishing platforms is the fastest and easiest way to make money with websites, even though a lot of people seem to be doing it wrong.

It might not be as enriching and independently profitable as affiliate marketing, but it’s the easiest way for beginners to turn their website to a cash cow Website in their early days.

AdSense is the most popular display ads platform and probably the most reliable, but many bloggers and Website owners have mixed feelings about how much the platforms pay them versus how much they originally expected to earn given their inputs on their blog sites, owing to this, many of them have been on the search for best AdSense alternatives which Ezoic is one (Even though Ezoic doesn’t sees itself as one).

Let’s delve a little deeper into how monetizing with Ezoic works in Nigeria.

Steps to Monetize Your Website with Ezoic in Nigeria

As with any money-making activity, you need to have a step-by-step get to handling it – monetization of websites with Ezoic is no different.

  1. Get a functioning website with sizable traffic
  2. Create an Ezoic account
  3. Integrate your site with your Ezoic account
  4. Set up your ad, and start earning.
  5. Link your AdSense Account (Optional)

While these steps above must be followed sequentially, to achieve your monetization goals, the second and third activity here is where you need to put in much of the work – that’s what makes your monetization with Ezoic tick. At the same time, the first step usually takes the longest to complete. Next, we’ll be giving a detailed explanation of these steps, and how to go about them.

Getting a Functioning Website for Monetization with Ezoic

The aim of this article isn’t to teach you how to get your website online and start gaining some traffic, we’ll assume you already have a running website and just need some consistency in SEO to start getting some steady traffic. However, if you haven’t gotten this part handled, it’s something you must do first; Ezoic is an ad publisher and they need your traffic to make money and give you a cut.

Previously, Ezoic required that websites working with them have a threshold of 10,000 monthly visitors. In today’s competitive space for ad publishers, they’ve removed the rule. While at first, you’d think that this can help speed up your monetization goals, it doesn’t do a lot as you still need sizable traffic to pull money from the platform.

The bottom line is that you want to first off, get content on your site, and boost its traffic with standard practices. Then, you can consider using an ad publisher like Ezoic for monetization.

Creating an Ezoic Account

Moving forward, we want to assume that you’ve already got your website up and running with some good traffic. Next, you want to visit Ezoic’s official website, locate the “Start Free Trail” button at, click it, and it’ll take you to their account creation page where you can fill in the relevant details, and proceed.

When asked about your interests, you’ll want to ensure that Ad Revenue is added, even if you want to tick other boxes. After completing the account creation process, the next step is to begin integrating your site with Ezoic.

Integrating your Site with Ezoic Account

This part is a bit technical especially if it’s your first time creating an account with an ad publisher. However, if you know how to fill in simple forms and you registered your website & domain yourself, it’s something that shouldn’t cause much hassle – you should be able to go through the setup wizard.

Follow the setup wizard which includes selecting “Name Servers” as your integration method, completing the integration, and pressing the “RECHECK INTEGRATION” button to confirm that the process was successful.

Setting Up Your Ad for Earning

On the “Setup Ad Testing” phase, you want to add Google Ad Exchange. This process usually takes some hours as Google may delay in sending you feedback – you may want to use the Gmail linked to your AdSense (if you’ve got one) for faster response. If your application is successful, you’ll receive a message from Google Ad Manager containing a form that you’ll fill out and submit to successfully register to be a partner with Ezoic.

Next, you want to set up Placeholders and implement Ads.txt. If you’ve been using any ad network, this shouldn’t be much of a hassle. In cases, where it becomes one, you can read the description on the right side of the setup page to know what to do.

Lastly, you want to “Turn Traffic On” and wait to start earning. Depending on if you already have other ad services running, you can decide on the version of your site (desktop, tablet, or mobile) you want Ezoic to work with.

Although optional, it’s recommended to also set up the site speed accelerator. It only involves going to its option, and clicking “TURN ON SITE SPEED ACCELERATOR.” When that is all set and done, you can proceed to Ezoic’s Monetization tab to link your AdSense Account if you’ve got one.

Linking your AdSense Account with Ezoic

Locate the “Monetization” button in your dashboard, scroll down to the section where it lets you link your AdSense account, then enter the email address tied to your AdSense. You’ll receive a notification requesting to like your AdSense email address on Ezoic.

Proceed again to “APPLY FOR GOOGLE’s AD EXCHANGE.”  Although Google will notify you that you’ve submitted the same form before, this step is necessary so Ezoic knows that the Gmail you’re feeding them is what’s tied to your AdSense.

Next, you want to navigate through to “Import HISTORICAL ADSENSE DATA” and click on “GRANT AUTHORIZATION.” This will help Ezoic better serve ads on your site by building a foundation on what’s already available on your AdSense.

Finally, you want to wait for about 2 business days to receive a response on your Application for Ezoic monetization. Much like Google AdSense, if rejected, you’ll be given a reason which you can go work on and reapply on a later day.

How much does Ezoic pay for a 1000 views?

How much you earn per 1,000 pageviews on Ezoic varies and that depends on a couple of  factors such as blog’s niche, monetization method, quality of traffic, content depth and quality, website architecture, content clustering, website authority and more.

Display ads’ earnings per thousand views can majorly be influenced  influenced by factors such factors listed above and more, even when two websites have the same age, and relatively the same traffic, they still can’t have the same earnings per thousand pageviews.

Howerver, you can expect to earn around $3 to $50 or $60 per thousand pageviews depending on factors like niche, location of traffic, access to premium display ads on Ezoic.
Websites on Ezoic that have access to full range ads on the platform can be expected to earn between $14 and $20  per 1,000 pageviews.

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