7 Habitual SEO Practices to Increase Website Traffic

Habitual SEO Practices to Boost Website Traffic

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SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website or its content in a search engine’s unpaid results – often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.

It is not easy to get noticed by Google and rank high for relevant searches. It is a process that requires patience, dedication, and knowledge. However, there are some things that you can do to improve your SEO strategy without having any prior knowledge of SEO.

There are many companies that offer SEO services in India but not all follow ethical practices. It is important to find an agency with good reviews and testimonials before hiring them for your project.

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your website is successful is by building good habits. These habits mean that your website will have fewer maintenance issues which can sometimes result in positive actions from Google’s algorithm.

Best SEO habits that boost website ranking

These tips are really easy to use so don’t worry if you feel like you’re not making progress right away. Start by laying the groundwork for your website, then implement these habits with every update. It’s never too late to start getting into SEO!

#1. Create Link Worthy and well-researched contents

Link-worthy content is an excellent way to grow a website’s visibility. It’s also the key to getting more traffic and links. There are different types of link-worthy content that you can create.

Link-worthy is a quality metric for judging the value of a content piece and the likelihood that it will be shared by linking site visitors. One of the most common examples of link-worthy content is list articles, which often contain a large number of links embedded in them.

The shareable nature of a content piece makes it more likely to be linked to other sites, which can improve its ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) without any additional effort on your part.

If you write a blog post or article that has the potential for being shared elsewhere by people who have different audiences from your own.

Content with good quality will always make users look forward to browsing it. It includes text, images, video, and interactive features that users want to engage with. This can be fun or informative- a game or e-commerce, short or long-form.

Content needs to be consistent with the topic of your website and well written. In addition, write an attention-grabbing headline so that visitors are enticed to read on.

What makes quality content?

  • Content must contain data and other factual information that should appeal to your customers. It should be easy to read and have a level of reading sophistication equivalent to or similar to an eighth-grade student.
  • Ensure your content aligns with what your company offers. Do not write about ponies and unicorns if you are a baseball website… The connection should be obvious.
  • Social media content is arguably the best type of content there is- it’s shareable and users engage with it. That being said, by reposting popular tweets and using other social media strategies you can learn what types of content work best for your audience.
  • Successful content is thoughtfully written, solves a problem, and is concise. The minimum word count for this is 400 words and the content should be free from any grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Content is crucial for establishing your expertise and credibility. Testimonials, case studies, and reviews show your potential customers that you’re on the cutting edge of innovation.

#2. Link to Credible External Sources

If you are writing content related to a specific topic, you should provide links to credible external sources.

If you haven’t made a connection to the article with your own words, then it might be a good idea to include other credible sources in the article.

If you are linking within an article, put them at the end of paragraph or sentence; if linking in between paragraphs, place them below the paragraph or sentence where they are referenced.

If you do decide to use external links in your article, focus on making sure the content of those links is relevant and adding true value. Don’t just link for the sake of putting in a link.

A domain with more credibility and authority will help you out more in the long run, so links should be included accordingly.

A comprehensive list of links includes both internal and external links. A perfect mix of these two types of links will ensure that web users are able to explore other pages on your site while consuming your content with other outward resources you referenced in your posts.

Consider the type of websites you are linking to. In what way do they relate to your brand or business? Unrelated links are a complete waste of time and effort.

Also note that certain domains and websites are more trustable than others, so it is best to go with those ones. For example, links from .edu and .gov sites carry more weight than other types of links.

You should also break up the content with photographs or videos. But don’t over-reference too much—it’s annoying and users will stop reading!

#3. A secured Website for Users

Google is already telling website owners that having SSL certificates will impact their search ranking, so this is something you need to spend some time and effort on right now.

Adding SSL to your website can provide many excellent benefits. While there are some difficulties with it, it will be worth it in the long term.

(If you need an SSL certificate or having security issues on your website you can contact us.

It is highly advised that you are already using a secure method to take payments and process data if you run an eCommerce business or have a website that collects payment information and user data.

Many people are currently trying to hack into websites, and security is an issue that is becoming more significant. With so many different ways to hack a website, it is important for all website owners to make sure they take the necessary precautions.

Many hackers try to break through a website’s firewall by using a brute force attack. This involves multiple attempts of guessing the password until they find one that works.

To prevent this from happening, companies should use password protectors on their websites and implement two-step verification for logins.

Another way hackers can get in through a company’s website is by using malware or viruses disguised as software updates.

This type of attack often occurs when users click on links without checking whether or not it really goes to the site where they think it does. To prevent this, always check the URL and make sure you haven’t been redirected to a different site before entering your login credentials.

#4. Improve Website Speed

Improve website speed

Webpages need to be able to load on any type of device. If the page is slow the entire site will have slow loading times.

Web pages load faster if they use fewer data. In our article on website speed, we mention that web pages should be optimized to load in no more than three seconds.

To test the load time of a website, you can use a free tool like GTmetrix and Google’s own Pagespeed insight.

A good way of optimizing a website is to think about the size of your files. Don’t cram it with irrelevant elements such as plugins and scripts.

I don’t know about you, but static images make me want to yawn. Over the last few years, they have been slowly but surely replaced by brighter and more interactive alternatives such as icon fonts and SVG web images. I think the new trend is definitely worth following.

#5. Be contentful

Every positive word has a negative counterpart and this is the case with content. Content can be divided into two categories – contentful and contentless.

Contentful articles are those that are filled with valuable information or insights and can be used to provide value to the reader.

On the other hand, contentless articles are those that have no valuable information at all and are usually full of filler such as adjectives, adverbs, metaphors, and cliches.

Some of the benefits of having a contentful article include:

  • The readers will have an increased understanding of your subject
  • Your readers will find it easier to understand your article
  • It will help you rank higher in search engines
  • You will get more shares on social media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook

More so, While search engines can recognize the words on your site, they cannot tell what other types of content you might have, especially in the case of videos and images. Here is a detailed guide on how to optimize images for Search.

To do this, just use the file name option to take advantage of SEO. Name the file based on what’s in it – for instance “cake Lagos” – so that if someone searches on it they’ll find your content.

#6. Don’t Duplicate; Instead, Update!

It’s frustrating when you see the same text on every page of a website – usually for legal reasons, which we can understand.

Don’t repost the same text on multiple pages in order to game Google’s search algorithm. It won’t work and it will only get you a penalty.

If you have content that doesn’t change too often, the best thing to do would be to update it whenever necessary and resharing the link for it. You shouldn’t repost the same content multiple times. This happens more often than you may think.

#7. Avoid using copyrighted images

It is illegal to use copyright images without permission. A copyright is a form of intellectual property. It is the legal right given to someone who creates an original work, such as a book, movie, or photo.

The owner of the copyright has the exclusive rights to reproduce that work, distribute it publicly, perform it in public, make derivative works based on it, and more. When you are using a copyrighted image without permission from the owner you are violating their rights and breaking the law.

Copyright laws give creators ownership over their creations in order to incentivize them to create new content for society’s benefit.

Copyright infringement can be charged with criminal penalties and civil damages as well as fines that can bankrupt individuals or companies alike.

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