10 BEST AdSense Alternatives to Monetize your Website

Best Adsense Alternatives To Monetize Your Website

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Showing display ads on your blog is one of the most popular ways to monetize your website. In order to achieve this you need to partner with contextual advertising platforms, today there are several contextual advertising networks but Google AdSense leads the pack.

Over the years, Google AdSense has been offering a contextual advertising network that seamlessly connects publishers with advertisers making it possible for publishers and content creators to monetize their content on their websites, mobile apps, and YouTube channel.

But AdSense is not without its own shortcomings…

According to Income School, Adsense pays less than some other ad platforms. So, do not think Adsense is the last hope.

Well, due to the popularity, openness, and ease of using Google’s AdSense, many bloggers tend to think that it’s the only way of making the best money off your websites.

Fortunately, that’s not true. There are many Adsense alternatives like Mediavine, Ezoic, Adsterra, Propeller Ads, affiliate marketing, Adthrive, and so on. With these, you can diversify and strategize your website’s monetization scheme.

Having said all that, here are the top 10 mind-blowing possible substitutes for Google AdSense.

1.   Monumetrics

Monumetric.com Best Adsense Alternatives

Here is one of the best display ads networks for bloggers. Formerly known as Bloggers Network, Monumetrics is amazing in terms of helping bloggers monetize their blogs.

Their ads could be dynamic video ads or images. The ads are usually impressive, and exquisite enough to attract more clicks.

The beauty of Monumetrics which makes it better than Google AdSense is that you do not require tons of pageviews as Google AdSense to start earning. More so, it is not so rigid nor difficult to handle.

Monumetrics, however, is not just an ordinary ad network. It prioritizes publishers by giving them personal guidance and full human interaction when necessary.

Different Monumetrics Programmes

Monumetrics holds some programs which help to boost the publisher’s work.

  • Propel: This is for beginners, bloggers who have about 10,000 page views monthly are opportune to join this program.
  • Ascend: The Ascend package is for bloggers who have from 80000 to 500, 000 page views monthly.
  • Stratos: This package only accepts blogs with 500, 000 to 1 million page views monthly.
  • Apollo: Apollo is the last and final program that houses bloggers with above 10 million views monthly.


  • Quick loading ads: The ad units presented by Monumetrics are fast in loading hence they do not delay users.
  • Massive Monumetrics goal: Using this ad network doubles your income compared to other display Ads.
  • A great team offering personal support: Monumetrics doesn’t leave you to your fate. It gives you full backups with its underground team, and if in case you encounter any problem, you are opportune to speak one on one to a direct human being and not a programmed computer.
  • Presence of interstitial ads: This is a new improvement by Monumetrics to ensure that publishers enjoy the best possible user experience. This ad is fast and runs full video on the screen of the website user.
  • Meager demand of commission: You just have to give 15%-30% of your profit depending on how buoyant you are in the business. It’s fair enough compared to the amount of growth you’ll experience.
  • Awards referral program: 2% of income is awarded to those who refer to Monumetrics for twelve months. This is a nice opportunity for publishers who get the chance of referring.
  • Multiple ads unit options: Monumetrics has multiple ad units covering different blog niches with the most amazing ad types.


  • First-time issues: Nothing good comes with an easy beginning. For starters, you must have at least 10000 monthly page views before you are accepted. It’s one of the rules and most times it’s not so easy, but when aided by the Propel program, there’s nothing to fear.
  • Setup fee: You’ll have to make a setup fee of $99. Especially if you don’t have up to 80000 page views.
  • Long approval process: It’s not like you’ll be accepted and begin earning immediately if you have applied. It takes a lot of documentation and work. This might take a little more time than you may think, but it’s worth waiting for.

2.   Ezoic

Ezoic.com Adsense Alternative For Monetization With Ads

This is a platform that helps publishers manage and automate their websites. Ezoic is different in the sense that it does not just run ads on your website but could also be used to increase site speed, improve SEO worth, verify and test new trends and layouts, and enhance security.

Notwithstanding, managing an ad network is one of its main functions. It does that pretty well as it turns revenue yield higher than it used to be.

Ezoic values anyone who values them ranging from bloggers, website owners, and even most major brands. The platform spreads its tentacles to anything that will make a website owner happy.

It has tools that would help you resolve any issue you might encounter while using the platform on your website or blog. Moreover, Ezoic has a team who is ready to work with you and give you the best experience.


