Apps & Websites to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Best Apps And Websites To Make Money Online In Nigeria

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The number of opportunities that allows you to make money with your smart devices continues to increase every day.

However, a lot of these opportunities aren’t talked about enough, there is still a large number of people who would love to make money online but aren’t getting the info they need to start.

If you’re looking for how to make money online in Nigeria but don’t know where to start, don’t worry this quick guide is for you.

In this article, we will be highlighting apps and websites to make money online in Nigeria. Aside from letting you know the names of these platforms, we’ll also discuss an expected pay range so you don’t waste a lot of time on options you feel aren’t cut out for you right now.

Top Make Money Online Apps and Websites in Nigeria

Before we begin the list, you want to first realize that most of the opportunities you’ll find here are for people with digital skills who can execute tasks remotely. If you haven’t learned a digital skill already, we recommend you do because it sets you up for optimizing your online presence to make money.



Upwork is a freelancing platform where employers post about their jobs and they get to be pitched by interested freelancers. While creating an Upwork profile is free, you may want to learn how to do it nicely to attract better clients and increase your work success rate when employers view your profile.

The average Upwork freelancer earns between $5 and $10 per hour or per gig, and most projects can fetch you up to $3000 per contract which only requires you to work 4 to 16 hours per week. Read our guide on how to make money from Upwork in Nigeria.


Swagbucks is a survey platform that pays users a minimum of $0.5 per survey they answer. Founded in 2008, it has paid out over $800 million to its users to date, and some of its rewards also come in the form of cash-backs on shopping platforms.

If you’ve got some internet and idle time, you could start engaging in tasks from Swagbucks to help handle some simple bills. Most of the tasks are something you do with your mobile phone every day, just that you’re looking to get paid by it this time.


Much like Swagbucks, Toloka is a platform that pays you for completing certain tasks. Only this time, most of their tasks are on-field tasks. If you’ve got some time on your hands, and you’re willing to spend some outdoors earning a few bucks, Toloka is one online earning option you want to check out.

You’re usually given tasks like addition of information about a business or landmark through photos, marking entrances to buildings, and clarifying working hours. If you prefer to earn with them from home, you can regularly watch ads, take selfies, record your TVs, and so on.

BuzzBreak App


BuzzBreak is an online reading platform that pays you for reading trending news articles from platforms like CNBC, Al Jazeera, Forbes, The New York Times, etc. Also, they offer packages where you can earn by watching videos and completing daily tasks.


Most people who use Techno, Infinix, and iTel smartphones should be used to this platform – it pays people who use it to read the news.

You earn 5 points for every read article, and you’re allowed to earn up to 150 points per day. While that’s the case, the minimum withdrawal is ₦10,000 and the conversion ratio of coin to naira is 5:1.


Although it’s discredited by a lot of Nigerians who earn online, as they claim there’s discrimination to how you’re ranked among top-rated freelancers worldwide, it remains one of the surefire ways you could earn money online in the country.

If you have any digital skill, whether it’s graphics designing, web design, copywriting, or content writing, you can easily be making anywhere between $1000 and $3000 per month. Even for new starters, you can get around $100 to $500 gigs.

Opay App

Opay is a financial institution that allows you to carry out financial transactions like deposits, bill payments, and savings. While that’s the case, the section of their financial program that allows you to earn is their referral programs and cash backs. With Opay, you earn ₦800 per referral and get up to 20% in cash back from debit transactions.

Google Opinion Rewards

This is Google’s version of a survey and review platform – the significant difference is that they pay in Google Play Credits. Although Google Play Credits are not exactly money, if you use a lot of Google Play Services that require payment, it’s a good source of income that can help handle those bills.

Foap App

Foap App

Foap is a platform that allows its users to make money by selling photos. Whether it’s your image or photos of objects or landmarks, you can 50% of the purchase amount whenever another user buys your pictures.

While a lot of us post our images on social media platforms for free, this is an avenue to make some cash while doing it. Also, if you’re good with your photography Foap can recommend your content on bigger image platforms like Getty, exposing you as an original photographer worldwide.


Hawkit is a platform that pays its users for executing certain social media tasks like account following, post liking, comment sharing, YouTube subscribing, app testing, and lots more. If you’re an active social media user, you may want to consider using Hawkit to earn on the side while you’re on your regular social media activities.

Pillow funds App

Pillow Funds is a recent entrant fintech app modern savings solution, the app helps its numerous users to earn in foreign currency, precisely in dollars. The app users can earn up to 14% per annum from their savings on the mobile app.

Passive daily earnings are accrued in your account and they are proceeds from secure and transparent investment portfolio of the company.

They have a modern mobile and web app that allow you to deposit your finds and also withdraw anytime. Interestingly, you can make your deposits in local currency; Naira exchange for dollars on the platform at Zero Transaction fees.

Worried about the security of your funds, it might interest you to know that “All assets deposited to Pillow are securely stored with our custody partner. Additionally, all deposits in custody are protected against any incidents with a $250 million insurance policy, ensuring the safety of user funds at all times.”

Cowrywise App

Cowrywise is a SEC-licensed Fintech app designed for people who like to put their money to work. It helps you to save to achieve certain set goals, manage risk, grow your wealth and invest wisely.

The app helps you to spend more consciously and let your money work for you by investing in a mix of carefully screened high quality and low-risk financial instruments portfolio where your investment is spread in a diverse manner.

Piggyvest App

Piggyvest like Cowrywise is also a leading savings app in Nigerian, but tends more to offering it’s users have a better saving culture than investing. With these Fintech app you’re set to grow your savings in the most flexible manner.

With more than 4 million customers Piggyvest is the leading savings and investing app in Nigerian helping it’s customers to achieve their financial goals, save and invest in a very easy manner.

They offer a couple of plans where you can save and get anywhere from 5% to 15% on your savings. You can automate your savings on the app, lock funds away for a fixed duration to achieve certain goals or save flexibly with access to your money at any time.

Social Media Apps

Social Media Apps

Social Media apps such as Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook and Twitter also follow on the list of apps and Websites to make money directly to your bank account in Nigeria.

You can use the app to build a strong influence, afterwards market your product, sell consultancy solutions, influence for brands or sell your own services.

Selar.oc Website

The new oil in the online business space is selling digital products.

Professionals and people with a handful of experience are now selling information and knowledge products to help other people grow their expertise in the same field. But digitizing the whole process can be daunting, but not anymore with Selar.

Selar is a unique digital platform that allows anyone to offer their Digital products for sale in a easy manner.

There is no limit to what you can sell on the platform, from event tickets to workshops, masterclass, music, ebooks, webinars, both downloadable and non-downloadable materials. You can as well host your courses, create a subscription product and more.

The selar web app is designed to be very versatile and offers all the needed tools and features required to create online stores, accept payments in more than 8 currencies name this helping to widen your business horizon globally.


There are a lot of other apps and websites to make money online in Nigeria. From Chipper Cash to Clickworker, Cingari, and Carry 1st Trivia App, one can even argue that the list is endless.

However, we’ll be listing only 10 surefire ways in this article. Meanwhile there are other ways to make money legitimately online. While that’s the case, you also want to be mindful of apps and websites that present unrealistic earning expectations, especially the ones that will ask you to pay a registration fee before you could earn from them (no name mentioned) but caveat emptor.


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