How to Create a Website with Google Sites

How To Create A Website With Google Sites

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Google sites is one of the many free web solutions provided by the tech giant- Google. It’s specially designed for users that would want to create a website without the knowledge of coding or any other complex stuff.

Google can be used for commercial and personal purposes, it comes with a decent collection of web templates across industries that you can use to power up your website.

You don’t need to have any web design skills to use Google sites to build your website using the Google site platform.

More than creating personal websites, Google Sites can be used to design more complex stuff like company intranets, NGO websites, classroom sites, affiliate marketing sites, and lots more.

It offers an intuitive GUI that empowers the users

Steps to use Google Site website builder

One of the most popular use cases of Google sites for personal use is to create a Portfolio website to showcase their professionalism to people or if you just want to air your thoughts with the world, Google sites might be all you need.

Zero technical know-how is required to get started and get it done. Tap into the varieties of Google themes/templates that best relate to your industry. All the site templates look modern, responsive, and highly customizable making it possible to showcase your own content in your own style.

In a couple of minutes, your Google site can be set up and ready to go live, and here is how to create a Google site will of your own.

Step 1:

After you sign into your Google account, go to the Google Sites homepage.

Step 2:

Look to the bottom right corner of the page and click on the colorful plus icon which turns into a pen icon with the note “create new site“.

How To Create A Google Site Website

Step 3:

On the next page, watch out for a tiny bar popup with the message “unsure where to begin to try a template. Visit template gallery” then click on the visit gallery link. If you missed the pop up you can refresh the page or just visit the page here.

Step 4:

The gallery page then opens up on another tab, and on the page, you can see a list of all the templates available in the gallery including portfolio, event, help center, project, team, and a couple of others for education and small business niches. Select the template that sits well with your idea.

Step 5:

Google Sites Wysiwyg Interface For Settings

Then you can start making changes to the template. You can add the name of your website on the right corner of the page or add a logo. The section WYSIWYG interface makes it easy to click on the clickable elements such as images, text, and color to make changes. You can also change the style color of each section or add images, or duplicate or delete sections.

The sidebar on the right side gives you additional good to further enhance your web page designs. There are three tabs namely! Insert, Pages, and Themes.

Insert allows you access to tools like extra text box, images, embed, and drive to import from Google drive, under content blocks, you have a host of content layouts that you can use to create the desired architecture for your page.

Next is a plethora of other tools such as table of contents, collapsible group, image carousel, button, divider, spacer, social links, placeholder, YouTube videos, calendar, map, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Charts; you can tell you have all the tools needed to create a full-fledged and dynamic web page already at your disposal.

On the second tab name pages. You can add more pages to your Google site.

Finally, in the themes section, you can change the look and feel of your website simply by selecting any of the themes. You have the simple, Aristotle, diplomat, vision, level, and impression themes. Each theme has its own style, color combination, and a web font.

Google Site Themes

You might need to take time to put this all together and come up with an impressive web page that will meet the eye of your audience.

If your lacking ideas on what an ideal web page should look like, you can check your competitors’ pages or take ideas from websites of professionals on the internet, there’s just about hundreds if not thousands of ready existing websites for any use case.

More settings

Under settings, you can do even more. For example, you change the location of your navigation from top to side or change the navigation color from white, dark or transparent.

Under the brand image tab, you can upload a logo and favicon to the navigation panel. Set options to show the info icon and anchor links.

How to add a custom domain to Google site

Next is adding a custom domain name to your Google site. Under settings navigate to the custom domain name tab and click on “Start setup” enter the full domain name.

For example, You’d need to verify ownership in Google Webmaster central using the txt method before the domain name can be connected. Once Google recognizes you as the official owner of the domain, your domain name will be connected to your Google site in less than 120 seconds.

Google Site Features

Google Sites is a website builder app designed for anyone who needs to create a website for free for personal or business use. Let’s look in detail at Some key features of Google Sites.

Templates and Themes: Google Sites offers a variety of elegant and modern templates and themes that users can use to quickly create a professional-looking website. You can also add your own templates.

WYSIWYG Interface: Google Sites makes available a user-friendly web editor interface that makes it easy for users to introduce their own unique content and style such that they can arrange text, images, videos, and other multimedia content in the way they liked their website to appear.

Collaboration: Google Sites allows multiple users to edit and contribute to a website at the same time, making it easy for teams to work together on a project, which explains why some organizations and NGOs prefer to build their website using Google sites, also with the integration with Google apps collaboration between teams is a breeze.

Access and Permission Control: Google Sites allows users to control the access and permissions of their website, making it easy to share it with specific people or make it public. Your Google site is attached to your Gmail which is secured using 2Factor authentication, encryption, and other security put in place by Google.

Integrations: Google Sites integrates with other G Suite tools such as Google Drive and Google Calendar and more, so as to make sharing and collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, and other files super easy and seamless.

Customizable layout: Users can extensively customize the layout and overall look and feel of their website by adding and editing sections, pages, and widgets, they can also add custom code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to the site.

Mobile Responsiveness: Today, every website needs to be responsive and mobile-ready. Google sites offer mobile responsiveness across all its templates, which means they automatically adapt to the screen size of the device the websites are accessed on.

Search Engine Optimization: Google Sites is SEO-ready. It offers features to help users optimize their website for search engines, such as the ability to add titles, unique texts, images, and more.

Analytics: For performance benchmarking and metric reports, Google Sites provides analytics to help you track the traffic and engagement on your website. See users’ activities and have insights into demographic data that matters for your business growth and strategic implementations.

Overall, Google Sites is a versatile, user-friendly website-building app with a plethora of features to help its users create functional websites.

Google Site Web Designer

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Can I publish Google sites for free?

There are so many website builders in the market today and one of the best website builders that's simple to use with modern design and unlimited integration and collaboration gesture is Google Sites. It's 100% free.

What are the limitations of Google sites?

There are quite a few limitations you should know about Google sites.

First, you're allowed to create 10 websites every 5 days and a maximum attachment size of 50MB.

Also, Google Sites may not be the ideal website builder for high-traffic and commercial-purpose websites.

Robust web builders like Wix, and Squarespace has more features when compared to Google site capabilities.

Google site has no categories, sitemaps, or embedding of other sites' pages on your web, no access to your web source code or HTML files, no sharing buttons, and no SEO features such as title tags or meta descriptions.

When you publish a Google site, who can see it?

The moment you click on the publish button and the website goes live, everyone that has access to the internet and has the link to your website can see it.

How long is Google site free?

Google site has been free since its inception on 28th February 2008 with a custom domain fee of $10.

Three months later, Google sites were made available for free without the need for a custom domain and independent from other Google apps. Hence, your Google site will be accessible under the Google subdomain.

While Google currently doesn't charge you to connect a custom domain to your website, you'd need to purchase the domain name.

How much do Google sites cost?

Google sites are one of the 271 Google tools and this one is 100% free, with no web hosting charges, maintenance charges, and no cost to build.

How long does it take for Google site to publish?

After you've set up all things on your Google website and hit the publish button, your Google site will be instantly published in 3 to 5 seconds. If you need to make any changes, you can always go back to the sites to make all the required changes, immediately you hit the publish button the site goes live.

How do you create a Google site and publish your own custom website?

Google makes it easy to add a custom domain name to a Google site after you have created the website without paying a dime except for the domain if you are from the Google domain.


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