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A Web Design Company In Lagos, Nigeria that specializes in the design of customized web pages for companies. Professional web pages optimized for Search engine Positioning and with a custom design. Together we will create an impressive imagery for your company on the internet.

Web Design

Being online is indispensable for any company, so leverage our team of experienced web designers to put your business online, convert your visitors into sales. We help you choose the design that best fits your business and when needed we customize it.

Digital Marketing

We promote your brand on the web by creating ads on Google Adwords and websites optimized for search engines - SEO , to appear on first page. we plan your social media campaigns according to the objectives of your company.

Search Positioning

Our specialization in Web Design leads us to offer the best quality web design at the lowest cost. We get involved with your project from beginning to end, contributing ideas and taking charge of ALL. A design service for quality pages, made to measure and at the best market price.

Mobile Apps

we offer you a graphic design service focused on Marketing objectives. to help you capture the attention of your customers and communicate your message in a creative and convincing way

Brand Management

Define your brand identity and market positioning is an investment that will differentiate you from the competition and bring you more customers. we plan your campaign according to the objectives of your company.

Custom Development

Each website design presents a unique challenge, so we seek to present solutions tailored to the needs of each client. If what you need is a very personal design, the solution is to build your website from scratch.


We are a Web Design Agency that provides professional website Development Solutions. Our team is made up of Professional Web designer that enthusiastically innovate and create dependable IT & Web solutions like School management Software, Hospital Management Software, Inventory and Accounting management Software, ERP management Software.

Our goal is in helping Nigerian businesses and Startups to leverage the growing Internet Penetration (aided by technology) to expand their business reach with a strong online presence. rom setting up a showcase site to building an agile multi-channel business platform, our teams will advise you and accompany you on the most appropriate tools and frameworks for your project. We rely on our expertise in CMS, framework PHP and Javascript to develop a customized and relevant technical solution. Today, 57% of searches are done on mobile devices. A professional website makes all the difference. Each project must have accessibility, usability, navigability, so that the information is intuitive and appealing. At Web Designs we  develops digital solutions that systemically power your corporate website .

At the core of what we do is using state-of-the-art web technologies to implement Digital Marketing, manage your brand presence and develop fool-proof web solutions.  Use our help to grow your business online and make 3 times sales than ever. We stand out with personalized work, which combines creativity and know-how to develop web concepts to suit your business needs. There are several web design Companies out there, but they are little or zero that can guarantee delivery of a qualitative and fully functional website.

Web Design Company In Lagos, Nigeria

Your business having an online presence is important. It requires the combination of several disciplines to obtain quality work, from usability and design, through programming and first class development skills, to knowledge of search engine optimization and web positioning. 

We have been working in the online sector for more than a decade and we know that there are two ways of doing things, well done and poorly done. We only work with and for clients who want well done projects, so if what you are interested in is a cheap and fast project (my cousin Sola makes me the design for half the price), please do not keep reading.

We take design and web development projects very seriously , analyzing each of the statistics that we can find,page types, formatting sections, the color codes, the graphic representation of your brand, definitively, it is not just another project, it is about YOUR project and YOUR business. 


Optimize your site to appear on the first page of Google! Because natural referencing is an essential point in the web strategy , on all sites that we create, we work on the optimization of these to allow you to be visible on all search engines.  But we are also able to make you visible on the first page of Google on the desired keywords . 

Technical accompaniment Whether for a website, a digital platform or complex business applications, we support you from the design of your project, the architecture and the “technical stack” most suited to your project.

In addition to the functionalities, we take into account the context: deadlines / budget, group technical environment, marketing or commercial objectives, etc. Our answers are pragmatic, contemporary & Business First oriented.

Our web development process

Not only does it have to beautiful, but a web design must be functional and meet its purpose, generate new sales and attract customers .

To achieve the objectives, it is important to follow a clear and defined structure, which allows us to guarantee the quality of the work that we deliver, that is why we will identify the phases that your project will go through:

Before designing it is necessary to think , that is why together with your ideas and our knowledge, we will create the first sketches or mockups in which we will shape the lines of work to generate the design of your project.

