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We assist you to secure a domain name for your brand by registering your choice of domain at a cost-effective rate. We help you to save funds on registering your domain name and offer up to N40,000 worth of service for FREE for our clients.

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Don’t overthink it! We are Nigeria’s biggest Digital marketing agency with over 5600 domain names registered for our clients spread across the country. 

Our goal is to help you build your online presence without having to break the bank and save you time on launching your business. We brainstorm with you to decide what name(s) suits best your business needs. 

The very first step to create the perfect online identity for your business is to purchase a domain name. 

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Domain Transfer

Sometimes, your domain name is already registered somewhere, you need not worry as we can transfer your domain name for Free and fast too.

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Our every step is to usher you to true online success and help you make your business website not just come to life, but also thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you are ready to take your business online, the very first step to your online presence is to have a domain name for your brand. It is a unique name that anyone across the globe can use to locate your business on the internet 24/7.

Your Website will be built on the domain name that you have chosen, the domain name is connected to an online server or web hosting where your website files are stored.

Let’s help you register the best domain name for your business today. 

Our priority is to make sure that we deliver outstanding and impeccable customer experiences for all of our clients.

We make sure that all of the digital assets of our clients from domain name to web hosting and all are secured, managed with standards of support service, and safely handed over to our clients on request.

Our objective is to create a customer-centered relationship and make sure that your domain name ownership is jealously guarded against other entities.

The first process of getting a domain name is to think of the name that you’d like to register, usually, this is the name of your company, business, or name you just like your website to go by.

A few tips to help you come up with the ideal domain name for your website are; 

Make sure it is well-aligned to your business or purpose. 

Moreso, you should make the name as short, memorable, and easy to comprehend for users. Speak it aloud, and make sure it sounds simple and great. 

So the next thing is to check the domain repository to make sure the domain name is available to be purchased. In a situation that the domain name is not available or is taken, you can always find tens of alternative domain names that will do just well. 

We can offer you a free consultation on how to select the best domain name for your business.

Here is a list of all the domain extensions that we can help you to secure. If you need anything outside of what we listed here, contact us to make your request.


Yes. You can resell domain names you are no more using, this is called Domain flipping it is one of the ways you can make money online, all you had to do is list the domain(s) you no longer use, on domain and website marketplaces to have a new user take them on for a fee.

You can as well sell your domain to other peer users or entities interested in taking up the domain name, this is common in blogging circles.

Prices of domain names range from N500 to N15,000 depending on the extension you’d like to purchase.

The prices of the domain can run into several thousand if you are looking to buy a domain name that has been in existence for some time and have some value. For this, you can use or our domain backorder service to secure your desired domain at a cost-effective rate.

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  • .NG Domain Registration

  • Free DNS Management Panel

  • Free .Email Forwarding

  • Free Domain Forwarding


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