10 BEST Gumroad Alternatives for Digital Content Creators (2024)

Best Gumroad Alternatives

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Gumroad is an eCommerce platform for creators and artists, that allows them to own online stores without the need for a hosting platform. It is easy to use and sales are almost instantaneous.

However, there are some reasons you might want to consider an alternative.

For example, although Gumroad does not charge a monthly subscription fee, its transaction fees are usually high.

In addition, Gumroad only pays users once a week. In this article, some great Gumroad alternatives will be considered. 

Best Gumroad Alternatives

1. Sellify

Sellify is probably the best Gumroad alternative you will find. It is a user-friendly platform that offers many beautiful features like customizable stores, upselling of products, and a built-in email marketing tool.

It typically takes less than 15 minutes to build your online store, and you can start selling your products immediately.

To begin, all you have to do is upload your product and choose a preferred payment method. Moreover, unlike Gumroad, Sellify has a Built-in print-on-demand tool.

This way, you don’t have to worry about waste of resources, since products will only be made when there’s a request.

Sellify also offers various marketing tools like discount and coupon codes, email marketing, and pay-what-you-want pricing tools to allow customers to have a say in the cost of products, upselling, and cross-selling.

Finally, Sellify has a fixed monthly payment fee and doesn’t take away from your sales commission.

2. Payhip

Payhip is very similar to Gumroad.

It offers customizable product pages, secure file storage, and affiliate programs that range from one-time payments to reoccurring payments.

It is a straightforward platform that allows artists and creators to sell digital products directly to their audience.

Payhip does not have a payment system, but it allows customers to make payments with debit or credit cards. It also allows the use of PayPal as a payment option.

The main benefit of using Payhip is that it comes with a free subscription plan for sellers.

However, this option comes with a 5% transaction fee, which is a lot less than that of Gumroad.

The transaction fee is reduced to 2% per sale for users who choose the paid plan.

3. Podia

Podia is an all-in-one platform that allows you to sell your digital products, online courses, and memberships.

It offers a user-friendly interface and a robust range of marketing tools.

It also offers features that enable link your Zoom and YouTube Live accounts.

This can be a great option for webcasters interested in monetizing their content.

A Podia Store is easy to set up, and the platform also provides various marketing features to help you sell better.

Podia also offers a fast checkout procedure that is optimized to improve your currency conversion rate.

This platform is not great for selling physical products because it lacks inventory tracking features.

Podia has both paid and free subscriptions. The free subscription, however, attracts an 8% transaction fee.

4. Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, majorly known for the sales of physical products, but it also offers plugins and themes that can be used for the sale of digital products.

It provides a secure and scalable platform for online businesses.

Unlike the other options, Shopify is not always easy to use.

However, there are many articles that can help guide you on how to set up a store on Shopify.

Shopify has a mobile app that helps keep users up to date on the performance of their products at all times.

Shopify has a good User Interface, and fast loading page, which helps improve User Experience.

It has its payment system, but users who prefer to use their payment options are required to pay transaction fees.

All Shopify plans are paid subscriptions, but new users are given a $1 per month trial period for three months.

After which they will have to choose a monthly subscription option ranging from $39 to $399 per month

5. SendOwl

Send Owl is a feature-rich platform that specializes in selling digital products at a pocket-friendly price. It is super simple to use and very easy to set up.

It offers flexible pricing options, automated delivery, and built-in affiliate marketing tools. It is not only a great option for users interested in selling their digital products alone, you can also sell physical goods, create membership options, offer coupons to your customers, and more, through your personal websites.

Another game-changing feature for many small business owners on SendOwl is the product bundling feature, which allows you to bundle multiple products together easily and sell them as a collection.

Product types you can sell and bundle on Sendowl include; drip products, digital products, redirect products, and presale products. physical, products, and license codes.

I particularly love the file hosting feature which allows you to secure large file storage on the platform, plus the easy-to-set-up Payment processing.

Furthermore, it is common among YouTubers and Creators of sponsored content.

Not only that, but it is also great for selling both physical and digital products, but it does not allow users to build online stores. It has both paid and free packages. On the free plan, each transaction attracts a fee of 5%.

