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Landing pages are one of the priority money pages for digital marketers or small business owners, they are core marketing tools useful for lead generation, nurturing, and retargeting. They serve as one of the most important touchpoints businesses use to interface with potential clients or customers.

Let’s further explore what makes a great landing page that is conversion-ready.

The goal of a landing page is generally one of three types:

  • Gathering contact information from potential customers
  • To persuade visitors to sign up for an account or purchase
  • Converting visitors into leads
  • Capturing leads or sales

Amazing Landing Page benefits for your Business

Your landing page can be a dedicated page for a specific request or simply be the homepage of your site. You should have forms to collect contact details or weekly newsletters.

If you want to step up your lead generation game, you will need to incorporate landing pages in your marketing strategy. Landing pages are an easy and inexpensive way to generate quality leads that convert.

Landing pages can be an important aspect of your website. A potential customer is first introduced to your site when they land on a landing page and the content on this page can provide them with important information about what you are offering. If you’re not sure if you need a landing page, here are a few of the benefits building one could potentially offer your business.

  1. Opportunity to add credibility to your business by showcasing trust elements such as reviews, testimonials, etc.
  2. Provides you with direct contact with potential clients (leads)
  3. Better performance reporting that speaks greater campaign accountability
  4. Succinctly points out potential customers and clients’ values your brand can offer to them
  5. Single-targeted messaging that makes way for clarity in the message
  6. Ability to test and change without worrying about the main site
  7. Landing Pages Boost Conversion Rates
  8. A good landing page skyrockets awareness about your brand
  9. A good landing page makes a good first impression
  10. Landing pages are flexible and thus make way for fewer architectural constraints that come from web design


13 Types of Landing Pages

  1. 404 Landing Page
  2. “Coming Soon” Page
  3. “Unsubscribe” Landing Page
  4. Lead Capture Page
  5. Pricing Page
  6. Long-form Sales Landing Page
  7. Click-Through Landing Page
  8. Squeeze Page
  9. Paid Advertising Landing Page
  10. “Get Started” Landing Page
  11. “Thank You” Landing Page
  12. “About Us” Landing Page
  13. Splash Page

10 Tips to Create a Winning Landing Page

Landing pages are intended to get visitors to the next step in your sales funnel, whether it be to purchase a product or subscribe to a service. Landing pages are created with conversion in mind, so creating one that performs well is a tricky feat. One of the solutions is using split testing and finding what goes best with your audience.

A Single, Clear Goal

A landing page is the first impression of your product and brand. It is a place where users land after clicking on an ad or after searching for a keyword. A landing page should have one single goal that will be achieved when they click on the link or buy something.


An effective landing page must be clutter-free and allows the site users to focus and properly immerse in the propositions on the page, convoluted landing pages are a put-off for readers, making the message conveyed easy enough to read and comprehend.

A clearly identifiable CTA Above the fold

A clear CTA (Call to action) is a crucial element in the conversion of any landing page. It has to be above the fold where it’s clearly identified so that visitors can easily decide what they should do next based on your directions.

Positioning your CTAs should be approached with much consideration and envisage; positioning it where people’s eyes cannot miss, helping it get the most attention means a better rate of conversion. This can be done by using a contrasting color or font, placing it in a simple but elegant button, or making it bigger than the rest of the text on your landing page.

Optimized Copied based on Customer avatar

The copies for your landing pages must be well-optimized for the users you are targeting. Tailoring it to your customer avatar is very important for conversion.

More personalized copies speak more relevance and convert better. Make it persuasive, clear, and concise, the goal is to make people perform certain actions based on the objectives of your landing page.

If you’re not so versed in creating great copies, you can engage the service of a professional copywriter who understands the process of putting together idealistic copies that capably convert visitors into customers.

Quick loading Page



The Need For Speed On Landing Page By Thinkwithgoogle
Image Source:

No one wants to visit a snail-loading web page. Based on the above stats, you can deduce that people don’t have that enough patience for pages that takes time to load, to achieve your conversion goals, you must make that your landing page loads pretty fast, even your entire website. As you plan your next landing page, an optimal balance of speed and security should be on your checklist.

To achieve speed for your website, you need to use the service of a  reliable web hosting provider with a proven track record of speed and power.

An immediate clear impact

One of the major functions of a landing page is to project an immediate clear impact. Your entire landing page must be able to entice your reader and lead them to continue reading.
Some of the best tactics to achieve this includes; creating compelling and powerful headlines that appeal to the reader’s emotions. You can use visual proofs, CTAs, storytelling, Videos, and more.

Have trust-building in Place

One of your best marketing cards is trustworthiness. A good landing page should profoundly communicate trust, to achieve this you can use Social media, reviews, recommendations, awards, and testimonials are all ways to build trust.

High-quality Visuals and Imagery

Attractiveness is one important element for every web page, especially for an important page like the landing page.  great landing pages use high-quality photographs and eye-catching visuals to properly convey attention-grabbing messages.

Easy to Skim Pages

Readers have different expectations when they read a web page. Making it easy to find the information they are looking for is very important, you should organize your landing page into sections so it can be easy for readers to scan through to find what they need.  You can make use of lists, bulleted points, headings and subheadings, sub-titles, icons, or images with text overlaid on them.


Mobile penetration keeps getting better, all thanks to evolvements in technology. Every web page today including a landing or sales page must be mobile-friendly, your page should be designed for users’ optimum experience on different devices viewed on all devices, including mobile and tablets. You can make use of tools like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to check if your website meets the standards of a mobile-friendly site. You can help more help on the subject of mobile responsiveness from plenty of resources available online.

Plan for A/B testing

A B Testing Eadpages
Image Source: LEADPAGES

What is A/B testing? A/B testing or slit testing is simply testing the page against a slightly different version of your landing page to see which performs best for what. It can help you to discover whether a bigger call to action works better than a small one, or see if shorter headlines perform better than lengthier ones.

For example, Amanda Steven established that she got over 300% conversion after she switched her headline from “New Book Reveals Rescue Remedies for Retailers” to “If you’re a retailer in a need of fresh ideas and proven growth strategies, this book is for you!”

A/B testing is a handy solution to make your landing page more effective and converts better. It will help you to uncover what works and what’s not for certain use cases. Results from your testing can be used to modify your page to perform even better.

Impressive Landing Page Stats/facts

  • Click-through landing pages speak better results for most industries, with about 62.6% of landing pages using forms.
  • 73% of customers find live chat the most satisfactory means of communicating with a brand
  • According to Klientboost, 77% of Landing pages are homepages.
  • According to Unbounce, the average landing page conversion rate is 9.7%.
  • ​​Blueadz maintains that 48% of marketers build a new landing page for every new campaign.
  • By 2024, 85% of companies are expected to adopt live chat support.
  • 58% of landing pages include clickable elements such as graphics.
  • Companies with 31 to 40 landing pages get seven times more leads than those with one to five landing pages.
  • The average landing page bounce rate benchmark is 60-90%.
  • The most popular landing page is a squeeze page, where the main goal is to capture users’ email addresses for remarketing

Landing Page Design Service

Landing Page Design Service In Nigeria

Here at WDN, we believe in the importance of a converting landing page. We’ve helped thousands of businesses grow their sales figures with our top-quality landing pages that increase conversions and reduce bounce rates. Join the thousands of entrepreneurs, marketers, and SaaS businesses who have seen their conversions skyrocket with a professional and boost your lead quality.

The team at WDN is excited to offer you professional support for your PPC and other marketing campaigns. Contact us today!


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