11 Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms in Nigeria

Business Ideas For Stay At Home Moms In Nigeria

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Owning or running a business as a mom can be very challenging.

Aside from the obvious issue which is needing to nurse your baby, if you have multiple kids alongside a husband, taking care of them and trying to cope with a 9-5 can really take a toll. 

If you’re a stay-at-home parent looking to own a business because of such issues, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s succinctly explore some of the best business ideas you can harness as a stay-at-home mom.

You’ll get to work from home, enabling you to manage your family, while effectively generating income.

Knowledge Commerce business

Knowledge commerce is a digital age style of business where you repackage your knowledge for sale for people looking to access such knowledge.

This is especially a big venture for those who have invested a great deal of effort to achieve the career height they have attained today.

10+ years of cognate experience is enough to position you as an expert in a chosen field. To achieve the next big thing in your career at this stage, the next best you can do is set the stage to build a personal brand.

It’s time to start expressing your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on where your targeted audience can access them, making way for swiftly positioning yourself as an experienced professional in your field.

You can start by creating a blog or a Vlog on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. The start might be rough at first, especially when you need to learn the basic techs to put things in place, just keep focus on the goal to become one of the best to learn from in your field.

To achieve that you need to show up from time to time; across your social media platforms, blog, and YouTube channel, try to do this consistently for one year and see the immense result you’ll attract.

Other things you can do is:

  • Build a course
  • Speak at public events
  • Teach on online platforms like Udemy, Kajabi, Teachable, etc.
  • Create your own self-branded platforms such as a Website, LMS, membership platform etc.
  • Consulting
  • Webinars
  • Whitepapers

If you need to create a blog, a LMS website to sell your course, or a website to position yourself as a brand, we remain your most reliable plug for this. We offer aesthetically pleasing design and marketing solutions that function great and bring real results.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Although this isn’t a business per se, it’s a job that guarantees you get to operate from the comfort of your home, looking at the onset of remote work.

Entrepreneurs and professionals from around the world are increasingly in need of administrative services.

If you happen to be tech-savvy and have any kind of experience or have completed a course on working as a virtual assistant, this may as well be the job for you. 

The good thing about this kind of occupation is that you work on a contract basis, it is flexible and you have the freedom to work from anywhere; you get paid strictly based on what’s on your job appraisal, unlike normal jobs where your employer can chip in some obscure tasks once in a while.

Your task mostly as a virtual assistant is to ensure the smooth running of business operations, scaling business growths, and making sure the assigned task that’s not within the professionals core competency get done.

Some examples of virtual assistant jobs are data analytics, data entry, planning and scheduling appointments, customer service operations, growth strategy, product development, and more.


Freelancing As A Stay At Home Mom

As a single mom, there’s no other business that’s befitting than working as a freelancer.

Your job is always on a contract basis so you can take a break whenever it’s becoming challenging.

First, all you need is digital skills; content writing, graphics design, email marketing, or ad creation will do.

Next, you’ll want to create a profile with crowdsourcing or freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or even Dribble.

If you’ve got the right skills, it won’t take long to become an instant hit and start making a steady income.

Real Estate Agent

Although the real estate business is one that’s common among people looking for side income, it’s also a great opportunity for stay-at-home mothers and parents.

You can decide to either be an agent and only get to leave your home based on appointments, or outrightly invest in real estate companies and see your wealth steadily grow.

You can start selling real estate as a free agent or even seek contracts on franchises, you can choose your working hours and determine the amount of work you can do from home.

However, you need to be ready to strike a balance with this tasking job and also be ready to make some major sacrifices if you are going to be directly responsible for taking care of the kids while also trying to achieve your business goals as a real estate agent.

You don’t want to end up as an inattentive parent and also as a failed real estate agent.

Start Online Cooking Tutorials

If you’re good in the kitchen and have the right content creation techniques, you can start working as a personal chef, giving other interested cooks tutorials on how to make their food better.

Aside from it being a generic task for a stay-at-home mom allowing you to settle right in, you have the opportunity to have your tutorials make money for you while you sleep.

Start Social Media Management

If generic mom duties aren’t your forte, no problem, you can try working remotely as a social media manager. 

All you need do is spend about 3 months to learn the craft, and then start pitching brands to help them manage their online presence.

Start Dropshipping 

Dropshipping has always been a business venture that people who want to work from the convenience of their home choose to go into – it’s perfect for stay-at-home moms.

After spending a couple of weeks learning the skill, you can start generating a steady income while still giving enough attention to the family.

YouTube Content Creation

African American Woman Filming At Home Youtube

If you’re going to be at home for the most part of the day, you might as well just use most of your free time to create content. 

While this venture may not fetch immediate income, when it starts bringing profits, the earnings by far make up for the investments.

More so, there’s the luxury of full control of schedule and time which is something that all stay-at-home moms hope for.

Start a Mom Blog

In any ranking, blogging will make it one of the top options when it comes to choosing a remote job or business to venture into.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you might as well also key into the lucrative space by creating articles that other moms would love to read.

You can choose to either do general mom & lifestyle articles, or niche down to particular topics like nursing babies, handling kitchen duties, and even simple things like how a mom can effectively arrange her schedule for the family.

Start Childcare/Daycare services

This is one business that’s very easy for stay-at-home mothers to get into as they’re usually trusted by other parents as they’re a parent too.

If you happen to have a lot of space at home and can accommodate a few more kids, you can set up your daycare service at home, and make some steady income just looking after children.

You’ll spend as much time catering for one kid as you would while catering for five, so it’s usually always a win-win situation.

Make & Sell Homemade Jewelry

Although it’s not really a booming business especially if you reside in an environment that doesn’t have a lot of people to draw attention to, it’s a business that can at times take your mind away from all the repetitive activities you do as a mom.

If you’re not already artistic with your hands, you’ll want to learn the skill, then talk to a couple of neighbors about your craft to get things going.



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