Which are the best PayPal Alternatives For Artists?

Which Are The Best Paypal Alternatives For Artists

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As an artist using PayPal to charge for your art commission is an excellent choice, but there are other seemingly better alternatives available to you.

While it might be true that PayPal has made online transactions fast, seamless, and easy, there still exist some drawbacks that may not give you the best user experience.

To begin with, PayPal places a lot of restrictions that limit its users:

  • There is a restriction on using PayPal as a minor.
  • PayPal is not in use in every country, and this makes it difficult to collect payments from clients in locations where PayPal isn’t operational.
  • The services of PayPal don’t really reflect that it has the best interest of its customers at heart.
  • PayPal has been known to place accounts on suspension for up to six months without prior warning.
  • You may experience so difficult when you want to withdraw money to your bank account.
  • PayPal charges a higher transaction rate compared to other alternatives.

These limitations associated with PayPal are factors that have led many users to search for PayPal alternatives.

4 PayPal Alternatives For Digital Art Commissions

1. Stripe Invoice
2. Google Pay
3. Cryptocurrency
4. CashAPP

1. Stripe Invoice

Pros Cons
It is very intuitive to use and the most affordable Similar transaction fee to PayPal
Secured payment method Out of bounds for minors.
Stripe invoices allow you to charge your customer to pay for your art in installments You may experience delayed pay-out

2. Google Pay

Pros Cons
Google pay is Safe and Secure It is must use a credit card
Easy withdrawal method Not accessible with android devices
It has no restricted use for minors
Google Pay works on all android device

3. Cryptocurrency

Pros Cons
Zero chargebacks It is volatile
Can be converted to any fiat currency Cryptocurrency is not yet globally accepted
Safe and Secure end-to-end encryption All transaction is public

4. CashAPP

Pros Cons
Fast means of payment Requires credit card
CashApp works on all device It has a geographical restriction


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