10 Tips to Become a Successful Blogger in Nigeria

10 Tips To Become A Successful Blogger In Nigeria

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Are you looking to start your blogging journey?

You’re very much on track.

In this simple guide, I’ll be giving you 10 powerful tips to start a successful blog in Nigeria. These tips bothers more on the growth and development of your blog and not process per se. However, we’ve previously written a detailed guide on the process of starting a blog in Nigeria, there you’d learn about getting, domain, web hosting, putting your blog together, creating content, promoting your blog posts and more.

I will share some useful lessons I’ve learnt in the course of my blogging journey and to also show you how to hit the ground running as you set out to building a successful blog for yourself in Nigeria.

Blogging has evolved than just some practice of keeping an online journal to becoming a powerful platform for self-expression, influence, and marketing.

Beginner bloggers can harness the art lf blogging to grow their digital presence, both in business, and as a professional.

But truth be told, the blogging road path can sometimes be challenging, with little bit of twists, and turns.

But relax as we take you on a journey to navigate the perplexing world of blogging in Nigeria with ease.

First, we will be looking at some unconventional strategies and core blogging Principles that can propel you towards achieving your blogging goals.

Let’s proceed to uncover the secrets to building a successful blogging career in Nigeria’s current digital terrain.

1. Find Your Unique Voice

A key to successful blogging is finding your unique voice in the deep sea of various content.

You need to first uncover what makes you uniquely different and sets you apart from crowd as a content creator.

Then you need to embrace it fearlessly and build on that. Take for example, it could be your personal experiences, cultural insights, or level of expertise and experience  you’ve gathered over the years as a professional  in an industry or niche, authenticity is a magnet that draws readers in.

2. Engage Your Audience

There’s  more to starting a blog than just rolling out several piece of contents, blogging is developing the ability  to create and build a tribe or community online.

Building audiences that consistently  engage with your your audience by responding to comments, conducting polls, sparking conversations most importantly getting quality information that keeps them informed and hands them a better knowledge version of what they used to know.

Yes, every blogger should majorly focus on keeping  their readers hooked by making sure to publish only thought-provoking questions and eliciting diverse perspectives that will be of interest to the diverse audience.

3. Embrace Unconventional Niches

The best of niches are overly congested. It’s time to go for unconventional niches far from the popular niches everyone knows.

While lifestyle, fashion, and travel blogging are popular niches, don’t shy away from embracing the unexplored territories, this will make your blogging journey a lot easier. You should painstakingly find hidden and undiscovered niches where you can get a quicker result with less website power as a beginner blogger.

From eco-conscious gardening to vintage automobile restoration, dog breeds, niche blogging can sure make anyone s trailblazer in their chosen field.

4. SEO: Your most Powerful Ally

Top Methods Bloggers Are Using To Drive Traffic To Their Blogs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) holds the key to unlocking your blog’s growth potential.

You need to dive deep into effective keyword research and competitive analysis.

Also make sure your website is built observing best SEO practice, if you can’t handle this yourself, you can engage the service of a web design agency, like Web Design Nigeria. We are your most reliable growth partner when it comes to scaling your online business for optimal success.

As we were hinting, your content pages should be properly optimized using meta tags, and always make sure to also create captivating meta descriptions.

You essentially need yo learn SEO from experienced digital specialists such as Neil Patel, SEMrush, Backlinko and the rest.

Mastering SEO, will help you to implement best SEO  practices that will put your blog on the track to claim its rightful place at the top of search engine results. Mind you, this also goes hand in hand eith creating quality contents, which will we address shortly below.

5. Visual Storytelling

Images and videos are potent tools for attracting your audience.

You can smartly Weave visual storytelling into your blog posts through eye-catching graphics and compelling videos to create a multisensory experience that resonates with your readers.

There are several tools that you can use to achieve this, two of our best choices are vidon.ai and Canva pro. With these two content creation tools you can unlock the power of dynamic content creation to help get all the exposure your blog needs to thrive.

6. Harnessing the Power of Social Media marketing

Nigeria’ today has an active and vibrant social media community, a very one at that, this can be leveraged on as a kind of springboard for your blog’s success. How?

You can leverage on platforms such as Instagram, Instagram thread, Twitter, and Facebook to help you grow the number of fans and also help you connect with a broader audience.