  • Compared to Adsense, you would make more money from Ezoic since it pays by the view and not just by PPC.
  • Behind it is a wonderful team always available to manage and help out when things get out of control.
  • Joining Ezioc is very easy and does not require any technical experience.
  • Encompassing dashboard that gives you absolute control over your ads and a lot more
  • Ezoic runs both sticky and anchor ads which are not permitted by Google AdSense.
  • It gives you absolute control over your ads. You can choose to turn on and off whatever you desire and regulate your number of ads per page, pages where you don’t want Ezoic ads, and choose the quality and colors of ads, wanted.
  • Bearing in mind that most ad networks permit just-based websites, Ezoic does not consider that a requirement and needs just 10,000 pageviews monthly to start up.
  • Ezoic awards refer even more than Monumetrics. While the former gives you 2% for 13 months, Ezoic awards you 3% for a lifetime.


  • A minimum of 10, 000 page views is required for a start.
  • Ezoic takes time before you’d be able to see results. You’ll have to wait for like a month before Ezoic gathers your data and begins to pay you. Though the pay could be little at the very beginning.
  • You’ll have to pay 5% of your revenue to get well-powered ads else you’ll see insignificant ads at the end of your website. Also, 40$ is required monthly if you’ll be using the speed accelerator.
  • For one to be in the Ezoic network, you have to be abiding by Google policies as they are publishing partners.

How to set up an Ezoic Account

  1. Create your Ezioc account through their website www.ezoic.com and confirm thoroughly through their dashboard.
  2. You can use WordPress plugins, change the name server or use Cloudflare to integrate your website for easier optimization and testing of your website layouts.
  3. A JavaScript coder is needed for IDs to be placed on your website. So you have to set it up by simply following the setup wizard in your dashboard.
  4. Wrap up your existing ads and turn on ads testing.
  5. Install the Ezoic chrome extension from Google chrome to let you manage fully our ads placeholders.

3.   Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing As Best Adsense Alternative In 2022

Affiliate marketing is a highly-sung alternative to Google AdSense. You might think of affiliate marketing as a means where bloggers are paid by companies for promoting sales simply by the action of advertisement either directly or indirectly.

Directly, in the sense that bloggers place direct advertisements and product descriptions on their content. The other way around, they can just simply add the purchase link of the product to their content.

Whichever way it is done, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. For every sale made through you, you get to receive a certain percentage. Therefore, the more traffic there is on your website, the more money you make from their purchase.

How to excel with affiliate marketing

For you to make tons of money through affiliate marketing there are a series of steps to take.

  • Own a blog niche: You have to create a niche blog. This is where you can present your content and be able to advertise a particular product, either food, fashion, health, and so on depending on your choice or expertise. Here is a good example of an affiliate website.
  • Choose the affiliate products in line with your content: You have to advertise the right products that will align with your content. You can’t be writing about food and sending a link to purchase a ballet flat on Amazon. Choose the right products with the right content.
  • Promote rapid revenue-generating affiliate products: Ensure that the products you advertise will give you a quick return, go for essential products that your visitors are likely to buy so that you don’t have to complain of no sales through your link.
  • Engage your links rightly: Don’t be so focused on adding your links that you place them wrongly. Allow your links to fall in, appropriately. It will help entice your visitors. Again, ensure that you put your links early enough, it creates a better chance of going to purchase the product.
  • Try increasing your website traffic: Work on getting more page views per month. Increasing the traffic on your website will also boost your affiliate marketing.


  • Affiliate marketing is very simple and can boost your revenue even while you are asleep.
  • You don’t need special skills to join or manage affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliates will bring your content closer to reality. Just imagine explaining the best kinds of shoes and you refer your visitors to where they can get those shoes. Don’t you think you’ve made your content real and automatically your audience has built their trust in you.
  • Free from customer complaints if any: You are not the product’s manufacturer, just a “salesman”. You are devoid of complaints. If there’s any complaint it will go directly to the product’s website.
  • Compared to Ezoic and Monumetrics, affiliate marketing does not cost anything to begin. Nevertheless, some affiliate platforms might require payment but Amazon Associates is FREE!
  • There’s total flexibility and control as you choose which product to advertise; you get to be an entrepreneur of your own and manage your business solely however you want it.


  • High competition: For the fact that affiliate marketing is convenient and gives money, so many other people are in the struggle with you, they might be marketing the same product from the same blog niche. It’s difficult to keep up with this.
  • Scam: There have been records of people hijacking the revenue link of affiliate marketers, this is so painful though not always experienced, you have to keep guard to avoid such tragedy befalling you.
  • Little or no control: You don’t have any control over the affiliate marketing program and so you just have to keep adjusting to the new terms and conditions of the owner.

4.   Mediavine


Mediavine is quite similar to other ad networks such as Ezoic, Google AdSense, Monumetrics, and Ad Thrives. Nevertheless, it’s not just an ad network but also an ad management platform that operates both Hollywood gossip, TV fanatics, and food fanatics.

