Can I Convert a JPEG Image to a Vector File in Photoshop?

Can I Convert A Jpeg Image To A Vector File In Photoshop

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A JEPG image is a raster file, as such, it’s made up of a grid of pixels; the more pixels in an image, the higher its resolution and file size. These types of images don’t change in pixel number, thus, when we zoom in on this type of image, they become blurred or pixelated.

On the other hand, Vector files are images made on vector graphics; comprises of mathematical formulas. These types of images don’t lose quality when zoomed in because it’s just a matter of rescaling the Mathematical formulas.

They’re often the best choice for editors as they can easily zoom in and out and still see the required details. 

In this article, we will be giving you a step-by-step guide on how to convert a JPEG image to a vector file. First, it’s important we understand that there’s currently no way to convert a JPEG image to a vector at once in Photoshop.

Even advanced tracing software like Adobe Streamline doesn’t have the capability.

Vectorize JPEG Image in Photoshop: Image Tracing

  1. Open the JPEG image in Photoshop.
  2. Select the Pen tool.
  3. Start tracing the outlines of the image, starting with the most prominent features.
  4. As you trace, make sure to click and release the mouse button at each point. This will create a smooth curve between the points.
  5. Once you have traced the entire image, use the Shape tools to fill in the details.
  6. Save the image as a vector file.

The resulting vector file will be scalable, meaning that you can increase or decrease its size without losing quality. This makes it ideal for use in print or web design applications.

If you consider this as a complicated procedure, you can opt to use third-party vectorizing tools like Vector Magic. All you need to do is upload the JPEG file to the website and your file conversion will be done. 

Video on how to convert raster image to vector in Photoshop


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