10 Best Instagram Links in Bio Tools

10 Best Instagram Links In Bio Tools

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Instagram is a social media platform where people share their photos, videos, and content.

Sharing links on your Instagram bio is one of the few ways of improving your marketing strategy, and driving traffic to your site and other channels.

You must have known that an Instagram bio has only space for a simple link. Before now, people changed the link on their bio anytime they wanted to start a new campaign.

That is why you see people write, “Check up the link in my bio.”

No one has to go through that stress anymore. Since the introduction of different links in bio tools, you can use them for many purposes. You get to share links to your businesses or blogs in the bio tools.

These links in bio tools can generate traffic to your site. They help give you insight into your website and also allow you to post more than one link.

In this article, there are up to ten Instagram links in bio tools that could help you achieve your goals on Instagram.


This is a link-in-bio tool for people who are into influencing their brands. It was created by a popular influence marketing agency – FamePick. This link allows you to share your URLs, advertise, and monetize your brand.

The tool offers two iconic features; Collab Me and access to over 3000 brands. Collab Me is a tool used to render services to your audience and accept payments through Linkfolio.

You can use the access to 3000 brand details to bring opinions to your influencer marketing opportunities.

You can also benefit from the Linkfolio as it offers unlimited URLs, cross-links to other social media platforms, customizable interface to make a Linkfolio page of your own.

A folio-lytics that runs analysis on your URL and FP insight also benefits from the link.

The LinkFolio is available for free and has three paid plans which range from the Basic plan of $5/mo to the Business plan of $50/mo.


This type of link-in-bio tool allows you to enjoy the privilege of adding multiple links to your Instagram bio that send people to your website, affiliate links, social networks, online store, etc.

You can customize your page by putting videos, animations, and icons. You can swap, add or change links as you wish. The bio links can also access your analytics to keep in check your traffic.

The bio tools link retarget your audience on third-party websites like Clickbank or Amazon. It improves engagement across your other channels.

Shorby provides a 5-day free trial without the use of a credit card. You can make a monthly plan that ranges from $9 to $99, depending on the features you desire.


Just like others on the list, the campsite helps you access your analytics and add unlimited links. You can add other social media platforms aside from Instagram such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Switching in between accounts is not a problem as the bio link tool makes it easier for you. You can also integrate with Google Sheets or MailChimp. Your visitors can be retargeted with Facebook Pixel or Google AdWords.

The campsite is also used to archive and restore links. It makes it easier for you to schedule when your links will go live or stop appearing on your bio. To subscribe to these packages, you must have a free account. But a premium package is $7 per month.

Tap Bio

Unlike others, this one uses a card to extend your landing page. In this case, each card has its function where you highlight various links and still not lose your single call-to-action advantage.

The single call-to-action creates an increased chance for followers to click on your link. You can also personalize and customize your mini-website which includes all the links you need to share on Instagram.

With user-friendly interface features in the bio link tool, you can create landing pages for your mobile followers. You can enjoy all these features with a free account that agrees to only one profile and one card to add only one link.

For three additional cards, you have to subscribe to their monthly plan for $5. Therefore, you have four cards to share four different links. Not to forget that your analytics can also be accessed here.

To have access to an infinite number of cards, you can subscribe to their gold plan for $12 per month. In addition, you would have access to three different Instagram accounts and remove their ‘friends of Tap Bio Card.’


You can optimize your landing pages with Linktree. It would use links to sites you want your audience to visit. These sites may be social media platforms, blogs, online stores, etc. You can also share the link to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitch.

To enjoy the premium packages of the bio link tool, you have to subscribe to their monthly plan of $6. This plan would allow you to use your logo instead of theirs. These premium package plans can allow you to add multiple links.

You can measure your insight from the bio link tool, and store your signups to MailChimp or Google Sheets. Without stress, you can link to your websites and social media platforms with just icons.

It can retarget your visitors on Facebook and Instagram using the Facebook Pixel. It allows you to customize colors, fonts, and button styles on your site.


Do you want to monetize Instagram, this is a perfect tool for you as a content creator. You can easily create a customized page that shows links you wish to your audience. You can also accept payments with this link.

It makes it possible for you to sell digital products, membership, and subscription content using a single URL. You can as well sell your ebooks, videos, audio, images, and documents very easily. People can subscribe to directly join your membership through your Instagram bio link.

The best feature of it is that it doesn’t take any advantage of your earnings. You solely have 100% of anything you earn from the bio link tool. It is more interesting to know that the packages are free.

Smart. bio

Using smart.bio could make things much easier for you. You can create your customized links as your Instagram links.

These customized links would enable you to display all your channels, email lists, blogs, online stores, other social media, etc.

You can also add clickable feed images on the bio link tool by only dropping a link of your Instagram post on smart.bio feed. It allows you to design your link to your choice of customization.

You get to see your analytics through this tool. These features are gotten for free. However, if you would like to schedule your posts and upgrade your tool with a new post, you can upgrade to their plus plan.

Link in profile

Its mode of operation is quite different from the list. Unlike others that create a landing with your links, texts, or images, the Link in your profile will get images from your  Instagram account.

You then add a link directly to the specific photo and send your audience to the site you wish. This photo may be of your new product, blog post, etc. You can use Link in Profile to add a link to your Instagram media caption.

This process will lead your followers directly to the particular content once they click on the link. Before you subscribe to their monthly plan of $9.99, you are given the license of a 30-day trial.


While other bio link tool offers you limited privileges, leadpage offers flexibility and allows to take control over your landing page. It is a full-fledged generator that permits you to design your mobile-optimized page.

You can host at leadpage at no additional cost if you don’t have a website. This link in the bio tool may not be as easy as others in the list, but it is worth the stress, just as long as you can build an Instagram landing page with a description that reflects your brand.

You then add the URL to your Instagram bio where your audience will visit the landing page when they click on it. Their monthly plan is $25, but you are offered a 14-day free trial to see how it works.

Sked Link

It is a simple tool that has all you need to create an exceptional landing page. One unique feature of this tool is the built-in live preview. It shows you the preview changing immediately on the right when putting extra elements to your page.

You can also add your Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics ID which allows you to monitor your insight. Another fascinating feature of this tool is the Instagram gallery display. You can add your Instagram feed to your customized link through this gallery display.

As a result that, people who click on those images will be directed to a specific page. And yes, all of these packages are benefitted with no charge.


The Instagram link in bio tools is designed to help you advertise your market, share links to your site, and make it easier for your audience to reach the desired site. This method optimizes your page, creates awareness among people, and measures your analytics.

Why don’t you grab this opportunity to maximize and monetize your Instagram account by subscribing to any of these tools for your landing page?


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