In its ads features, it’s NOT the best option for STARTERS but it can generate a lot more revenue quickly. Mediavine has everything in control through its dashboard which is self-explanatory. Notwithstanding, it also has a super team that handles all other complaints and difficult cases.

What are the requirements of Mediavine?

  • Mediavine requires about 50,000 page views per month to start.
  • You must have well-coordinated content.
  • Just like Ezoic, Mediavine is a certified publisher partner with Google. So all Google policies must be adhered to.
  • Mediavine vets your brand to make sure it’s original and safe.
  • Mediavine requires a lot of Pageviews from Americans and Europeans to get quick approval.


  • Revenue maximization: Mediavine could give you 3 times what Google AdSense will give you. You’re sure to step up your income using Mediavine.
  • Supportive team: They don’t let you down, but rather carry you along through all odds with quick responsive abilities.
  • Nice ad quality: The quality of their ads is great. It’s also fast loading compared to other ad networks.
  • Loyalty program: This is a great means of rewarding Mediavine users. Mediavine rewards its users for five years with a 1% income increase.


  • Mediavine is rigid: You can’t combine their service with another ad network. No additional website from publishers, it’s Mediavine alone.
  • Approval is challenging: You may find it difficult to be approved by them because you must heed all rules before you are considered.
  • Full confirmation of ownership is adhered to: If a website changes its owner, there’s a need for a fresh application if still interested in using Mediavine.

5.   Media.net


This is a better alternative to Google AdSense. Media.net is a fast-growing advert network that helps bloggers and publishers get the best out of their websites, monetize their content, and earn a living from it.

What are the requirements for Media.net?

  • net requires that your content must be in English and receive most traffics from Canada, U.S.A, and U.K
  • Your content must be original, devoid of plagiarism, and is being updated on
  • You should have a massive amount of page views
  • net also needs you to obey its rules.

Why Media.net could reject you.

The ad platform will not accept you if you,

  • Redirect web traffic to another website not issued by media.net.
  • Keep secrets links
  • Link to pornographic, violent, racist, or alcohol-based websites.
  • Promote illegal downloads and hacking activities.


  • Easy to join: Once you have a blog niche, you can easily join Media.net without having to pay any further cost.
  • Best ads quality: They provide you with the best ads that will smoothly blend with your content causing more earnings.
  • You’re prioritized: You join Media.net you are given a personal guardian to carry you along. Someone to always attend to you.
  • Comprehensive dashboard: Should in case you want to handle your stuff all by yourself, the dashboard board is quite easy to work with.
  • Very user-friendly: It’s flexible enough and its rules are not difficult as you can join it with other ad networks like Google AdSense.


  • You will not earn from Media.net if you get page views from countries outside the USA, Canada, and the UK.
  • You’ll have to double-click on the Media.net ads to play. This is dull and may not cause much earnings.
  • Repeated signing up: For every website, you are needed to sign up even with the same details. This might be pretty annoying and can make you wanna leave.
  • Slows down a lot: This platform sometimes gets too slow and begins to hang especially when you have complex content.

6.   Propeller Ads

Propellerads Monetization

Propeller Ads was established in 2011 and since then, it has made a lot of waves in the “blogosphere”. It controls above 1 billion online users. Therefore, it is a recommendable ad network.

Propeller Ads can offer different kinds of ads such as pop-under, push notifications ads, no active direct ads, dialogue ads, and so on.

Steps to Joining Propeller Ads

  1. Ensure you have a blog or website.
  2. Create a Propeller Ads account.
  3. Log in to the propeller ads dashboard and click on-site to add your new site.
  4. Confirm your domain.


Propeller ads have many advantages and are possibly a good alternative to Google AdSense.

  • It allows any interested candidate as it has no minimum page views for acceptance.
  • Easy setup process: You can always register with ease as the process is simple.
  • You can run propeller ads alongside another ad network like Google AdSense, media.net, Infolinks, etc
  • Referral earns you 5% of a publisher’s revenue for a lifetime.


  • Permits other languages other than English but doesn’t generate much income.
  • Poor user experience as the ads are mostly full screen.

7. Adversal


This is a platform other than AdSense through which you can earn income from your website. It has a built-in creative management platform (CMP) that allows you to manage the type of ads you wish to display on your content.

Just like any good ads network, Adversal offers native, video, and display ads. With them, you can reach the definite needs of your audience to have a nice cut of internet money.

What are the requirements of Adversal?

