How to Draw on Canva?

How To Draw Custom Elements On Canva

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Canva is an online graphic design platform with a lot of functionality that makes it easier for small business owners and digital marketers with little design skills to make professional-looking designs that they can implement in their businesses.

Being a tool primarily targeted at people with little or no design skills, its drawing feature is usually not echoed enough – although that doesn’t stop them from having a pretty decent drawing tool.

In subsequent writing, we’ll teach you how to draw on Canva. First, it’s important to understand that Canva focuses on its tools which automate things for its users so that those with little knowledge of designs can get to work efficiently.

Also, to draw on Canva, you’ll need to install the Add-on app for drawing – they don’t offer it out of the box with other popular features. To install, simply navigate through Apps, and search for “Draw”. You can also find it by navigating through the left menu, selecting the “More” option, and then “Draw (Beta)”

On installing the Draw app or adding it to your menu options, you’ll get a choice to either use it on an existing design or a new one. Whichever you select, it’ll lead you to the drawing interface where you select your options like brush type, size, transparency, and lots more.

It’s a straightforward drawing tool as all the editing features available are located on the left side of the screen, and clicking any will further give you options on how you want the feature to look.

Right away, you can start with the brush tool to begin drawing, and add other elements and designs as you go. There are currently four types of brushes; pen, marker, glow pen, and highlighter – each with its specific feature.

Update: How to draw with Canva

Update: The Draw beta app is gone for good on Canva and now there is the draw menu of the left flank of the editor. Look at the below image to see the draw app.

how to draw on Canva

Canva allows you to add a much personalized touch to your designs, be it sketching diagrams, creating flowcharts, creating signatures or when you need to leave a notes for your team. Whatever is the reason for wanting to use the draw app, here is the steps to approach it:

Here is the step to start draw on your Canva design:

  1. Open Canva: Open your Canva browser and log in to the Canva visual editor
  2. Access the Drawing Options: On the left flank of the editor, you’d locate the “Draw” tab, you’d be able to see the drawing options available on the editor
  3. Choose a Drawing Tool: Pick a drawing tools from the option available; Pen, the Marker, Highlighter, or Eraser style.
  4. Color Thickness,  Transparency Properties: In order to personalize your designs, you can select a color, thickness and transparency style that fits your intended drawing .
  5. Start Drawing: Once you have picked a pen or brush you can now start sketching on your designs.
  6. Erase Mistakes: If you made a mistake while drawing, you can erase your drawing use the eraser option, all  you has to od is drag the eraser over the portion you’d like to erase and once done you can exit the eraser mode.
  7. Utilize Shape Assist: The built-in shape assist tool in Canva let you refine your drawings and wear it a more polished look. In order to make use of the assit tool,  you can draw a shape (rectangle, arrow, triangle, circle, star, line, heart, or diamond)pause a little after drawing and allow Canva to automatically transform your drawing into a more presentable illustrative element.
  8. Stroke Limit: However, you need to me mindful of the fact that there is a 1 MB per design stroke limit meaning than if you exceed the 1MB stroke limit, you might encounter some difficulty trying to save your design in Canva. You can easily resolve this by erasing unwanted strokes in your design, or if there are duplicate strokes you might need to find a way to get rid of them so you can have reserve strokes for future designs.

We’re sure if you follow these steps you’d be able to tap into your create prowess, enliven your design and get rid of any of limitation that keeps you from creating your imaginative ideas, now you are no more limited due to absence of drawings, sketches, and annotations using Canva’s Draw feature.

Enjoy the freedom to personalize your designs and make them truly unique.


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