You can cross-promote your blog content by curating  some of your most captivating posts, and share them to your readers across the social media platforms. The quality of content and value of information in it will compel them to come to your website to consume the fuller version thus driving quality traffic to your website.

Writing and publishing content then go to sleep doesn’t work, endeavour to promote them on platforms where you can get more eyes to see and engage with them.

7. Collaborate for more impact

One of the fastest way to be successful as a blogger is to collab with other bloggers or influencers.

Blogging is not something you do in solitary endeavour; you could definitely use w hand by seeking  partnerships with fellow bloggers, brands, and organizations to expand your reach and influence.

Collaborative projects can help to intimate your blog with new audiences and further enhance your credibility.

8. Monetization: Looking beyond Traditional Ads

Monetization is a vital aspect of birthing a successful blog, but it’s quite unfortunate that most newbie blogger hardly think beyond traditional display ads to monetize their website.

While we agree and can relate that display ads is the easiest way to quickly monetize your website especially when it’s still new, we’re of the opinion that it’s not the best that can be.

There are several other ways to monetize your blog site, to mention a few, we have affiliate marketing – which has to do with promoting products and services of other brands on your website or blog for a commission, then you can create your courses, eBooks, webinars, offer services, ecommerce, offer subscription to exclusive contents, create a merch and many more.

In essence, do not limit your blog to one mode of monetization, explore other better paying methods for better results.

9. Adopt new, proven marketing technologies

The digital world is a realm of unpredictability and constant tech evolution. Every successful blogger should seek to be atop of emerging trends, and newly unfolding marketing technologies that can help them to better meet the preferences of their audience in a unique manner.

You can achieve this by adapting your blogging strategies to new technologies and innovations to meet these changes head-on, this will help you keep your blog’s processes fresh and relevant.

10. Benchmark your progress

Metrics and analytics are your compass on this journey.

You need to measure your blog’s performance from time to time to know how your content marketing strategy are coming through.

This will also help you to identify successful strategies and ones to discard since they don’t resonate with your audience.

There sre several tools that will come in handy for this, you have Google analytics, ahrefs, Google search console, SEMrush etc.

Understanding your impact will hep you to refine your content approach and position your blog for even greater results.

Beginner blogger mistakes to avoid

Mistake #1: Start a blog on a free blogging platform.

If you are serious and ready for the business of blogging, you need to avoid starting your blog on a free platform such as WordPress.com or blogspot.com.

It is difficult to make money on such free blogging platforms. If you’re to use Google free blogger platform, make sure to get a custom domain name from day .com.

You can get an affordable web hosting locally for less than 500 naira per month, or you can opt for an international web hosting service if you have the budget.

Mistake #2: is to not get the right domain extension or picking a domain that’s too narrow down to a niche.

Most times, starting  with a  .com is just the right decision to make, this will help to position your blog to attract traffic from the entire internet irrespective of the region your audience are searching from.

Also,  a domain that’s too narrow can confine your content ideas especially when you’d your blog to be about other things. While it’s possible to change a domain later, this not a good idea as it severely affect your SEO.

Mistake #3: Bothering on writing  more blog posts than creating quality ones.

Mistake #4: Is not tracking traffic and website performance from day one. If you don’t have google analytics and Google search console in place from day one, then it becomes impossible to prove your growth patterns, it then becomes to put with aby form of sponsorship deals or serious monetization.

Mistake #5:  Is using speed-inefficient to build your website. Such as slow themes, slow web hosting, slow plugin van severely mar the SEO effort on your website.

Speed is a critical factor for your SEO ranking, hence you need to only use themes and plugins with no bloatware, cleanly coded and built for speed.

Get a super speed web hosting from Interserver, Bluehost, Hostinger or HostGator.

Mistake #6: Is not keeping to a simple and short URL structure.

Permalinks are critical elements of consideration for on page SEO, blogs with shorter and simple permalink does better than ones with too many subfolders. If at any point you derail from the original complex subfolder rules, it might cause a drastic drop in SEO and traffic as many of your pages will be throwing 404 errors without you discovering in good time.


Becoming a successful blogger in Nigeria requires more than just technical skills; it demands an audacious spirit and a penchant for adventure.

If you can take to heart all of the above points and effectively  implement them you’d be able to navigate the unpredictable digital terrain and carve a blooming niche for yourself.

As you embark on this thrilling journey, remember that every twist and turn will shape your path towards becoming a renowned blogger in Nigeria.

Wish you good success.

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