If you are looking for a platform as a merchant where technical things like PDF stamping, digital product delivery, customizable emails, and automatic order fulfillment, with an interface user-friendly and all at a reasonable pricing then you might consider SendOwl.

6. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a widely used eCommerce plugin designed exclusively for the WordPress Platform. WooCommerce is a cost-effective solution to add online shopping functionality to mostly WordPress websites.

The Woocommerce plugin is reportedly used on over 5 million online stores, making it one of the preferred solutions for building eCommerce websites on a budget.

With its extensive range of plugins and themes, you can extend the features of your e-commerce website, whatever solution you may imagine integrating into your eCommerce store, I can tell there’s already a paid or free plugin in the WordPress plugin repository that allows you to do just that.

You can also make use of third-party marketing tools such as cross-selling and upselling, recovering carts, cart abandonment emails, etc.

Although the platform is free, the third-party plugins required for the smooth running of your storefront might cost you money.

The advantages of using Woocommerce are numerous, apart from the fact that it is a pocket-friendly eCommerce solution, it also allows you to sell physical products, digital products, and services on your website.

You can easily harness the built-in features to help manage your online business seamlessly, for example, we have the cart and the checkout system that allows your customers to add a product on the website and pay for the product on the go.

There is also the possibility of ERP and CRM integration to enhance your service delivery to your customers using third-party software and platforms.

Woocommerce has the largest number of design options, when it comes to determining your storefront’s design,  there are thousands of prebuilt WooCommerce themes and templates that you can adopt to customize your online shop.

In case you are not so experienced with handling such templates and themes, you can hire a Woocommerce developer to help you set up your storefront.

At  Web Design Nigeria, We can help you create a conversion-focused ecommerce store using a combination of WordPress plus WooCommerce. We will deliver a feature-packed store that is not just good-looking to your prospective customers but also gives them a seamless experience sending in their orders.

You’d be able to list all your catalog of products and sell to your esteemed customers round the clock.

 7. MemberPress

Memberpress is an amazingly useful plugin built to help knowledge entrepreneurs turn their knowledge and experience into full-time income on a budget.

This nifty WordPress plugin allows you to start a website where you can build personal relationships with prospects interested in the values you have to share.

It is suitably designed for content creators and artists interested in selling digital content, memberships, and online courses.

It has a unique built-in course builder that helps users create online courses with relative ease and get paid while building a community.

It also offers “drip content” enabling it to upload content at specific time intervals.  

MemberPress, however, does not have a free subscription. It offers different yearly payment plans. Integrating this into your WordPress website will allow you to seamlessly control who gets to read what and also have control over how you share your content.

You can effortlessly create a community where users pay for different levels of memberships giving a feel of belonging to members of your community.

8. Etsy

Etsy is a popular jewelry and clothing e-commerce platform.

However, Creators and artists can also sell their digital content on this website.

It is more or less a marketplace, where millions of visitors come and go daily, so it’s definitely an option worth considering.

With Etsy, you don’t have to have a personal website, but it costs $15 monthly to use the storefront.

There are many costs included in using Esty, a transaction fee of 3%, a payment processing fee of 3%, and a currency conversion fee of 2.5%.

This makes it an expensive option, but the large audience you will gain might offset the effects of the running cost.

9. Teachable 

Teachable offers a nice User interface that allows you to choose between a wide range of templates required to create a storefront that is to your liking.

Teachable has a free option, but it comes with limited options.

It is better to get the paid option if your business is already stable.

The free plan attracts a 5% fee for each sale and a Monthly subscription fee of about $39.

10. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a WordPress plugin designed specifically for selling digital products.

It offers a simple setup process, comprehensive reporting, and powerful extensions.

It offers various editing tools that allow you to create beautiful digital storefronts.

Furthermore, it offers powerful features and allows you to create a beautiful digital goods store.

It integrates different payment options, email marketing, messaging, and other marketing tools to enable you to run your business smoothly.


As the digital product market continues to expand, it’s crucial to explore alternatives to Gumroad that cater to your specific needs.

If you’re looking for a platform with great marketing tools, seamless integrations, or a simple setup process, the options mentioned above provide excellent alternatives to help you effectively sell your digital products online. 


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