Does Woocommerce work in Nigeria?


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Yes. WooCommerce is available in Nigeria. Woocommerce is the official ecommerce plugin for WordPress Content Management System. The online shopping plugin is a leading ecommerce plugin used to onboard online shopping functionality to a WordPress site.

With Woocommerce plugin you can convert any WordPress site to an online shop in a minute. Woocommerce plugin currently powers over 5 million online stores and has fast become one of the top solutions for creating an ecommerce website on a budget.

You can as well extend the features of your Ecommerce WordPress site by adding more plugins, there are a ton of extensions and plugins designed to help you extend the features of your online, whatever solution you may imagine bringing to your ecommerce store, I bet there’s already a plugin that helps to integrate that feature to your website.

Woocommerce advantages are numerous, it allows anyone to sell both physical and digital products on their store and comes with a plethora of built-in features to help manage your online business seamlessly, for example, we have the cart and the checkout system that allows your customers to add a product on the website and pay for the product on the go.

We also have ERP and CRM integration possibilities that help to provide top-notch customer services using third-party solutions. Also, there is the Payment gateway integration that allows you to connect with Bank API or use any of the top payment providers in Nigeria to offer dynamic payment solutions to your customer.

When it comes styling and designing your online shop, there are thousands of prebuilt templates that you can use to customize your online shop to your taste, if might be a little bit daunting deploying some of these templates especially if you don’t have the experience, however, we got your back at Web Design Nigeria, We can help you create a conversion-ready ecommerce store, that is feature-packed and fully functional; where you can list your products and sell to your esteemed customers online 24/7, and our pricing is pocket friendly.

Conclusively, WooCommere being an open-source plugin is a pocket-friendly yet powerful ecommerce solution to create an online shop to sell anything.

Several big names such as Forage & Graze, Worthpoint, Clickbank, Wakami, Bookriot, and more are using Woocommerce to sell their products online.

Woocommerce can seamlessly handle core online store functionality since it’s built on PHP, with a combination of HTML, CSS, and Js which are the core language of web development.


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Woocommerce is a well-received e-commerce platform used by many businesses and organizations to create their own websites and online stores. According to recent Woocommerce stats, the eCommerce builder has been downloaded over 211 million times since its creation in 2013.