  • You must have its domain name
  • Pageviews must be at least 50,000 per month.
  • The ads must not be restricted by login
  • Your content must be devoid of all sorts of illegality, piracy, or scam.
  • You must frequently upgrade to remain in the service of Adversal.


  • Reliable customer service
  • For every referral made, 10% of the revenue is awarded.
  • Adversals can be used alongside Google AdSense.


  • Takes about 30 days for you to reapply if your site is blocked for any reason by adversaries.
  • Reporting doesn’t come in real-time
  • You need more views from the USA and UK for more earnings.

8. Infolinks

Infolinks Monetization

Infolinks are an amazing option for monetizing your blog. The platform is not rigid with policies, as such, it is quite easy to handle and set up.

You would earn on this platform through views and clicks. So, the more users view your ad links or click on them, the higher your earnings.

Meanwhile, Infolinks gives you total control of the kind of advertisement displayed on your website and enables you to control all your websites not minding how many they are.

How to register with info links

  • Visit the info links website and opt to join
  • Fill in your details
  • Produce the program code from the dashboard when you’re finally approved.
  • Join the program code with the site head program code
  • If you experience any problem along the way, customer service can always help you out.


  • No minimum page views are required.
  • Easy to join
  • Ultimate user interface.


  • The appearance of irrelevant ads.
  • Unnecessary pop-up ads can piss your visitors off.
  • Customer service is not so perfect.

9. Adsterra

Adsterra Adsense Alternative

Adsterra is an advertising company that has lots of goodies in stock for both publishers and advertising companies. It started way back in 2013 in Scotland and since then it has drawn lots of attention.

Publishers are well paid due to the various pay criteria which include:

  • Cost per click
  • Cost per action
  • Cost per view.

You may decide the kind ads format to use depending on the kind of audience you do have. Meaning, Adsterra pop-up ads are the primary ads they run and so they are highly recommended.

Your earnings rates depend solely on your niche, the kind of people you attract, the kind of Advertisers that work with you, the quality and kind of ads you use, and the number of page views per month.

Requirements for Adsterra

  • Pop-under ads — 5000 page views monthly
  • Display banners — 50000 page views monthly.

Besides, you must avoid all connections with illegal websites, hidden texts or links, or corrupt niches.


  • Various payment forms: Adsterra can pay with web money, wire transfer, paxum e- payment, PayPal even in Bitcoin for easier access.
  • Security oriented: Adsterra ensures that you stay clean from illegal workings.
  • Double account management system: Adsterra gives you a choice to manage your account or let it be managed for you. Whichever option you choose it’s best for you.
  • Rewards referral program: Their referral program offers you at least 5% of revenue.


  • Small or rather beginning publishers find it difficult to go for Adsterra because $100 has to be paid before you are qualified for a payout.

10. Evadav

Evadav Ad Network

Evadav is an advertising network alternative to Google AdSense where you can monetize your publications and earn a living from them.

This company which was founded in 2006 offers a push ad notification. Although it is not a way to trick your audience, there could be a higher click-through rate (CTR) with Evadav. This means you could earn more.


  • Presence of a personal account manager 24/7.
  • Easy setup, no more than 10 minutes.
  • Constant weekly payout
  • Availability of referral program
  • Opportunity to also make a profit from the traffic.
  • Minimum payout of $25
  • Just the verified advertisers are allowed
  • Very user-friendly and easy to manage.
  • It’s best known for its traffic maximization.


  • It can be quite confusing for the first time to set it up. The platform manager is always there to help out.

AdSense Alternative FAQs

Which ad networks are the best for a beginner?

In my opinion, I’ll say that AdSense by Google remains the best ads network for beginners. Propeller Ads is another one but you would less. However, when you grow your audience switch to other ones like Ezoic or Monumetrics.

What other ways can you make money online apart from using ads as a blogger?

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Holding online tutorials for upcoming bloggers
  • Selling ebook and online courses
  • Write reviews and get paid.
  • Engage in question-and-answer platforms and so on.

Which ad platforms generate the highest revenue?

According to a study done by Income School, the ads platforms that generate the highest revenue are

  • Ezoic
  • Mediavine
  • AdThrive
  • AdSense

Nevertheless, the amount of money you generate with an ads platform is greatly influenced by:

  • The kind of ads usually presented
  • The amount of traffic your website has.
  • Your niche
  • The pay criteria, either CPC or CPA or CPA
  • The rules of the ad network.
  • The hard work which follows

Bottom line

Having stated the basic things you need to make the right choice of choosing which ad networks to use apart from Google AdSense, we hope to leave you with the decision.

It takes you to consider closely which level your website or blog is. If still beginning you use affiliate marketing, and Google AdSense. As you advance, moving to Mediavine or Monumetrics is not a bad option.


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