In this phase of web development, we work with paper and pencil, so we can make the changes we want.

After the development of the mockups, the phase of turning them into design comes, that is why following all the definitions made previously, we will convert the mockups into design, in such a way that you can begin to guess what your new website will look like .

Once this phase is finished, the designs will be final and we will start to give them life.


In this phase we begin to give life to your web design, that is, we do the magic to convert a design file into a web page .

Of course, we will follow the quality standards using HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, SVG vector images, etc.

Once the work is finished we will put at your disposal a “beta”, so you can check how everything has been and when you give us the okay we can publish the new site.


After the validation of the site by you, we will make-go-live your new web with all the guarantees , that is, we will take into account that we have to be able to measure results, so we will install Google Analytics on your website, we will give register the same in Google Search Console and we will send the corresponding sitemaps so that Google knows how to identify each of the parts of the new site and we will configure the web server correctly so that everything goes smoothly.

In addition, if it is a redesign on a previous site, we will take care of performing the appropriate redirection work to preserve the positioning that you could have up to date.

Responsive Web Design Everywhere

The best experience for the user, your content is seen perfectly in the different devices and with a consistent image. An optimized design, without unnecessary tricks that makes your website look great everywhere.


We conceptualize, design, model and program to create the website you’ve always wanted.

10 good reasons to choose us

There are many reasons why you should choose us, but here are the top ten that come to mind.

We answer the phone
At Webdesigns.com.ng, there will always be someone who will meet your needs. Our customer service is attentive and at your disposal. Indeed, we will return your call in less than one working day, it is promised!

We have the processes that we need
Over the last 10 years, we have developed processes that allow us to carry out each project in peace and harmony!

Our designs do not go unnoticed
We have won several awards for our designs, both on the Nigeria scene and abroad. The quality of our work is indeed well recognized in the industry. Take a look at our portfolio and … judge for yourself !!

We rely on thoughtful strategies
Achieving tangible results requires much more than a beautiful design and a well-programmed site. Each project must be based on strategies designed to have a real impact.

We have experience
Founded in 2009, Webdesigns.com.ng is one of the agencies that redefined Web site design in the late 2000s by focusing on results.

We offer turnkey solutions
From the initial strategy to the final launch, we have the resources to support every step of your Web project, which saves you many hours of work and allows you to focus on your mandates.

We have a ton of ideas
We analyze, estimate, predict and challenge . For us, a website project is a mission. We want to ensure the success of everything we do. That’s why we will not hesitate to ask questions or propose innovative solutions to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We find the right solutions
Your project is also ours. We will therefore want to solve every little problem. To achieve our goal, we will meet all the challenges we will face.

Our after-sales service is irreproachable
We will not close the door to you five minutes after the delivery of your website. For us, a project is not finished until you are fully satisfied.

We are sympathetic nerds
No, no! We can not deny it. We are passionate about the Web, we love designs that push the boundaries and we become emotional at the sight of a beautiful line of code.




We like that you asked that question. Your website is your online office that have answers to all questions your (potential) clients may have about your brand, products, services etc. More interestingly it is avalable 24/7 to supply all necessary information to your clients. It is a good way to automate your business to make money in while you sleep. You can as well sell your products in an online shop-ecommerce website.

We have more than a decade of Web development experience and our team is made up of professionals in different aspects of ICT; be it mobile/app development, web development, training, brand reputation management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital advertising/marketing content development, social media networking, Email marketing.

“How much does a website cost” is a question every potential business owners and entrepreneur want to have a clue about? but to answer this singular question comes with some ambiguity-In that there are many factors that determines the cost of a website. Your project specifications in alignement with your business needs will determine the overall cost of you project. If you are so curious to have an answer immediately on the cost of your web project you can chat up our representative on whatsapp:08031506160 or email us info@webdesigns.com.ng.

This is another tricky question to give an answer to, the time-frame needed to develop a full-fledged website is depends on the nature of your web project. For custom development web project, we usually deliver 7 to 28 days depending on the processes such as prototyping, development and revisions. Whatever your time constraint is, we are sure to make efforts to deliver within the set time frame for all of your projects.


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