Can You Animate On Click in Canva? 


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No, you can not animate on click in Canva.

While Canva is one of the world’s most preferred platforms for creating designs using thousands of templates made available to users, it still lacks the on-click ability to animate an object in seconds. 

Since you can not animate on click in Canva, what is the next easiest way to achieve animation?

Well, there might not be a click button to animate designs on Canva, but there are easy workarounds for it. On Canva, you get a multitude of design options for your workflow. This is a reason why it is no surprise that Canva is a general favourite for people who are looking for to make their day to day designs the easiest way without having to be a professional designer or empty their pockets to pay freelance graphic designers.

When trying to bring your work alive with animations, due to the absence of a single click-to-animate button, you can easily add illustrations, videos, GIFs, or templates that are made ready to use straight from Canva. Although this is different from actually animating your own personalised designs, using any of Canva’s default tools gives a similar end result to the consumer. 

However, If you rather not use Canva presets, another way to achieve animation fast on Canva is to click any part of the design you wish to animate, go to ANIMATE on the menu bar at the top of your screen, click on it, then select any of the available animation styles. 

While you currently can not animate designs on click in Canva, you can utilise any of the aforementioned methods, pending when Canva will introduce this feature in the future.


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